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Death Takes a Lover (DS Billings Victorian Mysteries #0.5) ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Death Takes a Lover (DS Billings Victorian Mysteries #0.5) Author Olivier Bosman – The year is 1888 Detective Sergeant John Billings has been sent to a remote house in the Yorkshire Moors to investigate the suspicious death of Roger Thornton a young man who seemed to have everything The year is Detective Sergeant John Billings has been sent to a remote house in the Yorkshire Moors to investigate the suspicious death of Roger Thornton a young man Death Takes MOBI :º who seemed to have everything to live for He gets a frosty reception from the lady of the house and her rag tag collection of domestic staff who try to put him off the scent but as Billings delves deeper into their lives he uncovers hidden passions bitter rivalries and a truth so dark and sinister it will shock you to the core Fusing Gothic romanticism and fin de siecle melodrama 'Death Takes A Lover' is a chilling entry into a world which some may not want to enter but if you do don't say you haven't been warned.

About the Author: Olivier Bosman

Born to Dutch parents and raised in Colombia and England I am a rootless wanderer with itchy feet I've spent the last few years living and working in The Netherlands Death Takes MOBI :º Czech Republic Sudan and Bulgaria but I have every confidence that I will now finally be able to settle down among the olive groves of Andalucia I'm an avid reader and film fan and I have an MA in creative writing for film and t.

10 thoughts on “Death Takes a Lover (DS Billings Victorian Mysteries #0.5)

  1. Sofia Sofia says:

    I think I found someone I want to follow a bit Billings is an interesting character who I want to see ofWhilst this book introduces us to him it also poses uestions such as does the finding out of the truth and making it know to all serve a purpose in all cases This is a uestion I think Billings has even in view of other truth he has kept secret What would be the result of these secrets truths are out Will that serve any purpose

  2. Juxian Juxian says:

    35 starsuite a pleasant historical mystery Short and interesting You can't guess who did it in the middle of the book because you actually don't know what exactly happened And the secrets revealed were dark and shocking enough The main character Billings was very intriguing struggling with his drug addiction and his homosexuality I think I'm going to read the next book

  3. Jax Jax says:

    Hmm The writing was very good But this had such a gloomy claustrophobic feel that I can't decide whether to go on to the next book I would like to see Billings on his own turf and interacting with people But I'll probably wait until things aren't so gloomy and claustrophobic in real life

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    111619 Currently FREE via

  5. Ken Cook Ken Cook says:

    The Moors of YorkshireLate nineteenth century Scotland Yard investigation send the recurring character DS Billings north As he seeks to unravel the story the author colors in the cast in the stone mansion The settings of the class structured household are painted well and complement wellAs I am a gatherer of books I collect books and ebooks from a variety of sources Goodreads wins Bookhub BookFunnel emails from authors and publishers and others I do lose track of their sources But as a reader I feel I should give an honest unencumbered review for all I read 

  6. Misty Misty says:

    45 Stars A deliciously sordid Victorian Mystery It's a great start for a series This is gay fiction not romance The novella focuses on the investigation and Detective Sergeant John Billings happens to be gay This is a man who wrestles a great deal with his inner demons and it's very well done Going to read book 2

  7. Buttercupp77 Buttercupp77 says:

    This novella is a preuel to the DS Billings series which is a gritty Victorian police procedural featuring a morphine addicted homosexual police officer struggling with his demons while doing his best at his jobWe are introduced to John Billings as he has traveled to the countryside to investigate a suspicious death A reclusive widow her adopted daughter and their few household staff were the only people present when the young man died and Billings uickly realises that everyone is hiding somethingI had previously read the first full length novel in the series so I had expected the vivid world building excellent character building and a gritty and bleak tone I was not disappointed While this is not the sort of world I would feel comfortable inhabiting often I feel that it does an excellent job of capturing what lived experience during the period would have been for the majority of peopleWhile this isn't a light or especially pleasant read owing to conditions within society the author brings it to life brilliantly and I'm very eager to continue following the seriesI received a copy of this story through the author

  8. Suze Suze says:

    A little taster I think 35We get introduced to Billings but uestions remain than answers so hoping we will get to know him in the subseuent storiesA kind of closed room mystery who killed Roger when only 5 other people in the houseIt is 1880’s so use of drugs is somewhat accepted but homosexuality is not The class divides are massive even isolated on the Yorkshire Moors The ‘gentry’ feel they are above the law And the treatment of those with mental health issues is inhumanBillings gets to the bottom of Roger’s death but the house is definitely a mad house in that they all covered up Mrs Thornton’s bizarre reuest and that likely sent Gracie further into madness

  9. Allison Allison says:

    I don't know Everyone every single character was miserable in every way The MC was basically useless because his addiction was running him so hard I was really hoping that this would be a new series I could get involved with but I don't know if I want to read five books about desperately unhappy people The writing is good but that's not enough to keep me reading

  10. Susan Susan says:

    1888 Detective Sergeant John Billings has been sent to Hammerock House the home of the Thorntons in Yorkshire There he is to investigate the suspicious death of the son Roger ThorntonAn enjoyable well written mystery

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