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Mug Cakes [Reading] ➿ Mug Cakes ➶ Mima Sinclair – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A delicious cake you make in a mug in a microwave in less than 10 minutes Yes it may sound crazy but it actually works and this latest baking craze is uickly catching on spreading across blogs Instagr A delicious cake you make in a mug in a microwave in less than minutes Yes it may sound crazy but it actually works and this latest baking craze is uickly catching on spreading across blogs Instagram and Pinterest with photographic proof of baking brilliance Fancy giving it a try Here is the definitive mug cake cookbook that will guarantee you success every time with fantastic foolproof recipes Covering everything from everyday classics carrot chocolate vanilla through special occasion fare birthday bonanza red velvet valentine black forest gateau to treats and puds choc fudge knickerbocker glory happy hour pina colada Irish cream and of course not forgetting low fat dairy free gluten free sugar free cakes to stop you from getting completely carried away So when you want after school snacks easy desserts uniue party nibbles or to treat yourself with a uick cup of tea make up a mug cake.

  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • Mug Cakes
  • Mima Sinclair
  • English
  • 23 September 2014

About the Author: Mima Sinclair

With a Scottish father born in Calcutta who lived in Italy and has a fine wine company and a Dutch mother who lived in Trinidad and thinks chocolate sprinkles are a suitable toast topping its a Dutch thing its no surprise that I have developed a keen interest in foods of the world and a rather sweet tooth After completing a photography degree I turned my interests to food styling Once traine.

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  1. karen karen says:

