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Immortal Earth Read Immortal Earth Sarah Warden Nature Explore.eu I Have Been Speaking To You All Of Your Life In The Gurgle Of A Tide Pool, I Breathed Myself Into You I Drew You Down From The Trees, And I Lifted You Onto Your Feet I Freed Your Hands To Become Your Tools, So That You Would Cradle Me In My Old Age, But You Have Turned On Me My Strongest Warrior For Life, You Have Been Transformed Into An Insatiable Messenger Of Death Only A Few Of My Children Are Still Listening When I Howl To Them, Crying In The Night, Sending The Oceans In Great Surges To Cleanse My Land To Cleanse, And To Warn You Who No Longer Listen I WILL BE HEARD.An Energy Running Through All Things, Ancient And Primal, Building And Destroying All Of Our Human Myths, Our Horror And Our Glory, Are Only A Reflection Of A Cosmic Battle One That Is Nearing Its End The Stories Of Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies And Witches Are But Echoes Of The Journey Of The Last Guardians Of Gaia As They Race Back Through Time To Stop The Death Of The Earth.REMAKING THE VAMPIRE MYTHOLOGY FROM THE GROUND UP

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