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    This was a quite interesting political book on Richard Nixon s political career and how it affected Presidents who served after him I don t agree with everything in the book, particularly about Nixon s successes in domestic and foreign ...

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    I wasn t expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did, but as someone who grew up in a post Nixon era it was both an educational read and a timely one given our most recent election.

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    I laugh my a so hard reading this piece of junk.So the Nixon administration fundamentally changed American politics Now secretaries drive on the left and staffers eat vegetables.Leaving joke aside, a minor scholar specializes in one slice of history, in this case the Nixon administration Than he they are u...

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    It says on the flap that Schoenberg is a Democrat, but he writes like a Republican Not a problem, just interesting He writes like an academic, but is not one He does a great job of showing the good sides of Nixon and almost predicts Trump s...

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    The Nixon EffectThe Nixon Effect, by Douglas E Schoen is an extremely fascinating book Although he resigned in disgrace, his influence is still being felt today I highly recommend this book.

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The Nixon Effect KINDLE The Nixon Effect Douglas E Schoen The Nixon Effect Examines The 37th President S Political Legacy In Broad Ranging Ways That Make Clear, For The First Time, The Breadth And Duration Of His Influence On American Political Life The Book Argues That Nixon Is The Key Political Figure In Postwar American Politics In Multiple Ways, Some Barely Acknowledged Until Now His Legacy Includes A Generational Shift In The Ideological Orientations Of Both The Republican And Democratic Parties The Nixon Influence, Both Intentional And Unintentional, Was To Push Both Parties Further Out To Their Ideological Poles So Stark Was Nixon S Influence On Party Identities That It Shaped The Hardened Partisan Polarization In Washington Today And The Evolution Of What Has Come To Be Called Red And Blue America.Stemming In Part From This, And Also From Nixon S Scorched Earth Political Warfare And Eventually His Watergate Scandal, We Have Also Seen The Evolution Of Politics As War, Where Adversaries And Ideological Opponents Are Seen As Evil Or Unpatriotic Finally, Nixon S Pioneering Tactics From The Identification Of The Silent Majority To The Southern Strategy, From Triangulating Between Both Parties And Claiming The Political Center To Launching The Culture War With Attacks On Elites In Media, Academia, And The Courts Have Shaped Political Communications And Strategy Ever Since.Other Books Have Argued For Nixon S Importance, But Douglas E Schoen S Is The First To Take Into Account The Full Range Of This Fascinating Man S Influence While Not Discounting Nixon S Many Misdeeds, Schoen Treats His Presidency And Its Importance With The Seriousness And Evenhandedness That The Subject Deserves.