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  1. James James says:

    When I was a kid I spent a lot of time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains My dad found the less traveled parts in the shadows of the Seuoia Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks Little places tucked away between the big places with tall pines cool and deep shadows trails that could have led anywhere There was mystery in those deep woods pine needles crunching underfoot the canopy holding back the sky Glimpses of sunlight knifing in straight lines between shadows Imagination was king there I was anyone I wanted to be in any world I could conceive I felt a magic in those places I haven't felt since I'm old now with a lot of concrete real life between me and those magical times I hardly remembered them Until I read WatermarkThis book exploded in my head with all the crisp smells of the forest all the dampness of untouched earth the way it gets cold so fast in the evening the way you hear things that might not be there In Watermark those things are probably there ProbablyThese are spirits of another world tied into ours and Ms Tobler brings them to life and haunts you with them For me her strength has always been characterization The characters of Watermark are incredibly strong but also incredibly mysterious Protagonist? It's complicated Good and evil? Not as simple as you'd normally read Relationships? Wow the relationships The characters might have known each other for thousands of years they might have just met coincidentally they might have been enemies they might have been It takes a long time for the plot to straighten that out for youIn describing this to friends I compare it to Gaiman The book sort of slides along with slow reveals and a emotional connection to the story than a blazing plot In fact it can seem like there may not be a plot a times just characters But then it starts to tie together and as the reveals start happening you realize you already knew it all That is a big part of the brilliance of this book it's one of those where the author lets you live inside of the story and explain it to yourself There's nothing forced or false anywhere in this fairytale So I've written an entire review without mentioning a single character or telling you what the book is about That's because it's really worth it to go meet these people well sort of people yourselves There are so many wonderful characters sewn into this tale characters who seemed small loom large in my imagination weeks after finishing the book And the settings themselves are characters very alive very full of personalityWith any luck Watermark will be a gateway back to the magical places in your lifeOh and the main character has a good cup of coffee in her hands within ten pages Because that's how Ms Tobler starts everything

  2. Maria Haskins Maria Haskins says:

    This is a gripping and beautifully written story about Pip a kelpie who is banned from the Otherworld and ends up in Peak Colorado in the human world without any clear memories of who or what she was before her banishment Tobler vividly describes the way the fae Otherworld mingles and bleeds into the human world as the characters try to come to grips with a mysterious death the mysterious appearance of Pip while also trying to save the Otherworld from destruction I was drawn in completely to this strange and wonderful story from the very first chapter and I read the last half of the book in a mad page turning frenzy to find out how it would endA marvellous cast of characters gives the story real depth and heart and oh there are a lot of hearts in this story beating and devoured and I love how the fairy tales are turned upside down and inside out and are allowed to move and breathe in our realityWith gorgeous prose and also a moving love story or stories in the mix this book is a keeper

  3. Johann Thorsson Johann Thorsson says:

    This was too confusing The setting shifts from one place to the next without and transition and the description of the settings are superficial to say the leastWhile the idea and the premise are promising it just didn't grab me like I hoped

  4. Kelly Kelly says:

    Review originally published at Fantasy Literature Watermark 2014 by E Catherine Tobler is the story of Pip a kelpie who is cast out of the Otherworld of the fae and into the human realm Before that she was being held in a tower in iron chains She remembers very little before that; she doesn’t know what she was being punished for or why she now finds herself in the town of Peak Colorado or why there was a dead girl lying next to her when she got thereI first tried to read Watermark a few years ago and had trouble getting into it I recently decided to give it another shot and yet again had trouble getting into it The early chapters of the book are confusing and sometimes frustrating as Pip doesn’t know what’s going on and no one else will tell her either The story moves uickly from one setting to the next introducing a number of characters most of whom speak cryptically to Pip rather than clearly It’s hard during the early going to see the shape of the storyThis time though I decided to press on and eventually the fog lifted somewhat We learn that the Otherworld is dying and that creatures from there are invading the human world — some of them dangerous From there the uestion is how and why and what if anything can Pip do about it? Watermark is among other things a mysteryIntertwined with this is Pip’s gradual recovery of her memories and her coming to terms with things she did in the past Kelpies in folklore are not fluffy harmless fae and Tobler is definitely drawing on the old bloody tales here Pip has done some unpleasant things But it might just be possible for her to use her powers to help save the OtherworldTobler draws on fae legends both well known and obscure and clearly knows a lot about the topic Her prose is beautiful and dreamlike if sometimes just a little too abstract such that it gets in the way of clarity Based on my colleagues’ many reviews on our E Catherine Tobler page it seems that a she just keeps getting better and b short fiction is where she truly shines I will definitely be checking out of her work Mythic fiction with lush prose is right up my alley

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Watermark ❰Reading❯ ➿ Watermark Author E. Catherine Tobler – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Pip a kelpie sent to the human world in punishment for breaking the fae's own laws has been forced into a human form to walk among them But her crime Pip finds only fragments in the shell of her memor Pip a kelpie sent to the human world in punishment for breaking the fae's own laws has been forced into a human form to walk among them But her crime Pip finds only fragments in the shell of her memory a dead girl a frozen lake a stolen heart She recognizes faces among the unseelie in the human world fae faces hovering beneath human facades She is not the only one bound by an unspeakable punishment; those she loved best have been brought to their own suffering because of her As Pip unravels the forgetting which cloaks the truth she knows she can reclaim her true nature even if the cost be the human world.

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  • Watermark
  • E. Catherine Tobler
  • 14 September 2016

About the Author: E. Catherine Tobler

E Catherine Tobler has written an awful lot of things Her short fiction has been nominated for the Sturgeon Award and her work on Shimmer Magazine has been nominated for the Hugo and World Fantasy Awards.