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  1. Beverly Beverly says:

    4 Love me some Rily StarsThis is the second episode of season one and I am hooked I swear this series is killing me Things pick up where 11 left off and Ariela has arrived in California Shortly after arriving she runs into Keatyn and is invited to a dinner with the old gang which includes Riley Once again the world stops spinning for RileyThis episode shows the reunion of Riley and Arielaloved it Things are smoking hot and raw Then the ending Jullian you are killing me I am hooked and cannot freaking wait for the next installment The best way to describe this series You know when you have a bookcharacters you loved and you think if this could just never end Well this series is that for me I loved the Keatyn Chronicles and over the week I binge read 65 books I grew to love this group Now I get to see one of my favorite guys Riley plus the others I am in love with this

  2. Christy Christy says:

    4 stars This weeks episode of Captive Films 12 features Riley and Ariela You know how I feel about Riley Johnson I can’t get enough of my boy all grown up Ariela played a large part in this installment The entire thing was written in dual alternating pov’s between the two of themAriela’s in the same town as Riley but she’s not sure if she’s ready to see him yet She’s still married but in the process of filing for divorce When she runs into an old friend it happens to connect her with Riley as well Riley is stunned to see Ariela He still feels things for her Things he doesn’t want to feel Maybe they met again for a reason? As Aiden says
 “Maybe it’s sorta like fate” I love catching up with all these characters I love Jillian’s writing and I love that these are risué than the KC books It's great getting glimpses into random characters lives And whats up with a certain couple being together? I did not see that coming The way this ended was little shocking and I’m excited to see where next weeks episode takes us

  3. Alexis *Reality Bites* Alexis *Reality Bites* says:

    This Episode is Rated G for GOODGenre Adult Romance4 STARS ‘the only girl who broke my heart The girl I waited fifty four excruciatingly long days to sleep with The girl who is the reason I will never fall in love againAriela’ Picking up just a few days later in episode 12 Ariela is now on the west coast She's ignoring calls from her soon to be ex husband Collin and out shopping when she unexpectedly runs in to an old friend It is only in this scene that things become very clear and a bit sad to me in regards to ArielaRiley is still living that good life riding high after the tri city worldwide movie premiersunaware that he and Ariela will soon cross paths In episode 1 2 readers get TWO surprises in the story from Jillian Dodd One good a surprising couple I never saw coming and the other one sad which I briefly mentioned above No details on this though sorry I want to keep it spoiler free OH WAIT also we get a few glimpses in to the past through Riley at what went down with him and Ariela senior year Mind you I said glimpses I am sure much is to comeCharacters featured in this episodeKeatynRileyAidenTyler Riley’s assistantDallasKnox RiAnne

  4. Laci Laci says:

    This women could make a phone book captivating I found myself at the end of this book flipping between the last page and acknowledgments like a thousand times in hopes that magicly some pages would appear I am so into this it's ridiculous Damn it man I will pay the jacked up price of 299 for 13 because I love Riley and Jillian

  5. Paula Phillips Paula Phillips says:

    In Episode # 12 we pick up where Episode #11 finished as Keatyn not only announce to their friends their engagement finally but we have also revealed the nugget that she is having a baby We also get the introduction to Ariela's life and what she has been up to the past ten years unfortunately it isn't the HEA that she had hoped for as she is stuck in a marriage with a guy who cheats and uses her as a trophy wife While browsing a magazine she sees Keatyn and Riley on the cover and it gives her the courage and strength to leave Colin behind and travel to reconnect with her old college friends and hopefully since Riley is still single maybe the spark is still there? What will happen though when Ariela goes home with Riley only to see Shelby there as well? Does this mean Shelby finally gets the boot? I hope so Will Ariela be welcome back into the group or is Riley's feelings of rejection from Ariela too deeply wounded that he won't give her a second chance?Find out in Episode #12 of Captive Films by Jillian Dodd The perfect serial if you are in need of a uick Hollywood Fix

  6. Brandee - Brandee& Brandee - Brandee& says:

    Episode 11 Releases 1118 FREE right now Episode 12 Releases 1125 FREE right nowEpisode 13 Releases 1202Episode 14 Releases 1209Episode 15 Releases 1216Episode 16 Releases 1223Jillian turning up the heat with this new spin off of the Keatyn Chroniclesagain I will call it the adult version For those that are a Keatyn Chronicles addict you will LOVE this series you get of Keatyn and the gang Make sure to go one click this one Full review to come

  7. Joan Joan says:

    Loved it Need Riley and Ariella's first encounter after so long is volatile and hot You get to see a little into her choices so I can understand her decisions though still don't agree with them This is going to be a fun ride

  8. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    DO NOT READ THIS SERIES UNTIL YOU READ THE KEATYN CHRONICLESI am so glad Jillian decided to write these stories after the keatyn chronicles We get to see what happens with all the characters Loving Riley

  9. Erica Alyson Erica Alyson says:

    These totally read like a tv show with all my favorite characters

  10. Kelly Kelly says:

    45 stars

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Captive Films: 1.2 ✮ [PDF] ✩ Captive Films: 1.2 By Jillian Dodd ✻ – If you are a fan of The Keatyn Chronicles you will love reconnecting with your favorite characters as adults In reality TV form this series follows the lives and loves of those who work at Captive Fil If you are a fan of The Keatyn Chronicles you will love reconnecting with your favorite characters Captive Films: Epub / as adults In reality TV form this series follows the lives and loves of those who work at Captive Films Hot successful playboy Riley Johnson whose business success far exceeds his success in love Movie star Keatyn Douglas whose epic love story has spawned a series of books and movies And Dawson Johnson who joins Captive with a tragic past Expect lots of drama sex and tabloid worthy eventsReleased in serial format much like a TV series the first season contains episodes If you prefer to read it all at once all episodes are available as Captive Films Season One Season Episode This series is meant for readers .

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