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Wait Im a Zombie? Peaches series Book 3 [BOOKS] ✯ Wait Im a Zombie? Peaches series Book 3 Author Rosi S. Phillips – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Peaches has been having a rough couple of weeks First she dies then she gets married to a vampire and now she's reaching into dead people and eating them Looks like the Disney World honeymoon's going Peaches has been having a rough a Zombie? ePUB ☆ couple of weeks First she dies then she gets married to a Wait Im PDF or vampire and now she's reaching into dead people and eating them Looks like the Disney World honeymoon's going to Im a Zombie? Kindle Ò have to be put on the back burnerPeaches and Bane travel to Egypt to meet the merchants and find Im a Zombie? Peaches series eBook ¸ out who the mysterious person targeting Peaches is But it's not all rainbows and assassination attempts Peaches has to go to her coronation and be vetted as a ueen But in all the Vampire chaos she'd still not sure what she is and in an attempt to discover just that she goes on a walkabout But nowhere is safe for the new ueen and old friends start to look like new enemies Dive into a world filled with mystery danger adventure and tons of laughs as Peaches discovers that the most dangerous thing might just be not knowing if what she is might hurt the man she loves.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 130 pages
  • Wait Im a Zombie? Peaches series Book 3
  • Rosi S. Phillips
  • English
  • 13 July 2016

About the Author: Rosi S. Phillips

Rosi S Phillips was born in a Zombie? ePUB ☆ with caramel colored skin to a Nigerian immigrant father and a Wait Im PDF or nd generation Finnish mother With this background International awesomeness was soon to follow Rosi attended public schools in Cleveland Im a Zombie? Kindle Ò Ohio Richfield Minnesota and Washington DC and ultimately received a scholarship to attend Emerson Preparatory School In Dupont Circle Im a Zombie? Peaches series eBook ¸ graduating at R.

8 thoughts on “Wait Im a Zombie? Peaches series Book 3

  1. Kellie Kellie says:

    After leaving reviews for the first 2 books I felt it only fair to leave one for this toI still found the book funny and adore Peaches with her sassy attitudeI thought book 3 would tie up all the loose ends but it didn't I don't know if the author intends to add to this series? there was to many uestions left to end the story here surelymy main reason I hope Rosi does add is because when I person takes the time to read your book and really enjoyed it enough to leave a review then that author shouldn't want to leave their readers hanging and thinking well that was a waste of time reading to be left not knowing what happens nextI thought I'd worked out how the book was going to end I thought Peaches was going to fall asleep and wake up in hospital with everything being a dream from maybe banging her head when she first fell in book onethat way at least the book has a definite endingpersonally I want to know what happens next I want to know what peaches actually is and what that mean for her lifethere is just so much that can be addedplease let me know if you plan to add to this so to finally end the series RosiI think you are a creative writer and I hope you continue to write books because I'd read them

  2. Janell Janell says:

    Another great installment to this series Keep them coming please

  3. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    What the hell? How is it possible that these novelettes get better each time? Isn't there supposed to be a drop off or something I mean how the hell do you take Peaches from turning on her heals at the site of her boyfriend in a compromising position in book one take her through bat guano in book two to having her threaten hulking scary dudes disrespecting her in book three? She's grown so much and in like what days? Her life is frenetic but no matter how frenetic she still manages to be peaches I mean a walk about that isn't really? And the constant surprises with deaths that I just don't see coming honestly just awesome But damnit book 4 isn't out yet Where's book 4 you're killing me I mean I read these in a weekend

  4. Paige Paige says:

    I gave the other Peaches books five stars but she just wasn't as funny in this one and she annoyed me a bit with her refusal to trust Bane Clearly no one is going to know how to deal with Vampires better than another Vampire Also on a little aside I was slightly bothered that than was used when it should have been then It didn't detract from the book much I'm not going to say it didn't detract at all because it was like eating a sandwich at the beach and discovering actual sand on the last bite

  5. Marie Yule Marie Yule says:

    Peaches never fails to amaze me such random yet highly hilarious thoughts Although her and Bane don't have the most usual relationship they seem to work so well together and I really enjoy reading what happens next

  6. Delina Delina says:

    Just plain funny

  7. Tami Tami says:

    Sorry no disney world Didn't see that one comin' lol The author is so talented and funny you can just fly through the pages

  8. Ariol Ariol says:

    Ehhnot as great as the other two but still read it all the way threw seems like everything ison repeat

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