    WELCOME TO MARCH PROJECT PART ONE MARCH PROJECT IS OVERpart two can be found here THREE can be found here know it's crazy that this project took three review spaces but totally worth itreview starts NOWsince i never did bring dana's microwave to the salvation army i might as well use it to make mug cakes right? there are 40 recipes in here so i'll try to do one a day for science let's do thisCHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTERmisethis mug may have been too small and i forgot to put peanut butter on top under the nuts but for my first attempt at mug cookery i think it turned out pretty goodALMOND BERRY BREAKFAST MUGmiseagain mine doesn't look as pretty as the one in the book and the streusel 'topping' is now somewhere in the middlebut it's definitely tasty and prettier once you mix it up a bitbut it's not inexpensive at least this time of year 7 for 6 0z raspberries and 6 for 6 oz of blackberries plus 750 for freaking almond flour which was a pain to even findnext time i will just buy a mixed berry muffin and save myself the effortBLACKBERRY CAKEmisei wanted to use up the blackberries before they got all moldy so it's a little berry redundant but this time i got to use marzipan AND almond extract also there was a lot drama MUG TOO SMALL POOR BLOODY WENCHi had been warned and now i seebut it does look nice to any airplanes flying overheadand it was very delicious veryRASPBERRY AND PISTACHIO RICE CRISPIESmiseafter last night's overflow debacle i decided to go with a bigger vessel perhaps of a bowl than a mug but i'm learning my lessonsthis one is a sticky crispy chocolatey mess i added extra chocolate because yummug cake shark week rarrrrrBLUEBERRY MUFFINmiseoh no this againwhich is actually kind of perfectly appropriate for this mugbut at least the top came out prettyand it's what's inside that countsand by inside i mean inside my mouthtwo lessons learned keep an eye on stuff when it's in the microwave and CHOCOLATE BROWNIEmiseagain i overcompensated with a gigantic mugit was so deep i had to use the flash to even get a picture of the finished productfortunately it was so delicious i made a second round in a smaller mugvery rich and fudgy and fillingBANANA BREADmisei wasn't sure i was going to love this i already have a perfect banana bread recipe and it sure doesn't have any golden raisins in it but this one was good before frostingand afterand for airplanesi would eat this frosting on anything try meCHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIEmiseand there it isaerialthis mug is cute enough to reuire a round and round shot for ericaand one yum for the roadROCKY ROADmiselet the cuteness beginand the yumminessand the messinessaerialbitemaggiei had no idea there were raisins in rocky road weird but tasty sorry about the marshmallow waterfall foxyRAINBOW CAKEmisethis one poofed up like crazybut it was easily pushed back downaerialand now for the finishing touchta daa for hippie cakeTRIPLE CHOCOLATE CAKEmisethis one took FOUR mugsi hadn't read the recipe closely before i started and i thought it would only take two NLGM so i'd planned to use my two leonard cohen mugs because theme but then i realized this one had metallic accents so microwave not coolso i made the cake in the big leonard mug and used the other for making whipped creamwith this recipe you dump the cake out of the mugit looks dry here but it was crazy moist and delicious and then GANACHE WATERFALLand then there was whipped creamnomthis is sean's new favorite like something in a fancy restaurantSTRAWBERRIES CREAM CAKEmisei used one of the smallest mugs i havebut it still only filled half of itso i dumped it outand added all the jam and whipped cream and berries and made it look kind of like a garden gnomeit was a lot better than it looked these cakes are so vulnerable out of their mugs #slugsnotsnailsCHOCOLATE FUDGE S’MORESthis one is going to need a redo i made it last night but there weredifficultiesand now i'm going to have to clean my microwaveit's a shame because i was really looking forward to using the blowtorch i will try again tonight and then make one just for todayCHOCOLATE FUDGE S’MORES TAKE TWO misethis time went betterta DAAAAAso smooth and prettyuntil wheeeeeeeeof course i probably should have been paying attention to the flame instead of taking pictures and it got a little darker than i wantedso i added another layer of marshmallows and played with fire againand again burny than i like but still tasty and fun and much better than the microwave essplosion of last nightmmmmmmBLACK FOREST CAKEmiselovely cake before glomming on the toppingsand afteri didn't have any fresh cherries and they're out of season anyway so i just used a chocolate covered cherry which i did have on handthis one is a keeper very smooshy and goodGINGERBREADmisefirst admire my precious aristocats mugand now the cakeafter frostingbitethis one tasted just like hermits; my favorite childhood treat very sticky and rich and dark autumn tasting i did not put any crystallized ginger on top because i was out and i wasn't about to spend 11 bux on new crystallized ginger just to toss a couple pieces on a mug cake restraint i am learning itCARROT CAKEmisesince i was making carrot mug cakes with jess in spirit i decided to use my goodreads mug to further bind us in this projecti could not find any sugar carrots to decorate the top but i did find sugar dora the explorers which is the same thing since both carrots and the nickelodeon logo are orange very tasty even though it's a lot of stuff just for a mug cake might as well make a fullsized one right? and extra frosting?let's see yours jessGUINNESS CAKEmisehappy st patrick's day this might be my new favorite cake i started it in sean of the house's check out my family crest mug which has birds on it but we'll let him keep living here anywaythen i transferred it to my personal favorite glass mug which is NOT microwave safe 'cuz it's got too much bling foiled again by foil but it looks perfect no?aerialbitethis one was so damn moist and sticky and so worth buying those little white candybeads for highly recommended and i will now make this every st patrick's dayno room project will continue here to my blog

  2. karen karen says:

