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  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Clay Water Brick
  • Jessica Jackley
  • 04 September 2015
  • 9780679643760

10 thoughts on “Clay Water Brick

  1. Jesse Fowler Jesse Fowler says:

    I received the book for free through Goodreads First ReadsSince my girlfriend is a non profiteer I handed this off to her She read it in one day Below is her review of the bookThe first thing that I did after reading this book is add money to my Kiva portfolio The second thing I did was brainstorm new ways to get my art out to the world Jessica Jackson has provided a series of stories about how she came to co found Kiva and went on to co found ProFounder interspersed with stories about small entrepreneurs who inspired her and advice about how readers can live with the courage and impact of entrepreneurs Jackson has lead and exciting life filled with risk taking and courage Her story is informative and inspiring The book does an excellent job of telling her story The least effective aspect of the book are the stories of the entrepreneurs They are sketched broadly and its hard feel really inspired by their stories In one case she describes the owner of a candy store whose goal is to “spreading pure aloha” above selling shaved ice It is never clear how the shop owner does this or what that really means The owner’s success is described as building one of the most loyal and enthusiastic communities Ms Jackson has ever seen however it is hard for me to get excited about people loyally eat sweets That being said the entrepreneurs stories mainly serve to introduce life lessons that Jackson has found useful in her pursuit of a meaningful life that seeks to support entrepreneurs and reduce poverty In this they serve their purpose and Jackson’s life lessons are indeed valuable and inspirational The book is a very uick read It leaves with the message that one should be courageous take risks and dedicate one’s time to meaningful pursuits All very good advice So the takeaway is that if you read this book be prepared to make micro loans

  2. Norman Matos Norman Matos says:

    Decent pick me up for the self doubting

  3. Gabriel Gabriel says:

    Melhor livro ue li no ano até agora A história da Jessica Jackley fundadora da Kiva é inspiradora Recomendo demaisDois trechos bem marcantesOur collective ability to do this to walk alongside each other in hope will pave our future Individually what matters most in creating this future is that we each believe in our own potential to live entrepreneurially By that I mean to love courageously To pursue opportunity and possibility where others see none To enact positive change for the world in the ways that we believe the most Collectively what matters most is that we honor encourage respect and support one another in those journeys We must expect great things from one another We must insist on hope Choose not to focus on the lack the hurt the poverty or the brokenness that we all know exists Choose to see potential and possibility Choose to see opportunity Choose to see strength Choose too see strong smart hardworking entrepreneurs even in unexpected places Look for them Learn from them Cheer them on Support them however you can And most important let them inspire youthey refused to be held back by what they did not have or by what they didn't know or by what they couldn't control They knew that their success as entrepreneurs hinged not on what they had but on which actions they decided to take along the way in their journeys They focused on their abilities to move forward despite whatever disadvantages risks or barriers stood in their wayTo take a big leap there will come a point when your feet have to leave things behind You will have to swap the smaller safer bets for a larger less certain chance at reaching your greater goals

  4. Sue Sue says:

    To illustrate various principles of how to live as an entrepreneur she uses cases of individuals around the world that have developed their own businesses out of what they were dealt From the young man who made bricks from literally the ground beneath his feet to the woman who developed wheelchairs because of the special needs of her own daughter From the woman who specialized in selling bananas to the seamstress who tailored each garment to the wearer Out of each of these comes a business principle which she then develops from her own experiences She can speak to each of these because of her own business experience with various start ups I think the format is a good one and the principles can be applied to life in general not just for those seeking to start their own business I found this as I was browsing as the library one day recently I wish she had spent some time explaining the business terms Some I was familiar with but others I had to pick up from context

  5. Stan Lee Stan Lee says:

    While this book included Kiva ProFounder and numerous other African women entrepreneur's stories it is really a memoir of the author Jessica Jackley At about the half way point I found myself pulling away from the book and disliking it and It felt like an advertisement for Kiva and ProFounder at times but it's clear towards the end that this book was written as a silent wish to encourage entrepreneurs While I admired the emotional candor and the transparency in the author's writing it did not strike me as particularly insightful or beyond It was a readable book with a decent structure and some good insightsI would encourage those to read this book if you're curious about the life of the authorsocial entrepreneur

