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Finding Your Hero ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Finding Your Hero Author A.J. Kelton – Real estate mogul Roman Janiko believed weakness was something to be exploited He made his millions doing just that but now he was beginning to wonder if there was any good left in him Chris was on th Real estate mogul Roman Janiko believed weakness was something to be exploited He made his millions doing just that but now he was beginning to wonder if there was any good left in him Chris was on the run from an abusive boyfriend who would do whatever it took to get back what he believed was his Looking for a place to hide he stumbles straight into Roman’s arms Something about the sassy attitude Finding Your PDF \ stirs something within Roman that he had thought he'd lost but it’s going to take than words to show Chris he has found his hero.

9 thoughts on “Finding Your Hero

  1. Candice Candice says:

    25 StarsThis was good until Roman started lying to Chris Then it went downhill for me If he would have told the truth I would have rated this higher

  2. Cocktails and Books Cocktails and Books says:

    25 CocktailsI wasn't crazy about Finding Your Hero I wanted to like it and while the subject matter is a little bit over done man on the run from abusive ex saved by another man the story still sounded like it had potential I usually love an incredibly wealthy hero and Roman was exactly that He was also ruthless and he was willing to run over anyone that got in his way This is why I thought it was a bit strange that when he happened upon a very beaten up Chris he changed into a caring man who was willing to take him to the hospital pay his bills and bring him to his place to recover Love at first site? Maybe I'm not sure I felt that the relationship between the two was rushed and I wasn't very vested in the characters There are a few exciting moments as the men who Chris has been trying to run from find him and try to take him back and you just know it would be certain death from him Roman comes riding in like a knight in shining armor but I didn't like the way he did it I'm trying very hard not to give anything away here but he did what he did and that was somewhat heroic but after it was done he lied to Chris about it Any relationship based on a lie THAT BIG is only my opinion here doomed to fail I'm also going to mention that there were absolutely no sex scenes in this book It's obvious that Roman and Chris are a couple They call each other Baby and they're very gentle with each other and that's pretty romantic However even though I'm not a complete sex hound I like to have my erotic romance have something erotic in it The excuse was that Chris was recovering from his surger and his horrible experiences at the hands of his abusers and I totally get that It just felt like there was something missing from Finding Your Hero and I think that at least one sex scene would have made the book seem completeThis book was not awful by any means I just thought it felt disjointed and the characters didn't feel very real to me If you go into Finding Your Hero aware that it isn't going to be a traditional manlove story you might enjoy it It just really wasn't my cup of tea Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books

  3. Debbie Debbie says:

    Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That RockFleeing from the boyfriend who kept him for years Chris finds himself on Roman's private beach Something calls to Roman to help the young man with broken fingers and a bleeding head wound what? he doesn't know but Chris soon becaomes a very important part of Roman's life When Chris' past turns up tp take him back Roman pulls out all the tops to prevent that from happeningThis was a good book a nice ish sort of book it just wasn't an awesome booksI've filed it on the over 18 shelf some of the abuse no ALL of the abuse Chris suffered warrants it Also Roman has some shady ideas about business and dealing with Chris' pastThere is surprisingly no sex between Chris and Roman although that might be that Chris is still suffering from the abuse alot of which was sexual and we get that her I cried Chris never finds out what Roman did and it makes me wonder do these guys have another book?? A second one thet takes us into their world?? Can't see one thoughIts only short about an hour's reading time not really a hangover cure though because of the subject matter and it's told from both Chris and Roman's POV so thats goodLike I said a good book just ot an awesome one35 starssame worded review appears on Goodreads com and couk

  4. Tina Tina says:

    Finding Your Hero by author AJ Kelton is a sweet tale of turning your life around after finding the right person Roman is a CEO ruthless one at that He is used to getting what he wants by any means necessary But he is finding also that his heart is being lost along the way Just when he thinks ice resides where his heart used to be he meets ChrisChris is running from his obsessed abusive boyfriend He has been raped hit abused and used He has a hard time with trusting anyone now So when Roman helps him and asks for nothing in return he cannot believe that Roman doesn’t have a catch to his kindnessWe soon learn both men can change Both for the better They are kind sweet and meant for each other There are some scenes referred to in this book that might not be for all readers But I found it added to the intensity of the storyWhen you want a romance with a little bit of edge and will make you believe in true love again this is the one to pick up

  5. Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie says:

    35 Starscopy provided by authorpublisher via N K Author Services in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a good premises and storyline but the story itself fell short Nothing about this book felt natural It all felt forced The characters didn't have a whole lot of chemistry Sometimes you just don't connect with a set of characters or a story and I just didn't connect at all It wasn't a terribly written story I just wasn't feeling it The characters were both likable The progression of their relationship was believable considering what Chris went through but the story was left unfinished with unresolved issues For everything the author tried to add into the book it was just too short It needed chapters or the flow needed to be fleshed out to make the story feel complete

  6. Dutchgirl Dutchgirl says:

    Chris is on the run from an abusive boyfriend and his friends Looking for a place to hide he stumbles straight into Roman’s arms So far so good the idea for this story is good but sadly i didn´t like it Chris is abused by his so called boyfriend and his friends for years when he escapes he meets Roman who will do anything to keep him safe And that´s were the story didn´t do it for me i can't tell you to much because that would be a spoiler but let's just say it turns out Roman although in the name of love and helpingis also a bit controlling and keeps thing from Chris In my opinion their relationship is also not eualThis story wasn't worth my time or money

  7. N. Kuhn N. Kuhn says:

    I received this book free in exchange for an honest reviewI thought this was a sweet romance It was an over done plot line and predictable But it was sweet I loved seeing Roman change My problem was Chris's character was under developed There wasn't much to like about them The story moved uickly and at times I felt lost as to how much time had passed I think if this story was beefed up a little bit with some better details and stronger character development it could be a 5 star read As it is it's just a sweet romance I did enjoy that it was a sweet MM romance instead of an overly erotic one

  8. Christina Wade - BFD Book Blog Christina Wade - BFD Book Blog says:

    2 25 stars this story had potential but never reached it the story was rushed and forced they both were likeable characters and with some development both the story and the characters this could be a great read

  9. Kat Kat says:

    25 stars

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