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The Light of Christmas ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Light of Christmas By Richard Paul Evans ✪ – High in the mountains lies the town of Noel surrounded by beautiful white walls and a great silver gate Every year Alexander and his mother walk the long distance to Noel to watch the lighting of the High in the mountains lies the town of Noel surrounded by beautiful white walls and a great silver gate Every year Alexander and his mother walk the long distance to Noel to watch the lighting of the village Christmas tree This year Alexander learns that the Keeper of the Flame will choose the person who has The Light PDF \ given the truest gift of Christmas to light the flame On his way to Noel Alexander helps a poor old man he finds lying in the snow His act of charity is rewarded when he is chosen to light the Christmas flame Alexander learns that it isn't what you have to give but how you give of yourself that matters most Master storyteller Richard Paul Evans weaves a heartwarming tale of the true meaning of Christmas spirit.

10 thoughts on “The Light of Christmas

  1. Davyne DeSye Davyne DeSye says:

    What an absolutely beautiful book This is another of my favorite Christmas reads one of the books I used to read my children when they were young Now that I think of it since some of my adult children are coming home for Christmas I might well be reading it again soon at special reuestThe books has gorgeous illustrations I can practically reach into the book and feel the fantastic ornament the town jeweler makes for the Christmas treeMore importantly the book has a wonderful messageIn the town of Noel everybody gathers on Christmas Eve to see the great Christmas torch lit Who lights it? Usually the Keeper of the Flame But this year the Keeper is picking a new person to light the torch the person who gives the truest gift of Christmas Everyone gives wonderful gifts but it is the one person who gives from their heart gives of themselves who is chosen to light the treeThis is a wonderful story of the spirit of Christmas and it isn't about gifts Love it

  2. Judy Judy says:

    A familiar story line with predictable characters and outcome Overly rich art Nothing bad just not memorableAfter giving this thought I lowered my rating from 3 to 2 stars Over the top opulence is at the core of the Christmas celebration yet a young boy who shows compassion is rewarded An odd juxtapositionOf course this could be a commentary on our Christmas celebrations but that's not likely to be the take home message especially for young readers

  3. QNPoohBear QNPoohBear says:

    In the Christmas town of Noel young Andrew is eager to see the Keeper of the Flame light the torch to bring lightness and warmth of Christmas to the entire world This year Andrew's mother is too weak to walk the long way from their mountaintop home He must go alone Prepared for cold weather and to spend the night at the church Andrew makes it almost to the town gates before they close However along the way Andrew discovers an old man fallen in the snow and in need of help Andrew offers the man his hot cider and races to the town to get help Sadly none of the people are willing to miss the lighting of the flame to help the old man Andrew returns to discover the old man is gone and the gates of the town have closed Finally the gate opens a tiny crack and Andrew can slip in It's time for the Keeper of the Flame to choose a new Keeper Everyone makes an offering of their best gift Andrew has nothing to give but a surprise is in store for him This is a wonderful Christmas story with a very strong message I was worried given the author's novels this would be too sappy for me I was wrong I enjoyed the story and the message is perfect for Christmas It's not religious except for being a Christmas story The message is what comes from the heart and not material goods that matter What really makes this book stand out are the GORGEOUS illustrations The paintings are beautiful and lifelike The town of Noel seems multinational The people look vaguely Renaissance to me and I spotted Swedish Italian Spanish EnglishAmerican? French and I think Dutch people in the crowd I loved seeing their folk outfits in bright bold colors and looking for the offerings they bring that are specific to a real life culture but never named in the book The Keeper of the Flame resembles Saint Nicholas in his pre jolly old elf form The background colors are warm and muted like an old world town in winter I absolutely loved the illustrations and made me bump my rating up from nice story with a message to That was a great book This is one that should be on the Christmas book keeper shelf

  4. Katherine Katherine says:

    This children's book has beautiful illustrations and an even beautiful and timely messageIn your hurry to keep Christmas you have forgotten Christmas The truest gift of Christmas is the gift of self The flame of Christmas must first burn from within The Light of Christmas by Richard Paul Evans

  5. Katrina Lybbert Katrina Lybbert says:

    Our family loves this book We read it every year on Christmas Eve The message of the story is wonderful As soon as we finish reading the book we light our advent candles and then read the Christmas Story in the Scriptures It is a treasure to us

  6. Linda Linda says:

    Okso it took me all of 10 minutes to readbut I LOVED IT and cannot waitto get a copy for my grandchildrenwonderful simple message ♥

  7. Mary Alexandre Mary Alexandre says:

    Alexander looks forward to attending the lighting of the village Christmas Tree each year in the town of Noel where beautiful gifts are offered to the Keeper of the Flame This year Alexander's mother is unable to make the long journey so Alexander must go alone What happens to Alexander on his journey? What difficult decision must he make? This beautifully written and illustrated story teaches us that the truest gift comes from within and has little to do with riches and fame I recommend this story for any age and as a family read

  8. Gina Gina says:

    Beautiful story illustrations lessons of the heart Loved this book

  9. Debbie Williams Debbie Williams says:

    This book is one of mine and my children's go to book to remember the true meaning of Christmas In a child's eyes we are all taught to be kind and care about those who are less fortunate than we are If we can practice this concept it will feel like Christmas all year round

  10. Todd Strader Todd Strader says:

    In your hurry to keep Christmas you have forgotten Christmas This is one of those entertain angles unaware stories that I love so much Set high in the mountains in a mysterious Christmas Town known as Noel this is the story of a young boy Alexander who shares what little he has with a stranger in need He confronts a decision to have his desire or sacrifice it to do the right thing It is a timeless never worn theme that is wonderfully Christmas wrapped in this tellingI liked the illuminated first page and that this was carried forward very subtly with the simple use of holly leaves in the corner of text pages I very liked the costume work I especially liked Daniel Craig's depiction of Alexander tending the old man and the city gate My favorite was how well he captured the smug expression on the face of Maurizio the JewelerThe light of Christmas burns brightly in this book I highly recommend it

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