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Heart of Thunder [PDF / Epub] ☆ Heart of Thunder By Jenny Glazebrook – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Beauty Clements hates her name In fact she hates just about everything and everyone When she is sent to live with her brother Blaze she does everything she can to cause trouble Bound up in bitterness Beauty Clements hates her name In fact she hates just about everything and everyone When she is sent to live with her brother Blaze she does everything she can to cause trouble Bound up in bitterness and guilt she can't see any way free of the pain that drives her Is it possible for Blaze to get through to her And is there any way to undo the damage Beauty has caused and show her that God's love and forgiveness is powerful than anything Heart of eBook î she has done in her past.

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  1. Anne Hamilton Anne Hamilton says:

    The main story is about Beauty Clements a troubled teen whose mother died when she was born At least that's the character 'heart of thunder' refers to However this thread tends to be overshadowed much of the time by the ups and downs of the romance between her older brother Blaze and her friend Bonnie BlakeBeauty is known as 'the cat' at her school for her vicious tongue and the way she occasionally lashes out with violence Behind her sneers and difficult behaviour is a girl convinced she's a murderer It's not just that her mother died in childbirth it's that Blaze nearly died of tetanus because of her Bonnie nearly died in a fire trying to save horses when Beauty was too scared to help her own horse Monty has died in an accident which claimed the life of a little boy all because she wasn't paying attention Beauty is eaten up with guilt But she's not going to let anyone know how vulnerable she is Sent to live with her brother Blaze now a youth minister in a church she mocks him at every turn And jealous of the love between him and Bonnie tries to undermine it with provocative but totally insightful commentsBut Blaze has his own problems A young man commits suicide and Blaze blames himself for not giving the youth the time he needed Instead he was out proposing to Bonnie Consumed by guilt Blaze becomes obsessed with never turning down a cry for help ever again Soon his relationship with Bonnie is stretched to breaking pointAs usual in Jenny Glazebrook's stories the characters always carry with them a cloak of innocence doesn't matter what they've been up to The sweetness and gentleness of their inner nature is apparentI would have liked the tiny but significant thread with Alex Goldsmith to have been given prominence Perhaps another book?

  2. Adele Jones Adele Jones says:

    Heart of Thunder tells the faith journey of Beauty Clements a broken young woman struggling with deep pain and guilt Beauty is the sister of Blaze Clements and their other ex circus performing siblings Her story interweaves with the continuing story of Blaze and his sweetheart Bonnie as Beauty is forced into their world when her father decides he can no longer deal with her brooding then explosive anger after the loss of her beloved horse Monty Blaze seems to have it all together and an answer for everything making Beauty feel preached at and even antagonistic Prone to raging fits intended to strike anyone nearby the girl her school mates call 'the cat' then discovers further distractions in the way of alcohol and boysInitially she sets out to merely defy her brother and taunt his self righteous piety but when tragedy rips Blaze’s world apart his downfall fuels her rebellion as she discovers he is far from perfect In fact he seems blind to his own self destruction which fills a significant portion of the story Only when confronted by the serious conseuences of her choices by the school clown does Beauty who by this time is hiding behind her fake name Amy realise there might be to her brother’s faith than she has previously entertained – and to her own pain tooHer fresh insight shocks Blaze but nothing seems able to stop his self imposed burnout Blaze has let go of all he loves as penance for his perceived failure to protect one of the young men from his youth group from a fatal accident Yet he overlooks the lives he has touched without even trying Beauty adds her voice to help him realise he’s missing the point But her brother won’t listen A crossing of paths with a stranger finally brings Blaze undone Only then does he begin to see his HEA may not be so far from reach and that maybe he’s allowed some good things in his lifeThis story is written with a strong redemptive element You gain a sense the author writes from a place of understanding and is no stranger to life’s challenges and pain but in exploring these deeper issues reveals an earnest compassion to see healing for hurting hearts This is evident in the spiritual journeys of the Clements clan who are a bunch of uniue characters you can’t help but get attached toA smidge under 4 stars

  3. Kayla Kayla says:

    amazingbest book ever

  4. Christine Dillon Christine Dillon says:

    Good book for teens to read about anger and unresolved issues and how they wreak havoc For teens who love horses Would be a good one for their parents to read too and discuss the issues with their children

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