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Everything Leads to You ❮Epub❯ ➜ Everything Leads to You ➛ Author Nina LaCour – Buyprobolan50.co.uk I want you to do something with the place Something epicEmi has been entrusted with her brother's Los Angeles apartment for the summer as a graduation gift but she isn't sure how to fulfil his one con I want you to do something with the place Something epicEmi has been entrusted with her brother's Los Angeles apartment for the summer as a Everything Leads PDF \ graduation gift but she isn't sure how to fulfil his one condition that something great take place there while he's gone She may be a talented young production designer already beginning to thrive in the competitive film industry but she still feels like an average teen floundering when it comes to romanceBut when Emi and her friend Charlotte discover a mysterious letter at the estate sale of a Hollywood film legend Emi finds herself chasing down the loose ends of the movie icon's hidden life The search leads her to uncover a decades old secret and the potential for something truly epic love.

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  1. may ➹ may ➹ says:

    what kind of gay sorcery is this???this is a slow book not at all action packed but somehow I was just so engayged that I barely noticed and I just fell in love with the story and these characters this is so beautiful

  2. Riley Riley says:

    Actual rating 45This book was so beautiful

  3. Whitney Atkinson Whitney Atkinson says:

    I'm trying to get back into audiobooks and knowing that contemporary and memoirs are the funnest to listen to I gave this one a try I really enjoyed the narrator and the story so it was a fun listen But I proved to myself that once again I have a tendency to let details slip through the cracks when I listen to audiobooksThe main thing I enjoyed about this book is the characters I thought Emi was a good lens from which the story is told and her friendships with Charlotte and Ava were so cute and realistic I rarely read books that are just strictly fun any so this was a lovely change of pace that kept me interested even though I'm not the biggest fan of books about the movie industry Ava and Emi had great chemistry and I like that this book talked about the difference between movies and real life how people glamorize one another and how in reality real life is so different than in movies I know this shouldn't be an official part of my review but I just can't help but mention that it warms my heart to see books with ff relationships where the entire plot of the book isn't about 1 everyone around that character being homophobic or 2 the two characters spending the entire book not knowing if the other is straight This book cuts straight to normalizing same sex relationships and talking about it openly so they chemistry and angst that occurs all stems from the plot occurring not internally which I find so much interesting and less repetitive In the end I loved the relationship that occurred in this book and how the build up to it was so subtle and supportiveFor a fun contemporary featuring a lesbian relationship I got everything I wanted from it Even though it's not a full five stars to me it still was highly enjoyable and didn't really even have any major flaws I'm kind of just pulling comments out of my ass to finish this review because audiobooks are difficult to review since I forget the content so uickly after I read them But anyway read this book

  4. Elle (ellexamines) Elle (ellexamines) says:

    “We love films because they makes us feel something They speak to our desires which are never small They allow us to escape and to dream and to gaze into the eyes that are impossibly beautiful and huge They fill us with longing But also They tell us to remember; they remind us of life Remember they say how much it hurts to have your heart broken” Everything Leads to You is a book about movies and lesbian love and even though it didn’t impress me as much as I’d hoped it's a really incredible story and definitely worth the hype The main character Emi is an aspiring film worker I loved the descriptions and depictions of her sets I’m not a movie person but if I were this would’ve been amazing Anyone who loves movies will absolutely LOVE this book but honestly even without loving cinema LaCour’s writing was visual enough that I could picture everything Emi’s arc is about realizing she can’t idealize people and that she can’t idealize the happy endings of movies either It’s a well executed arc; it ties in nicely with her new career and with her new relationship There's a romance here between Emi and a girl she's just met Ava Ava is a likable character with a bit of mystery surrounding her past and also I'm realizing writing this that she shares a name with a girl I have a crush on Tea Unfortunately I thought the romance here overtook things just a bit which would've been fine if the romance were spectacular but frankly the romance was good not great Neither this particular romance nor the movie star plotline were uite good enough to hold this up for me which again is primarily a personal problem “They weren't cheap and I was almost broke It was a choice between dinner and flowers and I chose flowers because it was a dark time in my life and my room was hideous and my heart was broken and I needed something beautiful” I honestly don’t have many complaints about this book but I somehow didn’t enjoy it in my 2016 reading as much as I probably should have I liked it but I didn’t obsess over it That being said I think this was a complete case of “it’s not me it’s you” and I do want to recommend this to anyone who wants books about gay girls and about the movies I also think this is one I should probably reread soon as I was incredibly uninterested in both film and romance at age fifteen and now am a huge cinephile who is aggressively in love with love and would like to read 30000 books about girls kissing TW abusive toxic parenting overdose death Blog | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

