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Burned by Abi [PDF / Epub] ★ Burned by Abi ✈ Harley McRide – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Warning For Mature Adult Audiences Contains language and actions some may deem offensive Contains extreme violence Ménage – MFM In book two of the Devil Savages MCAbi Moon was raised by her brother Warning For Mature Adult Audiences Contains language and actions some may deem offensive Contains extreme violence Ménage – MFM In Burned by PDF \ book two of the Devil Savages MCAbi Moon was raised by her brother Sledge after their parents passed away Sledge did his best with the help from the only family he had left—the Devil Savages He shipped her off to boarding schools and college in the hope of keeping her from the hard MC life What he didn't expect was while at college she'd worked hard just not on her studies She found a new major in mixed martial arts and devoted her time in the octagon instead of the classroom With a fierce attitude and the talent to back it up she heads home to the one place her brother had worked so hard to keep her from Upon her arrival Sledge uickly learns even good intentions can turn bad when she makes even the toughest and roughest of bikers feel like emotional teenage girlsYo Neg’s been nursing his pride since the night a woman used him for a one night stand and walked away without looking back But imagine his surprise when that same evil vixen waltzes back into his life and still wants nothing to do with him Tonka lives and breathes the MC life and never considered locking himself down with an ol’ lady He enjoys the love ‘em and leave ‘em relationships the rats and bitches are than happy to provide His beliefs start to change after one taste of the most forbidden and untamable Abi The problem he's best friends with her brother With the Diablos in their territory and lives hanging in the balance the Devils fight to protect their own Can Yo Neg and Tonka keep the club protected and manage to beat Abi at her own game Or does Abi prove to them that you can take the girl out of the club but the woman who returns forever has the blood of the Devils running through her veins.

10 thoughts on “Burned by Abi

  1. Tana Tana says:

    Burned by Abi Devil Savages MC #2 Great story another great addition to this series

  2. Megan Fall Megan Fall says:

    I didn't find this one as good as the first one in this series But it was still worth the read

  3. M Robo M Robo says:

    Much better written than the first book Good story n characters n plot Hot sex scenes Defo moving onto book 3Only other criticism is the books are too short n over priced I don't mind paying 299 for a 200 page book but they're all less than 150

  4. Lauren Lauren says:

    45 starsIf all of Harley’s heroines are anything like Abi Rose from bed of roses I cannot wait to read about themtheir stories I liked the first book in the series but I wasn’t gripped but I liked this book so much and I was instantly gripped I devoured this book and was left wanting Abi is badass I love her She takes no messing and knows how to handle herself I liked that she stuck up for herself and her friends; I thought her friendship with Rose was cute and I chuckled when she punched Tonka I liked Tonka but I didn’t think much of Yo Neg He wouldn’t step up and go after Abi until he realized his best friend Tonka wanted her and had had her too I was annoyed when both men planned to claim their woman yet they sat on a sofa and let Cherry a club rat grope them in front of Abi They didn’t make a move to push her off I wanted Abi to make them pay for that not to let them off as if it hadn’t happened but she didn’t The storyline for this book is easy to follow and a gripping read I cannot wait for the next book in this series to be releasedAfter being sent away from a biker’s lifestyle and having been sent away to boarding schools and college Abi is finally home and is determined to stay no matter what her big brother sledge says What the club and Sledge don’t know is that Abi stopped going to college and spent years training as an MMA fighter She loves fighting with a passion Abi knows how to handle herself and whether it’s a man or a woman she can take them down Yo Neg gets the shock of his life when the woman that got the better of him by sleeping with him and leaving before he woke walks into the clubhouse and turns out to be his best friend Sledge’s little sister Determined not to let her cold attitude and sexy body get the better of him Yo Neg gets on with his manwhore lifestyle secretly hoping to get a rise out of her Tonka has known Abi all since she was a little girl when she comes back from years away of school sexy and badass Tonka struggles to hide his attraction to her But as she is little Abi his best friend Sledge’s sister he struggles with his attraction But after one taste of kinky passion with her he cannot stop his want for her from growing But as he and Yo Neg team up and try to get Abi to admit her feelings they struggle to tie her down and stop her from running from them When they discover Abi’s secret career although they want to protect her they are insanely turned on by her kickass take no crap attitude Will Abi finally accept her love for Yo Neg and Tonka? Will Sledge accept their relationship and Abi’s career?

