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Strange but True [Read] ➳ Strange but True Author Monica-Maria Stapelberg – Why do we • Christen ships and sailing vessels or refer to them as ‘she’ • Avoid the number thirteen breaking mirrors or walking under ladders • Use the phrase having a ‘skeleton in the cu Why do we • Christen ships and sailing vessels or refer to them as ‘she’ • Avoid the number thirteen breaking mirrors or walking under ladders • Use the phrase having Strange but ePUB ´ a ‘skeleton in the cupboard’ • Dress baby boys in blue speak of ‘true blue’ or ‘blue blooded’ • Decorate the Christmas Tree or eat Easter Eggs • Kiss under the mistletoe or 'trick or treat’ on Halloween In this easy to read book – a revised and updated re publication of her previous book Curious and Curiouser – author lecturer and public speaker Dr Monica Maria Stapelberg shares the results of her many years of research to uncover the historical background behind numerous commonly held beliefs and traditions These range from general popular beliefs to the specific and enlightening traditions of western culture Strange but True also brings to light how many of our day to day words phrases and actions are anchored in past ritual or sacrificial observances or simply based on fearful superstitious notions This book is a must read for a curious mind ABOUT THE AUTHORDr Monica Maria Stapelberg has been employed at various universities for many years as a lecturer in history of literature as well as medieval languages medieval history and cultural studies Since retiring from academia she has had two books published both aimed at the popular market Monica lives on the east coast of Australia with her family.

10 thoughts on “Strange but True

  1. Deb Hickenbottom Deb Hickenbottom says:

    I generally love these types of books This one was very dry and nothing really stuck with me

  2. Evija Evija says:

    I received this book for free from librarythingcom giveawayI struggled with the book for uite some time Wouldn't that be for the giveaway and wouldn't I promised to myself to read every book which I receive for review I would have gotten rid of it for good a long time ago So I kept moving on step by step but it wasn't an easy journey for sureAt first the book sounded promising and I thougt to myself that those first pages were just an introduction because I really liked the idea of the book And I still do I think it's very interesting to get behind superstions and beliefs and find out where are legs growing fromTo my great disappontment the story didn't evolve at all and led to nothing The book was just loaded with whole bunch of statements but didn't get deeper than that There were just some sentences about each of the topics Besides they were repetitiveI would really like to know about the most of the topics which were presented in the book and I think at least some of them deserve seperate book Unfortunately the way they were presented make the book look like table of contents for some other book

  3. Deborah Deborah says:

    I'm glad this was free from Nook book Fridays An internet search is entertaining and will keep you awake

  4. Judith Judith says:

    Good reference book to add anecdotes to speeches or papers but pretty haphazard and boring just to read through

  5. Tim B Tim B says:

    lots of interesting little facts about traditions and superstitions that I found interesting

  6. Glen Glen says:

    A book detailing the origins of common superstitions I found it rather shallow There are many better books of this typeStill you might learn something or get some sort of story idea from it

  7. Barbara Huskey Barbara Huskey says:

    Educational and many interesting facts and historical information given I would have rated it higher but there were also dry boring and repetitive parts as well

  8. Mona Lisa Mona Lisa says:

    Very interesting book An excellent resource for beliefs sayings and traditions we use everyday but have no idea from where they came

  9. Karen Karen says:

    it was a good overview but did not go into enough depth

  10. Betty Mare Betty Mare says:

    Interesting book I learned a lot from it

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