  5. Zoë Zoë says:


  6. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    Also posted on Hit or Miss BooksEverything Leads to You is definitely not a BAD book It was actually my first lesbian YA romance—details later read and I think I may continue with this genre and try to seek some gems out there—because there always are The story revolves around Ava the granddaughter of a well known celebrity who died and left her a letter telling her how much he wished he knew her and that he left her A LOT of money she can use at her sake Now here is the thing I thought Emi was the main character She’s the narrator and there’s a first person POV so it makes it even obvious But even if Emi was the one discovering the letter everything else important happening revolves as I said around Ava Eveything Leads to Ava Emi has a new job and then Ava has one as well for the same people Emi help her find the truth about her mother who died unfortunately too Ava is struggling with finding a place where she can feel at home and Emi helps her So I guess there are really TWO main characters with the same importance level in this book that are connected to each other The fact is that I was confused about who IS the main main character throughout the story I guess I'm just not used to LaCour's formula I thought the ‘mystery’ was completely predictable I wanted to tell myself it isn’t and struggled to not predict things that were happening but it was too hard not to since it was so simple to deduct Sometimes predictable stories are not boring especially contemporary ones and this is one of them Now I’m not saying that I really enjoyed it still because there are other factors that made me not enjoy this book that muchIT’S FILLED WITH DIALOGS The many dialogs and few descriptions of places and the world around them annoyed my reading experience Sometimes dialogs were half page long and that made me take a lot of breaks from this book I usually read a book in 1 2 days but this one took me 3 daysEmi and Ava are both nice girls and characters The ‘coincidence’ of them both being lesbian made this book unfortunately not so realistic I mean I believe in fate and destiny from time to time but this is too much If she were bi then maybe this book would’ve been realistic Another problem I had with this book is that there barely is romance There is only one single kiss in the story and RARE flirting Of course there is some mention of girls from Emi’s past and Ava’s as well but nothing substantial What I liked though was the film part of this book Really enjoyed knowing about how it works in that industry and how designers have an immense part in the conception Emi’s job is one hell of a cool one Plus she’s really talentedOverall I think if you wish to read a book in which there is mention of the celebrities’ world and filmseries as well I’d recommend The Secrets of My Hollywood Life LOVED IT series by Jen Calonita Also if you really want romance I have no recommendations since it’s my first lesbian book but I don’t think this is the one for you Again not BAD but not worth of your time if your TBR pile is huge

  7. ˗ˏˋliaˎˊ˗ ˗ˏˋliaˎˊ˗ says:

    “as much as i had wanted a love story out of a movie i know now that movies can only hope to capture this kind of love” look this was everything i wanted and going into this novel i wasn’t really expecting something that i would absolutely love what i expected was a generic 3 star read that i’ll put off as eh contemporary isn’t really my preferred genre and that’s nothing new but THIS is the kind of contemporary that i would die for time and time againeverything leads to you is an incredibly visual novel which is due to nina lacour’s amazing writing i’m not really a movie person but even so i could appreciate the descriptions of the sets and rooms and could literally picture every single thinghonestly i did not care too much for the protagonist emi at first and even forgot her name at one point in the beginning but whatever i guess as the story progressed however i grew and attached to her ava on the other hand is a complete angel that i fell head over heels in love with from the start she is the kind of person i would like to read about in books coming from an abusive household she still manages to stay so incredibly strong and willing to change things about her life and the way she approaches situations also the mystery that surrounded her was really intriguing and kept me guessing if i’m not actually reading a mystery novel instead of a contemporary lmaooh and of course THE GAYNESS very important maybe the most important part of this scratch everything i said up until now it’s the gays that won be over genuinely speaking i could only name a single ff book off the top of my head that i’ve read and if i think about it i could maybe come up with like five but that would be it this story was just soo important also for me personally because emi was so open about her sexuality and that was really refreshing to read about this whole story was so painfully beautiful and i’m so incredibly happy to have read and enjoyed it so much → 5 stars

  8. emma emma says:

    45 stars We love films because they make us feel something They speak to our desires which are never small They allow us to escape and to dream and to gaze into eyes that are impossibly beautiful and huge They fill us with longing Emi Price is an aspiring production designer in Los Angeles which means that she works behind the scenes on crafting film sets searching for the perfect armchairs and potted plants and window dressings to make a scene feel real uniue and personal When she and her best friend stumble across a mysterious letter hidden among a deceased actor’s possessions though they’re pulled into a real life mystery as exciting as any film Everything Leads to You is a sort of blend between mystery coming of age story and ff romance and it was such a sweet fun readElise described this as the “aesthetic lesbians” book and I feel like that gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for here Reading this book feels like peeking through a rainbow kaleidoscope like permanently seeing the world through that one snapchat filter that puts soft hearts over everything and glows with a really warm ethereal lightThis whole story is just soft and lovely and I was in my feelings a lot when I read this okay?? There’s something about Nina LaCour’s writing that’s justso simple and soft and fresh and maybe this is a weird analogy but reading her books always feels like curling up in a pile of still warm and freshly washed sheetsIn summary Very aesthetic Much gay 1010 would recommend Diverse rep ff biracial MCCW mentions of homophobia drug useThis review was also posted on my blog

  9. Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen) Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen) says:

    35 Stars Because in the conversation beneath this one what we're really saying is I am an imperfect person Here are my failures Do you want me anyway?” Awww this was so cute Seriously a nice palate cleanser in between all the angst and fantasy I’ve been reading lately This story revolves around Emi who whole working set design in LA stumbles onto a mystery involving a classic film star and a troubled girl named Ava There's this really fantastic element of movie magic and it was great reading about all the behind the scenes workFirst off I am here for unapologetic lesbians Both Ava and Emi are open about liking girls and neither was defined solely by their sexuality The both had strong characters arcs a cute romance and a role in the mystery Emi's best friend Charlotte was also great and a large example of the strong theme of friendship that took place Charlotte and Emi were both devoted to each other without enabling or pitying One problem I did have was with how much Emi idealized Morgan or I'm told but never shown the idealization Emi consistently thinks about how she shouldn't call Morgan or how she wants to kiss Morgan but that was it?? There was very little talk involving what it was about Morgan that Emi liked so much and I still don't have any understanding of Morgan's personalityOverall This was cute lighthearted fun and I'm ready ALWAYS ready for FF stories But there was a lot of telling vs showing in the writing and it felt like I was only seeing surface level of most of the characters Buddy Read with Emma

  10. demi. ♡ demi. ♡ says:

    ❥ 2 5 starsThis book was kinda boring slow and way too predictable I thought I would eventually end up liking this one since I’m always interested in film industry and the synopsis really captured my attention but it turned out that I did not enjoy reading it at all and I had no feelings for any characters in the story I couldn’t connect to any of them and I couldn’t feel the chemistry between two protagonists either

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