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Eden [PDF] ⚣ Eden ✯ Michael Robertson – Following his dad into Eden's control room Mark thinks he's about to take over the running of the complex A complex that's withstood the zombie apocalypse for over thirty years already A complex he's Following his dad into Eden's control room Mark thinks he's about to take over the running of the complex A complex that's withstood the zombie apocalypse for over thirty years already A complex he's been as good as running for half that time But when his dad's behaviour turns strange Mark uickly realises there's a lot going on than he first anticipated.

10 thoughts on “Eden

  1. Quirkyreader Quirkyreader says:

    This was a uick and interesting read

  2. TL TL says:

    Eden 4 stars Following his dad into the control room Mark remained on his feet and watched the old man fall into his high backed chair Letting out a groan his dad leaned back in the threadbare seat and stared at the six monitors before him Over three decades ago both the furniture and euipment had been new or at least that's what his dad had told him To Mark they'd existed for a lifetime A lifetime he'd spent in the underground community of Eden For a moment all Mark's dad did was look from one monitor to the next It was like he'd never seen them before Trigger maybe for some view spoilerMinor part in beginning where a little dog is killed by zombies it's brief and not in great detail but just in case I wanted to run out and rescue the poor thing hide spoiler

  3. Emm C² Emm C² says:

    “They’ve than coped They’ve thrived Who’d have thought that the next evolutionary step for humankind would be to take away our ability to think? Remove our ego and we stop destroying one another” Eden is a pair of twin stories “Eden” and “Pandora” In both the dead live again but incomplete trapped in a sleepless state of blind hunger by a virus or else a curse Eden stands out as different because here existence as a zombie is seen for how undeniably tragic it is Thought provoking and bleak it might be beautiful poetry if it didn't involve eating the human you used to beI'm not normally a huge fan of zombie books but I enjoy them if they are unusual or fresh and this short novella does a good job of that for being a read of only an hour or so“Eden” is the stronger short being about a father and son living or shall we say surviving in a government containment center left to watch the remnants of their desolate world die through screens alone They note that it seems disturbingly peaceful now compared to how it used to be which carries a lot of terrible implications for them now that they seem to be worse off than the undead This is definitely the better of the two stories and you grow surprisingly close to the son Mark and his predicament as he begins to see less and less light from his future“Pandora” is confusing because it seems to start in the middle of the event without really explaining what led to it There is an elusive box that unleashes the undead but why did the characters even have this and how in the world did they get ahold of it? “Pandora” is good but could’ve branched out It feels like something was lost in the midst and it leaves so many uestions in its trail

  4. Tori Tori says:

    The first of the 2 stories was well executed it was easy to read and follow with an interesting twist on how the Zombie apocalypse started The second story had a good concept but failed to execute effectively The use of long and short names for the characters became slightly confusing It felt like disjointed story telling The characters seemed to be 2 dimensional

  5. Amanda Amanda says:

    Another excellent short story from Michael Robertson Reading it was a ride from start to finish The plot and pacing are wonderfully constructed and the characters' emotions come through incredibly clearlyI was impressed at the mastery of concealreveal that takes place in this story Nothing is revealed to the reader and even to the protagonist until it is necessary and that is a skill that few have mastered

  6. Netanella Netanella says:

    Remarkably well done zombie short which is saying a lot these days in an oversaturated market Thirty years into the zom poc a father turns over control of the refuge Eden to his son and reveals to him one final devastating secret Robertson's writing style is crisp with enough detail to illustrate his world There's a second short included in this Pandora which is a wicked take on the Greek mythological tale Nicely done as well

  7. Leslie Fisher Leslie Fisher says:

    I'm not a big Zombie fan but I wanted a short book to read while I waited for a book on hold to come in I actually really enjoyed this book It was well written and it focused on the people who were not zombies and how the zombies came to be which I enjoyed

  8. Laura Hernandez (TheVoluptuousBkDiva/YABkDivas) Laura Hernandez (TheVoluptuousBkDiva/YABkDivas) says:

    Readers are treated to two well written and fast paced short stories I will definitely be reading of this author's books

  9. Never Never Land Never Never Land says:

    We are introduced to Mark who is shadowing his father on his last day as guardian of the compound that they have lived in for the past 30 years The compound keeps them safe from the zombie apocalypse that is just outside their doors As Mark's dad walks him through the daily routine for the last time we learn a secret about the events that took place and lead to their apocalypseThis short was surprisingly satisfying It is a brief glimpse into the lives of these two men as a father shares his secret and a son learns the terrifying truth The writing captured my attention from the very beginning and when I got to the end I definitely wanted Mr Robertson gives us just enough emotion with his characters to draw us in From the annoyed son who checks himself as his father runs through the emotion handing off of the torch to his sonAt first I was irritated by yet another male author using the female body to create a disease and blaming the end of the world on Too many male authors tend to use the female body to conduct experiments on and use the good ole troupe of a woman giving birth to a new breed of human However the way this story ends that clearly wasn't the author's intention in this short story and I was pleased by the revealing secret at the end even if it was predictableThis story earned 35 stars from me because the ending was too abrupt and some of the writing was predictable However I still recommend giving it a try considering its a short read a good introduction to the author's writing the Kindle version is free on and a second short story is included with the Kindle versionI for one will be reading from this author and suggestion you give Michael Robertsons' writing a chance

  10. K.J. Chapman K.J. Chapman says:

    Two zombie tales in one Eden and Pandora I preferred Eden because the narrative was told with back story and conclusion I felt like Pandora could have been expanded into a longer novella Both stories were well written and immersive I will pay closer attention to this author in the future

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