    WELCOME TO MARCH PROJECT PART TWO MARCH PROJECT IS OVERpart one can be seen here three can be seen here CAKEmisei got to use my favorite mug of all time for this one adorable misshapen mineaerialand thenBEESyeah i made marzipan beesbitethis one was a little dry but that might have been my fault those bees though a triumph bzzzzzzSALTED CARAMEL CHOCOLATEmisehere is my mug and it's the last you'll see of itaerialthen you dump it out of the mug and put caramel on itoh mybitesooo chocolatey sooo sticky deliciousthose were my weekend cakes i was going to make one tonight but time got away from me and i am the worst but i will make TWO tomorrow this self inflicted goal of one a day was going so well but tonight tonight i must restok as promised TWO MUG CAKESCOFFEE WALNUT CAKEmisebefore toppingand afteraerialbitei'm not sure how i feel about this one yet it really tastes like coffee and that's disconcerting to me i like coffee when it is a liuid but i have never liked other coffee flavored things i only had one bite; i gobbled too much of the other one and filled upwhat other one? oh just this amazing thingLAMINGTONSmisethis is another multi stepmulti mug situation but dooo it even if you don't have the cutest mug ever like i do which chipped a while back causing euivalent damage to my heartaerialthen you gotta shoomp it out onto a platethis cake has holes than G'sM which is one of the problems with mug cakes it's hard to stir the ingredients together properly in such a little spacebut once you frost it and roll it in frosting and coconut and doll it up all nice you'd never know how unstable and porous it is underneathassemblethis one is mighty AND delicious AND sometimes looks like a grumpy monster faceRED VELVET CAKEmiseagain i think i have chosen the perfect mug bowl? for this cakebraaiiiinssszombie braaiiinsssmade even brainier when the frosting is addedi haven't tried it yet; dinner first but i will report backokay so bitebelieve it or not coming from someone who has never given a shit about red velvet anything before this one is a new favorite the frosting was just the right amount of sweetness for the not very sweet cake and it was just warm and gooey and wonderful even sean of the house loved it and he has similar although rudely expressed opinions about red velvet cake so glad i changed my mind and made this one CHOCOLATE GINGER PEAR CAKEmiseokay so i caved and bought crystallized ginger after all this recipe calls for candied ginger in syrup which as far as i can tell is not something that existshas ever existed anywhere so i made my own with crystallized ginger and ginger syrup and it turns out that the only thing cheaper at whole foods than my local grocery store is crystallized ginger so wheefor this one i also used what is precisely defined as a bowl but this time it was definitely necessaryi'm not sure how anyone could fit an entire pear in a proper mug and not have the cake explode up around it plus this is adorabledefinitely cook it longer than it says though because the pear releases juices as it cooks so the cake surrounding the pear takes a while to become cakey then top it with ginger syrup and cocoa powderand yum biteSTICKY TOFFEEmiseaerialmugthis is another one that you dump out of the mug and onto a plate with great messinessgo home mug cake you’re drunkewww and disorderlythis one was really really good i didn't have high expectations; i thought it would just be another not chocolate dried fruit cake and who needs of those right? but this is a keeper it's the gooiest thing ever and it has dates in it so it's practically a health foodCHOCOLATE CARAMEL POPCORN SUNDAEmisefirst the mighty shark mugthis recipe is a party in a mug it starts out kind of uiet; everybody's just awkwardly munching on the cruditésand then blammoi am the rodney dangerfield of mug cakesaerialthis one was as good as it looks messy sweet zero dates much chocolatei took friday off from mugcaking because i wasn't feeling well so i made these both yesterday at the same damn time and because they were both rowdy ice cream melting caramel dripping the photography was frenzied than usual so i neglected to take my trademark bite shots sorry for breaking our traditions i will try to remember better tonightUPSIDE DOWN APPLE CINNAMON CAKEmiseanother make dumper another drunk slumperaerialthen you cover it with the caramel sauce that you are NOT sending to nadineand then ice cream itbiteno mug cake in the history of the universe was ever eaten as rapidly as this one holy moly this is DELICIOUS i want to make this every day of the week for the rest of my life an apple a day after allthis one also took two mugs so i went with a theme againMOJITOmisedid you know you could buy teeny tiny bottles of alcohol? so teeny it's like being back in my hometown of rhode islandi used my tiki mug for this one it seemed appropriate even though you can't see the tiki face so goodaerialthen you hafta fancy it up like you're on a resort vacationso much going on herei will test it and take the bite shot later; i still have to eat dinner after allbut tomorrow all will be revealedokay here is THE BITEi think i made the frosting too powerfully peppermint and it overwhelmed every other taste the cake itself is good but once you take a bite of frosting your palate is destroyed for at least an hour peppermint does not fuck aroundVANILLA CONESmisethis one you make in a mug like this cutie patootiebut then you actually cook it in a coneand then you add the homemade frosting and jimmies hi marjorieand then you realize you don't have room for the flake or strawberry syrup in that tiny cone so you go ahead and make one in a mug just for funbiteand now i have diabetesLEMON CURD CHEESECAKEmiseand i had some of these lying around so i added them at the last minutei made this in a clear mug to better appreciate the stratified layers but since it reuired two mugs i also used my hunger games mug because literary and because the release party was on my birthday which was nice of themhere are the stratified layersaerialbitethe consistency on this one was way off probably because i didn't want to have just a smidgen of cream cheese left over so i hucked the rest in i promised lemon lover greg i would make this for him so i will try to make my second attempt successful the flavor is wonderful but it's wicked runnyCOKE FLOATCHERRY COKE FLOATmisethis 'coke float' recipe included a variation to make with cherry cokeice creamgummies so i made BOTH and i used these coca cola glasses even though they are not mugs and it means that some other worthy mugs will never make their way into this project but they were too perfect not to use yeah?aerialicingtadaaacokebitecherry cokebitei was surprised at how much this one tasted like cokecherry coke but i'm running out of room AGAIN and still one to go so i have to shhhwow this is unprecedented i am out of room and cannot post my final cake so i'm going to have to go into a THIRD edition of this book to just post ONE little cake lameso i guess let's all go here to see THE THIRTY FIRST CAKE march hath 31 days and this cookbook hath 40 recipes here are the ones that didn’t make the cutGLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE CAKEEGGLESS CHOCOLATE CAKEBIRTHDAY BONANZALEMON POPPYSEED DRIZZLECHRISTMAS CAKEPIÑA COLADAMOCHABAILEYS ON THE ROCKSWHITE RUSSIANcome to my blog

