Grammar for Fiction Writers Busy Writers Guides #5 Epub

10 thoughts on “Grammar for Fiction Writers Busy Writers Guides #5

  1. Ravi Prakash Ravi Prakash says:

    Not all but some were really useful points Anyone in fiction writing business can read this and I am sure he will like it

  2. Randy Tramp Randy Tramp says:

    Grammar for Fiction Writer’s by Marcy KennedyI took my time in reading this book A page or two each day to get the full understanding I found a lot of information that helped me in my writing From grammar rules to special challenges for fiction writers such as myself I was enriched It was nice to review the punctuation basics I recommend this book for any serious writer

  3. Ally Cabella Ally Cabella says:

    Great addition to reference shelfI bought three other books in this series and got this one as an afterthought I decided it would be a good idea to refresh my grammar skills The book gives clear examples It also covers the gray areas when writers can get away with breaking the rules and when they can't Just like the other books a link to a downloadable checklist is provided for printing out One thing I've noticed about formatting is that many of the underlined bolder or italicized examples didn't appear correctly in my kindle for iPad app I do not have an actual kindle to see if it was an app problem or something with the file itself However it was not distracting enough to make the examples unclear to me

  4. Navneet Kaur Navneet Kaur says:

    This is a good book for starters There were some things that I knew instinctively but with this book I got a name for them and reason behind them Some parts were pretty detailed sprinkled with funny comments to not make the book a boring slab of rules; But I actually ended up being confused about the hyphen rule I really wish the author had given a few examples especially considering that we read complicated descriptions in the style guidesMy most favorite part was of Dangling participles and Misplaced modifiers What an AMAZING point to make I've read many grammar books but this one is the best for me But overall I'm one satisfied reader Great way to explain really great examples some great things pointed out I'm sold

  5. Amy Amy says:

    Great refresher for any writer I recommend it

  6. Courtney Courtney says:

    A great reference book I especially used the lists of crutch words weasel words helping verbs and weak words The take it to the page sections were also very helpful Overall a great resource

  7. Daniel B-G Daniel B-G says:

    Probably one of the weaker books I've read on style

  8. Mohamed El-Mahallawy Mohamed El-Mahallawy says:


  9. J.Paul Thunders J.Paul Thunders says:

    good reminder of the grammar rules that I've forgotten since finishing high school eons ago

  10. Brahim Elboukhari Brahim Elboukhari says:

    This is a nice book for fiction writers as the title suggests I just want her to stop picking at high school teachers because not all of them have the same ideas but the book is too the pooint

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Grammar for Fiction Writers Busy Writers Guides #5 ➾ [Download] ➾ Grammar for Fiction Writers Busy Writers Guides #5 By Marcy Kennedy ➳ – Not your same old boring grammar guide This book is fun fast and focused on writing amazing fiction The world of grammar is huge but fiction writers don’t need to know all the nuances to write well Not your same old boring grammar Fiction Writers MOBI ò guide This book is fun fast and focused on writing amazing fiction The world of grammar is huge but fiction writers Grammar for eBook ´ don’t need to know all the nuances to write well In fact some of the rules you were taught in English class will actually hurt your fiction writing for Fiction Writers Epub Þ not help it Grammar for Fiction Writers won’t teach you things you don’t need to know It’s all about the grammar that’s relevant to you as you write for Fiction Writers Busy Writers ePUB ´ your novels and short stories Here’s what you’ll find inside • Punctuation Basics including the special uses of dashes and ellipses in fiction common comma problems how to format your dialogue and untangling possessives and contractions • Knowing What Your Words Mean and What They Don’t including commonly confused words imaginary words and phrases how to catch and strengthen weak words and using connotation and denotation to add powerful subtext to your writing • Grammar Rules Every Writer Needs to Know and Follow such as maintaining an active voice and making the best use of all the tenses for fast paced writing that feels immediate and draws the reader in • Special Challenges for Fiction Writers like reversing cause and effect characters who are unintentionally doing the impossible and orphaned dialogue and pronouns • Grammar “Rules” You Can Safely Ignore When for Fiction Writers Busy Writers ePUB ´ Writing Fiction Each book in the Busy Writer’s Guides series is intended to give you enough theory so that you can understand why things work and why they don’t but also enough examples to see how that theory looks in practice In addition they provide tips and exercises to help you take it to the pages of your own story with an editor's eye view Most importantly they cut the fluff so you have time to write and to live your life.