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  1. Jeremy Michael Gallen Jeremy Michael Gallen says:

    Author Gwyneth Jane Page dedicates this children’s tale to her children and acknowledges individuals such as Robert Wiersema for getting her started Ashley Patton for computer assistance and others for self publishing aid Preceding the main text is an illustration of a globe with a distorted view of North America which is the setting of the story from rodent protagonist PJ’s perspective The narrative itself opens with the titular mouse falling into a puddle the initial illustration depicting him under a bench while drenched having plummeted from a girl’s bag Fortunately PJ is discovered by a girl named Emily and her mother and taken home to get cleaned upAfter PJ becomes tidy he learns of his savior family’s trip across Canada with illustrations depicting a truck with a trailer Occasionally peppered in the text are tidbits about the various locales the family and their mouse companion visit including the Rocky Mountains the family visiting a glacier in the mountain range as well several images depicting PJ plummeting into a chasm and supposedly rescued by tape though in the accompanying picture it looks like a belt They visit the Canadian prairies go swimming in a lake and proceed to Niagara Falls with pictures denoting PJ floating up with manmade bubbles before plummetingThe clan’s next destination is uebec visiting an old uarter of uebec City with occasional French phrases thrown in the trip to Canada’s opposite coast ended in Nova Scotia When they return home to Victoria British Columbia several images of flowers and one of fireworks end their trip with a concluding encounter by PJ with the family cat Despite the occasional visual incongruities this is an enjoyable children’s book that younger audiences will likely eat up and is mildly educational as well always a plus for youth literature The book would receive a seuel with others in the work too

  2. Jana at Jana at says:

    I love books about travel but I particularly love children’s travel books because they open young minds to other countries and cultures While Canada is not at all far away from those of us in the USA this book transports you there and takes you on an exciting adventure PJ is a very cute mouse who comes to life with the sweet childlike illustrations filled with color The book is laid out in easy to manage chapters so struggling readers do not have to worry about taking on too much at one timePJ has a very sweet voice and I loved reading his thoughts and dialogue He says some funny things I love the magical moment when he is found by Emily wet and soggy under a park bench She heard his cries for help when no grown ups could and she can talk to him when nobody else can This book is filled with complex vocabulary words which will create wonderful learning experiences for children especially if their parent is reading with them and can further explain the concepts behind these words Emily gets to explain to PJ what the word “conceited” means and she explained it in a way that children will understand and absorb He also learns what a fifth wheel is as well as a glacier The two have wonderful experiences together and their excitement is infectious Readers will learn how long and tall the Rocky Mountains are that snow lasts in very high elevations even during the summertime what a crevasse is what it’s like swimming in salt water waterfalls and erosion some French words a little history that it’s ok to be short and PJ gets into some sticky situations but always come out learning from themAll in all I really enjoyed this cute educational story and think it would be a wonderful way to teach youngsters a little something while having fun at the same timeFind this review and many at That Artsy Reader Girl

  3. LAWonder10 LAWonder10 says:

    The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse begins in Book One in Canada Forlorn and alone PJ cried for help When all seemed in vain a young girl Emily heard him She discovered him and pleaded with her mother to let her keep him The mother decided she could clean him up and allow Emily to keep himPJ was not an ordinary mouseHe was unlike any mouse you have ever known except maybe Mickey Mouse He was but a small stuffed toy that talked Emily could hear him and a few others too Perhaps if you'd have known him you could have heard him tooJoin PJ's fresh new adventures to the Rocky Mountain glacier Niagra Falls Little Manitou uebec City and other Canadian place of interest as he travels with Emily and her family experiencing amazing adventures and making new friendsThis story is very educational in geography and Key words are emphasized aiding the child in word association and vocabulary This is a great chapter book for early readers The watercolor illustrations by Megan Elizabeth are simple yet effectiveThe Title and Book Cover is clever eye catching and depicts the story wellThe only problem I have is the Characters seem slightly juvenile in comparison to the textMost children 5 to nine years of age will delight in this new seriesI was sent this book in exchange for an honest review of which I have given

  4. Sara Strand Sara Strand says:

    First let's talk about the illustrations Jackson pointed out that they look like someone colored them in with colored pencil and he really enjoyed that Also the illustrations really complimented the text itself which sometimes in chapter books for kids they are mostly just little doodles with no real point to them These definitely go with the story and make it a fun read The story itself was pretty adorable We start off by meeting PJ Mouse he isn't a real mouse but rather a stuffed little mouse who fell out of a bag and into a puddle Everyone walks by him except for Emily who spots the poor little mouse soaking wet and cold Emily's mother agrees that they can bring him home and that's the beginning of his grand adventure In book one PJ visits lots of places in Canada such as Niagara Falls and uebec City But he also visits a glacier and the ocean floor which was Jackson's favorite chapter The only thing Jackson didn't like is some of the wording or how things are phrased are a bit different than what he's used to but that's on account that the author studied and lived in several places around the world If anything it was a fun way to explore how students learn different ways to say something in English depending on where you are

