Stories from the Shadowlands Guards of the Shadowlands #31

Stories from the Shadowlands Guards of the Shadowlands #31 ➜ [Epub] ❧ Stories from the Shadowlands Guards of the Shadowlands #31 By Sarah Fine ➦ – Not ready to leave the Shadowlands yet From Malachi’s earliest days in the dark city to some of the characters’ experiences after the final scenes of Chaos this bonus volume gives readers an in de Not ready to leave the Shadowlands the Shadowlands Kindle Ò yet From Malachi’s earliest days in the dark city to some of the characters’ experiences after the final scenes of Chaos this bonus volume gives readers an in depth look at other realms within the Shadowlands and what it means to be a Guard whether in the dark city or the land of the living It includes All of Malachi’s journal entries than Stories from PDF or including exclusive never before published entries that reveal his perspective during the events of Fractured A page novella from Jim’s perspective Libertine Three bonus scenes from Sanctum from Malachi and Ana’s perspective She is the Mission An End and a Beginning and The Dark Tower Two lengthy scenes that show some of the surviving characters post Chaos This collection is available in e book format only.

About the Author: Sarah Fine

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10 thoughts on “Stories from the Shadowlands Guards of the Shadowlands #31

  1. Helena of Eretz ✰ Helena of Eretz ✰ says:

    This was the perfect way to wrap up the series especially with the last couple of novellas where we got to see some of Lela and Malachi’s HEA I also liked the first 100 or so pages of journal entries It was nice seeing Malachi’s journey from day one as a reluctant Guard to when we first meet him in Sanctum I especially liked finally getting some of his POV in terms of how he felt about Lela 3 I miss my babies already cries

  2. B.A. Wilson B.A. Wilson says:

    This is an enjoyable companion to the Guards of the Shadowlands series and should be read after completing the series Many of these stories are told from a male perspective particularly Malachi's perspective which was an interesting change of pace If you adored the trilogy then you definitely want to read this just so you can spend a bit time in a fascinating world The first story is the longest encompassing about half the book and it's Malachi's story told through journal entries from when he becomes a Guard of the Shadowlands through Lela's time in the Shadowlands Pages 252

  3. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Read using Kindle UnlimitedThis book was just redundantThe first half of this book was Malachi’s journal entries from his first 70 years in the shadowlands and boy did that get old Especially when he kept crossing out lines like he was Juliet from Shatter MeWe then got a couple of stories none of them particularly interesting followed by even journal entriesWe then finally got a couple of stories that took place after Chaos but unfortunately they were pretty dull too I can’t say I was really all that interested in a surprise birthday party for Lela and debates over whether or not to use confetti canons Overall; glad the series is over45 out of 10

  4. Christine Bishop Christine Bishop says:

    What a great addition to the Guards of the Shadowlands SeriesStories from the Shadowlands is a great addition to the series This book is filled with journal entries from Malachi short stories from Anna Jim and two short stories from where Lela and Malachi are after the events of Chaos I really enjoyed Jim’s short story we get a look into his perspective and what the Blinding City is like If you enjoyed the Guards of the Shadowlands Series then you will enjoy this collection of short stories

  5. J. J. says:

    I'm not typically a fan of short story addendums to series that I love Usually a good authoreditor pair makes great decisions on what scenes and information and even viewpoints are necessary in a novel whereas I feel like short story additions are not always that purposefulThat being said I'm still glad I read this which is significantly than a short story As Fine noted it's over 200 pages of bonus material I wasn't always convinced but I ended up enjoying it overall Still I'm glad I put some space between reading Chaos and then this It's heftyMostly I love Malachi and Fine has perfected his voice shy sweet intelligent from another time I didn't think I'd enjoy his journal entries that much I'd read them on Tumblr a bit but had been undecided on whether I found them necessary and interesting or not I think my conclusion is that this volume was by no means necessary but it was a step up from superfluous my usual ualm with short storiesLibertine predictably was uite uh Don't know what to call it I mean it takes place in the Blinding City in a world of vices and greed so I guess I should have expected it but it was a bit much for meThe last story of Lela and Malachi having sex is not super graphic but I still would have preferred not to have it I would have preferred to see Lela and Malachi finally getting to do normal things like going on dates I don't want to complain because I wanted some normalcy for Lela and Malachi after Chaos than they got in those books and Fine gave us two stories But neither of them were exactly what I wanted with I guess I wanted of the everyday normalcyOverall it was yeah hefty but I love Fine's characters This almost makes me want to reread the books but Fractured was unbelievably painful and Chaos in some ways even so so I'm not sure if I actually will be able to despite the fact that these are some of my favorite characters and this is definitely one of my favorite romances

  6. Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue) Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue) says:

    The author gifted a copy of this collection of stories and extras to me My thoughts are my ownThis review can also be found at The Starry Eyed RevueWhen Sarah sent this to me there was a warning not to view the two post Chaos scenes until I'd actually read the final book because they were very spoilerish So I'm warning you now I waited and read this collection of journal entries and short stories last and I think that's the best order especially when it comes to the short stories themselvesI'd read some of Malachi's journal entries here and there over the years but never have I sat down and read them all back to back It was insightful to say the least Also there are entries that have never been shared before from during the time period that Fractured covers and those are well worth reading especially if you know what transpires in that book Very entertaining and very enlighteningI knew there was so much of Jim's story that we weren't getting in Fractured and I'm glad that Sarah decided to write it and share it with all of us especially since she fed us of Henry's story in Chaos As both were part of Lela's team of Guards in the Land of the Living it's only fitting that both of their stories be toldI am so thankful for this bonus content because after I finished Chaos I was kind of a pile of goo and yet still wasn't ready for the final goodbye It was nice to get even from Malachi and Ana's perspectives though I think my favorite part of this book was having all of Malachi's journal entries in one place finally This collection is a must have for any fan of the Guards of the Shadowlands series

  7. Allie Allie says:

    Now this is a novella I love love loved it It's a little all over the place you go from diary entries to a novella like the others to and epilogue but overall it worked First is Malachi's journal from his days in the dark city It was fascinating to read about his first days as a guard to how he met Ana Then there were a few scenes from Sanctum told from Malachi's point of view and one from Ana's Then a tale from Jim of his time in the Blinding City which was very interesting to read about Then back to Malachi's journal a new one he's started recounting his days on Earth from Fractured Again it was great Reading Malachi's thoughts in his journal was very interesting and somewhat funny I loved his explaining of cars Facebook and the Internet Then the collection of stories ends with an epilogue for the series I enjoyed the first chapter of the epilogue than the the second but the second was very Malachi and Lela As I said a great novella collection of stories whatever you want to call it I highly recommend reading this if you loved the series and if you're only going to read one of the shorter though this one is pretty long books make sure this one is it

  8. Jenny Jenny says:

    To be honest I skimmed many of Malachi's journal entries at the beginning While I do love Malachi as a character I was interested to get to the scenes that also entwined the story we know from Lela's perspective I did really enjoy the final story in the collection with a final scene taking place AFTER the 3rd book left off It was good to sneak back in and see what everyone was up too

  9. Suz-anne SEUSS Suz-anne SEUSS says:

    I absolutely LOVE this seriesA complicated coming of age story with so many twists and turns you will be dizzy You know hope what will happenbut at times you're sure it won't Really spellbinding

  10. Donna Wicklein Donna Wicklein says:

    This was a great look into events of the trilogy from other character's point of view mostly Malachi I loved the additional information that this brought and it helped to further define the characters My favorite was the look into The Blinding City

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