  3. karen karen says:

    no new cakes but i added some pictures of mugs that were too problematic to use for this project as promised a long time ago but whatever WELCOME TO MARCH PROJECT PART THREE MARCH PROJECT IS OVERpart one can be found here two can be found here basically all this spanish fanfare is just for ONE final cake which i didn't have the room to post in the last review space boooooooooh and literally BOOOOOOOOHALLOWEEN GHOSTmiseanother dump in a plate cakewith ganachecoat liberally with delicious ganacheand then play with fondant and food coloring to make A SCARY GHOSTWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI KNOW RIGHT???this one was very fun so there's no reason to wait for halloween to make your own bitenot only terrifying but also tasty i'm just going to make mugs of ganache on a weekly basis from here on out and you can giggle to yourself like a nerd by using an appropriate mug even if the cake doesn't stay in it for longhahahahahahah get it?? because it is DEAD wooooo hooooo i am the funniest baker of mug cakes in this whole apartment i am loopy with month long sugar high so lemme just say how much fun this project was and i hope it was enjoyable for youuuu people too and that it inspires you to make many mug cakes of your own and share your pictures with me pleaseokay so here are some of the mugs that couldn't come out and play first this onewhat a boring looking mug karen why didn't you use that one too plain?NO BEHOLD THE INTRUDERthis mug might be microwave safe but there's no way i was gonna be scraping mug cake off of all of those tentaclesthen we have this one which i love but is totally not microwave safe doodly doooo just some people swimming in the oceanbut when you add hot water SHAAAAARKSthen we have this little guybut i thought he was too similar looking to this onethat i used for the ill fated s's cake so he just hung out poutingi love this hippo mugbut i wasn't sure if he was microwave safe or not so i erred on the side of cautionWHY YOU HATE ME KAREN??i paid a steep price for neglecting himthen there is parade of samuraithis mug has a little crack in it and since crack is whack i decided to leave it where it wasdapper kitties are risky because they are just a small mugand this one is super duper tinyalso i'm not sure if the message here is readers are whores or readers are lonely and desperate for attentionso i decided to try not to offend anyone and finally another booooring oneor is it? it is NOT once you get some chalk it is the best mug ever but totally not microwave safeand i get to show off my unparalleled artistic skillsit is like she was looking into a mirror so those are some of the mugs that didn't make the cut i hope this was in some way interesting to you since finishing this project i have purchased The Absolute Best Mug Cakes Cookbook 100 Family Friendly Microwave Cakes which has over ONE HUNDRED recipes in it maybe a future project with the rest of my mugs? why the hell not?come to my blog

  4. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    This book arrived and I gave it as a gift to my daughter for her 22nd birthday It was greeted with great delight I think? In any event she does regularly make mug cakes though they're the box mix kind So she'll have to up her game I've offered to bake microwave mug cakes with her especially while she's here at home during the coronavirus lockdown Fun mother daughter activity days await I'm surePS karen say this is the best mug cake cookbook ever So there you go

