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  1. Romance_reader Romance_reader says:

    Pleasant romance read featuring a Pict warrior and a Roman maiden This was fast paced and interesting; but very low on angst The H and the h fall blissfully in love from almost the first moment they lay their eyes on each other After that various unscrupulous characters and circumstances threaten to tear them apart till they are finally united without further ado there's no OW or OM no OTT displays of anger no forced seduction not even a well timed misunderstanding that forces a lover's uarrel End of story I actually liked this but somehow couldn't really connect to it The H Taran and the h Valeria were both likeable characters but their relationship was a little bit tepid Which is sad because there was plenty of opportunity for angst and heat given that the story began with the H and h at odds with each other because of their backgroundethnicity and also the fact that Taran was a captive in Valeria's father's prison Unfortunately it was not to be and so I can only rate this 3 stars for obviously extensive research gone into the book and the uick moving plot line

  2. Anne Anne says:

    Amy Jarecki has become one of my very favourite authors Her story telling is fantastic and her characters so strong and vivid I didn't want to put this book down for one minute This story with a Pict warrior and a Roman aristocrat was spellbinding I highly recommend this wonderful story

  3. Julia& Julia& says:

    45 Stars Really surprised and happy with how much I liked this one Historical's are really hit and miss for me so its hard to finds ones I actually like Definitely going to check out books from this author

  4. Maria Maria says:

    Wow I read where this was this author's first manuscript and I can tell you I was shocked how good this story was These characters are so likeableyou become vested in them from the very beginningTaran is a Pict Warriorbut also a Prince He has been captured by the Romans and is incarcerated and set to be executed He needs to return to the Pict lands for the King is illValeria is a Roman noblewoman who is also the daughter of the CommanderRoman General of the garrison which holds prisoners She arrives from a three month journey to be with her father As she arrives she witnesses some brutality with a prisoner and she intervenes She is mesmerized by a pool of blue eyes and cooper hair of a huge warriorTaran is bewitched by the Roman beauty who is his enemy Her kindness pulls at his heart strings Can he continue to view her as the enemy or will she be his salvation? He has extreme responsibilities in the near future Will his life be forfeit?All hell breaks lose when the garrison is overpowered by savagesThese two will go through an array of emotions and a treacherous journey There is violence despair intrigue sacrifice and lots of passion throughout the pages of this very good storyI look forward to reading the next book This author is extremely talented and it shows in this story I highly recommend it

  5. Leone (She Reads too Much Romance) Leone (She Reads too Much Romance) says:

    Jarecki possess this magic of sweeping readers off their feet with her enchanting untamed tales I am anything except immune as each time I read a story penned by her I fall and in love with both the character and the plotsThis isn't my all time favorite read that the author has penned as it was a little too fast paced for me but that doesn't mean that I didn't love this story because I did I think it is too impossible not to be consumed by Jarecki’s books Forget Outlander Jarecki is one of my top picks for not only Scottish themed books but for historical romanceOne of the traits that stands out to me about her writing is the fact that she combines heroic men that are wounded emotionally or at times physically and the she breathes life into the story by breathtaking truthful romance If you are a reader that has considered the possibility that you have fallen out of love with historical novels then I suggest you read Jarecki's novels as she will remind you as to why you fell for the genre in the first placeTo read of this review please follow the link below copyrights belong to NOR whom I wrote this review for

  6. KeebNtxawn KeebNtxawn says:

    Five starLove all the charactersboth the two main characters are strong and they know what they want in life hoping that the author will write about his best friend nextI would love to read about himI think he should have a interesting story also

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    Valeria a daughter of Rome arrives in Roman Britannia and is immediately enraptured with the captive Pict Taran He is just as taken by her When Valeria is taken by the cannibal tribe of the Attacotti Taran comes to her rescue and brings her to his home of Dunpelder But life has much in store for Valeria and Taran They have to overcome many hard obstacles in order to be together Romans Picts Attacotti Saxons wolfs attacks kidnappings traitors banishment and much A very interesting read that easily had me devouring every word

  8. Tammy Nitschke Sokol Tammy Nitschke Sokol says:

    loved itOh to see the early years of the Alpin tribe of Scottish Pict warriors and along Hadrians wall In this book you get sword fighting adventure action revenge treachery despair depression hunting and that's just the Roman born heroine on her uest to reunite with her Pict king Very well worth reading I simply could not put it down and stayed awake all night

  9. TJ TJ says:

    4550There just isn't much NOT to love about this story It's a superbly written tale that is uniue in its setting during the time of the Romans and Picts And beautiful in the romance between a Pict King and a Roman princess whose countries are worlds apart and at war Of course some may say it's a little too predictable but for a wonderful escape after a long day it's the perfect remedy

  10. Aurrora James Aurrora James says:

    Taran and Valeria were such great characters I loved how Taran patiently helped Valeria see through all of her preconceived Roman notions to see who the true barbarians were And the lengths they would go through to be together This was the first book I've read by this author and I will definitely read

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Rescued by the Celtic Warrior [Download] ➾ Rescued by the Celtic Warrior By Amy Jarecki – After arriving in Roman Britannia Valeria is captured by savages She prays the Romans will find her—but it’s Taran a Pict warrior who comes to Valeria’s rescue and ignites an unuenchable flame o After arriving in the Celtic Epub Ù Roman Britannia Valeria is captured by savages She prays the Romans will find her—but it’s Taran a Pict warrior who comes to Valeria’s rescue and ignites an unuenchable flame of passion that fills her soul Highborn and privileged Valeria has never known life outside her father’s Roman fortress But when Rescued by PDF \ Hadrian’s Wall falls Valeria’s world shatters Ripped from her bed she’s captured by savages Terrified she prays her betrothed will mount a rescue But it is the enemy a Pict with Celtic tattoos and hair of fire who wields his sword and fights for her freedom When she seeks refuge in the warrior’s stronghold by the Celtic ePUB ✓ the Picts eye her with distrust and force her to earn her keep as a commoner But the longer Valeria remains the agonizing it becomes to conceal her burning love for the Celtic warrior.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 380 pages
  • Rescued by the Celtic Warrior
  • Amy Jarecki
  • English
  • 12 April 2016

About the Author: Amy Jarecki

Award winning and the Celtic Epub Ù bestselling author Amy Jarecki likes to grab life latch on and reach for the stars She’s married to a mountain biking pharmacist and has put four kids through college She studies karate ballet yoga and often you’ll find her hiking Utah’s Santa Clara Hills Reinventing herself a number of times Rescued by PDF \ Amy sang and danced with the Follies was a ballet dancer a plant manager an.