  5. Shaly Shaly says:

    45 StarsHuhand here I thought Shady was the baddest bitch in this series but I was totally wrong because the one who should be wearing that crown is Abi Moon the first and only female enforcer of any MC I've ever read about She is one bad ass lady She has the attitude the mentality and the skills to claim all that shit She doesn't play hard to get she doesn't do stupid shit like fight with stupid rat's over menshe just keeps it pushing She's fucking awesome This is how female leads need to act not simpering weak minded little twits who will fall at their men's feet or who will let their friends convince them that by dressing or acting slutty that's how they will get their mennope not Abi She followed her own road still got her men and still kept her dignity My favorite kind of female lead She kicks ass just like any man can kill without remorse or a blink of an eye but can turn around and still be as feminine as any Rosedoesn't take any shit from any anyone and has no problem knocking the shit out of you with just one punch If all MC books had a female lead like Abi I guarantee they would all be very successful

  6. Sylvia Haenga Sylvia Haenga says:

    Ok ReadOk so for me this book was not to my like like her other series Lady Riders and Ops Warriors where there was no cheating This book had me kind of confuse as to why would you let your men who supposedly love you have a club whore sit in their lap with her hand down their pants and the proceeded to remover her top and shove her hooters in one of her men's face all the while just stand their and watch what was happening then walk off and not care? For someone who is a professional MMA fighter why didn't she just go up to them and give her a good hiding and why did her men just let her do what she wanted to them? And then the next day she was made an enforcer and then the declared their love again to her and then proceeded to take her upstairs to celebrate and make love to her Like i said i know there are five stars given to this book but throughout the book i was like What? arrgh are you serious i really hate books with cheating in them and this one I didn't like at all

  7. LaVida Brisco - One Last Page Book Blog LaVida Brisco - One Last Page Book Blog says:

    EnforcersWhat was there not to love about this book We have Abi who can kick butt and take names and then you have Yo Neg and Tonka a couple of bad boy alphas from Devil Savages These character were fantasticThey yell and scream at one another they throw insults here and there but nothing can stop the carnal attraction that they have for each other I'm telling you there is just something about down and dirty trash talking motorcycle hunks that just screams SEXY The chemistry between the three was fantastically scorching hot This was a book with amazing chemistry witty and sarcastic banter and the constant internal struggle between Abi Yo Neg and Tonka had me racing to get to the next chapter Harley wraps you in her world every time and gives you what you want This was a excellent addition to the Devil Savages and I can't wait to see who's next

  8. Allison Gill Allison Gill says:

    Book 2 in the Devil Savages MC seriesThis book started of slow but got really good and enjoyableAbi is happy to return to the club after her brother had sent her away to school to try and distance her from the club While she was away she secretly started training at the gym By the time she returns to the club she is a force to be reckoned withTonka has known Abi since she was a kid Yo Neg has been thinking about her since a chance get together when he was on a run Tonka and Yo Neg together are just what the strong and powerful Abi needs but life stands in the way The club is what Abi wants and the club wants Abi

  9. Kim Brewing Kim Brewing says:

    As with the first book it's a good read The only issue I have is that there isn't much relationship development They have sex stay away from each other and then everyone is in love and they have sex again This one was better than the first because we did get the guys side of things a bit Seeing how the rat scored an emotional hit on Abi at the bar I would have liked to have the guys made a point of showing Abi they weren't going there the night of the party We the reader knew they weren't dicking around but Abi didn't

  10. Danena Freeman Danena Freeman says:

    I really like the other books in this authors 2 series but this one fell short for meThere wasn't much interaction between the two main characters outside of sex I liked the fact that the woman was very strong and didn't let anyone push her around It just needed relationship building other then that it was a good read Rated good

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