  5. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    This is how I got into this mess is Karen's March project See above for pictures of mug cakes Karen has made than you will even believe is possible for which my family are eternally grateful Inspired by this and who wouldn't be?? I actually took out five Mug Cake books form the library and for the past three days since it is Spring Break here the mug cake baking has continued almost unabated Sometimes there has many as ten people here smaller people let's just say making all manner of concoctions in mugs Med in a microwave yes so instant gratification Not enough pics of this activity in my house to make an entire book of them but some of them are like science experiments Pickles and peppermints yeah why not?? What's corn starch Dad? Do you think putting it with lemon would taste any good? You guys What do you think whipped cream and cherries and ice cream and peanut butter and fill in the blank with your personal food fantasies would taste like? I know you want pictures from MY family sorry but if you look at Karen's pictures imagine a late middle aged man with dozens of kids swirling around him he mildly amused and then annoyed and then okay let's take a little break from mug cakes shall we kids?? Are they any good you ask? Some are pretty great and some are disgusting obviously But this empowerment to get six ten year old boys and girls to see themselves as bakers Right?

  6. Figgy Figgy says:

    These days it’s all to easy to run out of time for things and it’s far too easy to let baking become a lost art in the time crunchNow of course making mug cakes isn’t baking and it certainly isn’t art But this is a revolutionised kind of baking in single servings for busy people or for people who don’t want to have to wash utensils galore once the cooking is doneAnd you might just be surprised with the resultsHere everything can be prepared and cooked in the same mug Here you need a fork and a spoon at most Here you will find a book for those of us who constantly make excuses to avoid the kitchenThe rest of this review complete with top tips and a list of my favourite recipes from the book can be found HERE

  7. Shelleyrae at Book& Shelleyrae at Book& says:

    It takes just a handful of ingredients and a few minutes in a microwave to make one of the 40 cakes in Mima Sinclair's Mug Cakes These single serve treats are ideal for a uick sugar fix or delicious dessert and Mug Cakes is presented in a small format hardcover book with full colour photographs accompanying most recipes The ingredients and method for each recipe are well set out with additional tips highlighted Both of my daughters 18 and 10 years old easily followed the instructions to make their own mug cakes without any supervision Sinclair begins Mug Cakes with some useful tips about choosing ingredients how to check a mug is appropriate for use and some essential advice on how best to prep cook and enjoy the recipes One tip we can pass on is to heed Sinclair's advice about the size of the eggs We only had extra large eggs to prepare one of the recipes Sinclair recommends medium sized eggs only and there was a distinctly 'eggy' taste to itThe cookbook is divided into four sections Classics Occasions Happy Hour and Treats and Puds You need little else other than a spoon mug and microwave and ingredients you likely already have in your pantry or refrigerator From Carrot Cake to a Chocolate Brownie Black Forest to Mojito Rocky Road to Lemon Curd Cheesecake the recipes are varied and most take less than five minutes to prepare and bake Included also are recipes for a Gluten Free and Egg Free cake which can be tweaked with flavour and topping to suitMy daughters enjoyed the Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cake the recipe can be found HERE the Triple Chocolate Cake and the Red Velvet Cake I liked the Apple Cinnamon Cake with caramel sauce My best friend tried both the Mocha and Baileys on the Rocks recipes and was delighted with the resultsOffering uick easy and delicious recipes Mug Cakes is a treat of a book I know it will be used often in my household and I think it would also make a wonderful gift accompanied by a mug cake of course

  8. Fern Adams Fern Adams says:

    Love this little book cakes you can easily and simply make in a microwave really uickly What a time we live in Not tried them all yet but they look amazing

  9. Nadine Jones Nadine Jones says:

    This will be a joint review from me and my daughter Lily Really it should be HER review since she made the mug cakes and took the pictures But I'm the one in the habit of writing long book reviews on GR so here we are Full review pending because my computer is not cooperating

  10. Lilian Goldberg Lilian Goldberg says:

    I have tried various mug cake recipes with rather mixed results These use English teaspoon and tablespoon measures and so far have worked brilliantly Some really innovative recipes in the book as well

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