  6. Terra Fletcher Terra Fletcher says:

    I appreciate the author's ability to use stories in a nonfiction book She really enhances the book's ability to motivate by illustrating how an entrepreneur can be successful not just telling but showing She illustrates how to say no realize your potential break through plateaus and keep moving on to the next adventure There were parts that felt disjointed because it isn't told chronologically Wait I thought her husband was Matt? Now it's Reza? Overall a good read The most resonant uote to me is No amount of education will necessarily make you feel that you are ready to start something new I recommend this book to aspiring entrepreneurs

  7. Cybercrone Cybercrone says:

    I gave it 4 stars mainly because I like KIVA so much Hearing the story of its development was interestingThe stories of the entrepreneurs were kind of skimpy and the writing wasn't anything to phone home about And it was mainly the story of the author than anything elseAnd the price of the book is ridiculous I got it as a Christmas present but would surely not have put out that amount for so skimpy a book I think the publishers counted on making a killing from the gentle people with a couple extra bucks the kind of people who support KIVA

  8. Kat Kat says:

    A lot of good lessons businesschange maker lessons through both Jackley's experiences and those of the entrepreneurs she helps While the author obviously worked hard to set up the micro lending organization one of the most inspiring ideas behind micro lending is really that we don't have to dotraveldonate all that much to be able to significantly impact someone's life for the better Great book

  9. Rachel Rachel says:

    Very readable because it was broken up into short bits and piecesnuggets of wisdom and parts of her experience As a loyal Kiva supporter some of the history was interesting without being burdensome and textbookyCounted for the 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge as 37 A book you meant to read in 2017 but didn't get to

  10. Ana Tereza Vasconcellos Ana Tereza Vasconcellos says:

    InspiringVery transparent and human in the way she shares her life and others with the reader Inspiring to help us in the search of our purpose and the way we can contribute to the world becoming a better place to live in

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Clay Water Brick❂ [EPUB] ✺ Clay Water Brick By Jessica Jackley ➛ – In the tradition of Kabul Beauty School and Start Something That Matters comes an inspiring story of social entrepreneurship from the co founder of Kiva the first online microlending platform for the In the tradition of Kabul Beauty School and Start Something That Matters comes an inspiring story of social entrepreneurship from the co founder of Kiva the first online microlending platform for the working poor Featuring lessons learned from successful businesses in the world's poorest countries Jessica Jackley's Clay Water Brick will motivate readers to deeply appreciate the incredible entrepreneurial potential that exists in every human being on this planet especially themselvesThe heart of entrepreneurship is never about what we have It's about what Clay Water Kindle - we do Meet Patrick who had next to nothing and started a thriving business using just the ground beneath his feet Blessing who built her shop right in the middle of the road refusing to take the chance that her customers might pass her by Constance who cornered the banana market in her African village with her big personality and sense of missionPatrick Blessing Constance and many others are among the poorest of the world's poor And yet they each had crucial lessons to teach Jessica Jackley lessons about resilience creativity perseverance and above all entrepreneurshipFor as long as she could remember Jackley the co founder of the revolutionary microlending site Kiva had a singular and urgent ambition to help alleviate global poverty While in her twenties she set off for Africa to finally meet the people she had long dreamed of helping The insights of those she met changed her understanding Today she believes that many of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the world are not focused on high tech ventures or making a lot of money; instead they wake up every day and build better lives for themselves their families and their communities regardless of the things they lack or the obstacles they encounter As Jackley puts it The greatest entrepreneurs succeed not because of what they possess but because of what they are determined to doIn Clay Water Brick Jackley challenges readers to embrace entrepreneurship as a powerful force for change in the world She shares her own story of founding Kiva with little than a laptop and a dream and the stories and the lessons she has learned from those across the globe who are doing the most with the leastPraise for Clay Water Brick Jessica Jackley didn't wait for permission to change the world she just did it It turns out that you can too Seth Godin author of What to Do When It's Your Turn Fascinating gripping bursting with lessons Jessica Jackley has written a remarkable book so thoroughly well meaning and engagingly put it is too magnetic to put down Financial Times Clay Water Brick is a tremendously inspiring read Jessica Jackley the virtuoso co founder of the revolutionary microlending platform Kiva shares uplifting stories and compelling lessons on entrepreneurship resilience and character Adam Grant author of Give and TakeA blueprint for anyone who wants to make the world a better place and find fulfillment in the process no matter how scarce their resources or how steep the challenge Arianna HuffingtonThis book is inspirational And honest and practical Well written thoughtful a selfless account of how to succeed by doing right and following your heart Booklist.