  5. Stephanie Ward Stephanie Ward says:

    In PJ Mouse’s very first adventure we meet this delightful little stuffed animal under a park bench Fortunately he is found by the lovely Emily who brings him along on family vacations PJ's first destination? A drive across Canada From well known attractions like Niagara Falls to the stunning Butchart Gardens PJ Mouse zigzags through incredible Canadian scenery and even learns a few words of French in uebec With a knack for getting into dangerous predicaments PJ Mouse gives children uniue experiences in each place and often meets a native animal friend The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse in Canada is a wonderful book to introduce children to the concept of travel experiencing new places and meeting new people The lovely illustrations are colorful and perfectly compliment the story I really enjoyed the story and learning tidbits about Canada as I traveled along with PJ The perfect gift for any child who plans to visit Canada Definitely recommendedI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  6. Christy Christy says:

    PJ Mouse is the perfect little friend to accompany Emily on her trips with her family In this first book they travel through Canada in a fifth wheel I’ve always wanted to travel the country like that though I’m not sure how much of a camper I am I think it would just be such a great adventure This book proves that it is I especially love their visit to uebecThe characters are sweet and I loved the illustrations that bring these stories to life The text is easy to read and your child will also learn about Canada in a fun way They’ll learn things without it actually feel like learning That is the best way to learn I definitely recommend this book for the children in your lives

  7. Laura Laura says:

    In which we hear how PJ a very small mouse comes to live and travel with Emily and her family Despite being a stuffed toy PJ becomes a valued part of the family and asks wonderful uestions Adults as well as children will learn and have fun sharing this bookIn each wonderfully illustrated chapter PJ has an adventure as his new family travels across Canada Each time he is afraid or gets into trouble Emily comes to his rescue Her brother also helps and is very nice to his little sister and PJI received this book in exchange for an unbiased reviewI truly enjoyed it and look forward to of PJ's adventures

  8. Jarod Pierce Jarod Pierce says:

    I received this book for free in a Goodreads giveaway and I'm so glad I entered to win This book was the perfect gift for my little nephew and I loved reading it to him Also he said he wished he had his own PJ Mouse so I might just be getting him the actually stuffed animal from for a christmas gift Great job Jane 5 STARS

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Full review will come on blog tour but this is an adorable children's book with very adorable illustrations Thank you for Ireadbooktours for providing me a copy of the book

  10. Tonja Drecker Tonja Drecker says:

    This is the story of a cute little mouse named PJ and his adventures this time in Canada PJ is a small stuffed animal who falls out of a bag into a puddle but the owner doesn't notice leaving him stranded all alone in a big world The beginning definitely catches the attention and makes the reader feel sorry for PJ My daughter and I both wanted to take him home Luckily a little girl and her mother pop by and grab him up Not only is it sweet to read the tale from a stuffed mouse's view point but the author did a great job in keeping the world around PJ really in a perspective that was fitting to him everything big and new Of course he talks This threw my daughter for a loop 8 although I'm not sure why especially since the little girl speaks back to him I found the exchanges very fitting for the age group and enjoyed their relationshipThis isn't only a story about a mouse's adventures but incorporates information about Canadian sights At times I found the explanations a little heavy too many and there were a couple moments where it felt as if the reader was being talked down to In general I enjoyed the information being brought over in this way and readers get a nice glance at Canada's vastness and variety Even 'larger' or unfamiliar vocabulary was explained which is nice to an extent I caught my daughter drifting away at times Hence I'd rather give this 35 stars but will be rounding upPJ is a sweet mouse and a character kids can easily sympathize with He has a good heart is very curious and gets himself into precarious situations The illustrations that go with it are done by the author's daughter Although simple they fit the story nicely My daughter and I both enjoyed them Summed up this is a cute way to help introduce younger readers to the world This isn't a fast paced adventure but rather takes a calmer stride I suggest it as a read aloud since I'm not sure it will hold first reader's attention Plus young readers will have uestions and reading it aloud allows the parents to help with answers right away But PJ mouse is uiet the characterthe kind you want to pick up and snugglewith a warm heart and the curiosity to discover everything around himI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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In Canada (The Travel Adventures of Pj Mouse #1) ✸ In Canada (The Travel Adventures of Pj Mouse #1) Books ⚦ Author Gwyneth Jane Page – 'The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse In Canada' follows the tales of PJ Mouse PJ is an adorable little stuffed animal who is lost and alone until young Emily hears his cries for help Now along with his 'The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse In Canada' follows the tales of PJ Mouse PJ is an adorable little stuffed animal who is lost and alone until young Emily hears his cries for help Now along with his new family PJ gets to travel the world—discovering exciting new places and people along the wayCome join PJ on his first adventure across Canada as he hikes on a glacier in the Rockies finds a salt lake in the prairies and walks on the ocean floor in Nova Scotia With plenty of full colour illustrations and funny comments about interesting facts children are sure to find adorable little PJ not only entertaining but also educationalAs well children can get their very own PJ Mouse stuffed animal character along with his passport and stickers As you travel the world with PJ Mouse whether it be in reality or vicariously you can stamp your passport with the stickers provided as you explore each new place.

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