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Stoicism Today ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Stoicism Today ✑ Author Patrick Ussher – From Stoic ethics to emotions from Stoic mayors and mindfulness to practical philosophy parenting psychotherapy and prisons from Star Trek and Socrates to Stoic lawyers literature and living in gener From Stoic ethics to emotions from Stoic mayors and mindfulness to practical philosophy parenting psychotherapy and prisons from Star Trek and Socrates to Stoic lawyers literature and living in general this book brings together a wide ranging collection of reflections on living the Stoic life today You'll read advice on coping with adversity reflections on happiness and the good life and powerful personal testimonies of putting Stoicism into practise But you'll also read about the links between Stoicism and psychotherapy Stoicism and mindfulness meditation and the unexpected places Stoicism can pop up in modern culture This book will be of interest to both academics and non academics alike and is about the varied ways in which the year old philosophy as a way of life remains relevant to the concerns and needs of the present day.

  • Kindle Paperback
  • 197 pages
  • Stoicism Today
  • Patrick Ussher
  • English
  • 04 December 2016

10 thoughts on “Stoicism Today

  1. Patafyzak Patafyzak says:

    This is a hard book to rate The book is a selection of texts that differs in style as well as uality but the really good essays provides profound insights academic as well as practicalIf you are new to Stoicism or you want to know how stoic practice differs from fx cognitive behavioral therapy and types of meditation this is a great place to start

  2. Stephen Simpson Stephen Simpson says:

    A lot better than a expected Most of these Today types of books tend to be trite wastes of time but this was actually pretty solid Not all of the entries were great but on the whole it was well worth reading especially for those interested in how to integrate Stoicism into modern life

  3. Steven Steven says:

    This book is very useful for readers who are interested in getting a nuanced picture of Stoicism The scope is not solely academic but also testimonies of people who have successfully managed to incorporate this philosophy into their daily life ao medical professionals but also parents a teacher and a mayorEspecially the testimony of Helen Rudd touched me She was brain damaged in a car accident and was in a coma for three weeks Later on she got severely depressed when she realized how much the accident had diminished her bodily functions Thanks to Stoicism she regained her zest for life and now she makes the best of her daysUninitiated can have certain misconceptions about this philosophy and that’s why it’s important that a few things are refuted Donald Robertson wrote an important chapter that everyone should read ‘Stoics are not unemotional’ Also the last chapter is not to be missed three main Star Trek characters are used to show the importance of the euilibrium between reason ie logic and emotions and the possible actions that result therefrom

  4. Sonia Belviso Sonia Belviso says:

    My expectation for his book was pretty much academic but it turned out to be the most unexpected practical sort of self help book on implementing several stoic practices into daily activities The book covers a wide range of areas where stoic approach can be appliedSome uotesAll you need to muster in order to benefit from Epictetus’s advice here is some level of appreciation for finding yourself alive in a cosmos you did not create and in which you are given along with your share of trouble and strife bountiful opportunities for wonder and joyWisdom for Stoics is not an internal trait of which you have a set amount but is rather the manner in which you approach the circumstances of lifeIn the end nothing can really touch the soul our inner citadel Much is within our power and province And the rest? The rest belongs to God It is His business not ours The point is not how long we live but how nobly life is about depth not duration And this too the ancient noble Stoa taught Don’t you want to be free? Stop being a slave therefore

  5. Laurent Franckx Laurent Franckx says:

    This book consists of a series of essays from various authors on the relevance of stoicism today The topics and approaches vary widely but so does alas the uality and relevance of the individual essays The three stars should be seen as an average score

  6. Dan Dan says:

    Great Stoic StoriesThis was a fun book to read If you want to learn Stoic as is in modern times this book is for you

  7. Kevin Hozak Kevin Hozak says:

    Great selection of writings about Stoicism I'm reading the second book now

  8. Pamela Pamela says:

    Some of my blog posts are featured in this book along with some of my husband's so it feels a little hypocritical to rate but I have rated this based on the other articles I have found it a broad examination of the interest in Stoicism in our modern world This is not a dead philosophy but one that is experiencing a vibrant resurge of interest A philosophy that is extremely relevant in our modern society today

  9. Colin Colin says:

    An excellent collection of essays on Stoicism as it is understood and practiced todayI follow many of the authors of these essays and I am continually impressed by their insight into Stoicism and how it is currently understood and practiced A prospective student looking for insight into modern Stoicism ought to be encouraged to check out this collection

  10. John W. Leys John W. Leys says:

    A good eclectic collection of articles on Stoic Philosophy taken from the excellent blog of the same name A good read for anyone interested in Stoicism All of the articles may not appeal to all readers but there is I think something for everyone

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