Ryans Protector Lupinville #33 MOBI Î Ryans Protector

8 thoughts on “Ryans Protector Lupinville #33

  1. V V says:

    Oh dear where are the other characters that I want to read about it It's like the author forgot were she was up to and we got short stories out of nowhere Where is Ricky and his mate? where is Adrian the vampire? what happened with the kidnapping failure?disappointing

  2. Mike Mike says:

    uick AlphaOmega shifter short with a twistA decent if simple and short AlphaOmega shifter mating story with a slightly different and a just a small but nicely fresh difference in typical Alpha and Omega roles

  3. Daesy Daesy says:

    Wesley is over 100 years old and found about is destined mate only 30 years ago At that time Ryan was just 28 years oldpratically a pup for werevolves standards so Wesley decided to let him live his life and avoid all the pack meetings since then for the fear of meeting the boyWesley wants for his mate to have a beautiful life and experience all there is in the world before even thinking about a mating bond When Wesley was younger he had his fun he fooled around with a lot of females and also fathered 2 pups that are now older that his supposed mate He cant possibly ask Ryan to be with himWhen Maggie tells Ryan that she knows who his mate is he doesnt expect her to tell him that his mate is a male He never thought about another man like that and isnt even sure the older werewolf is right but since he doesnt have anything to lose and is really curious he decides to go check on the man Maggie told him is his mate Wesley smells the werewolf coming his way and tries to run but Ryan is a potential alpha and is faster than him Ryan smells the other wolf and understands that Maggie was right but there is his mate is an omega and from the shock Wesley is showing him the man didnt known it Having his mate near him made Wesley go in heat for the first time in his life and Ryan is than happy to help his mateYou can understand what happens nextClaiming

  4. Hc Hc says:

    This was disappointing It reads all wrong for meFrom the beginning of this short I got the impression of Ryan NOT being the big bad alpha type in any way Wesley seeing as he's older and actually has kids wanting to protect and let his mate grow up him being the submissive and even omega partner stuck me as wrong Expect the unexpected I think this one is pushing that for me

  5. Phaney Phaney says:

    Eh I am not sure I believe in Wesley’s reasons for depriving his mate of his presence Before sure but not now that the pack has changed so much for the betterAnd here we go again with the alphaomega thing As I said before this has tons of potential to get old very fast

  6. Theresa Theresa says:

    So why and when did Wesley leave his children's mother? Were they married? Why did he not know that he was an omega? Why did he continue to stay away from Ryan after Noah took over So many plot holes Too short Not worth writing and not worth reading

  7. Sabi Sabi says:

    such a sweet story

  8. Cecilia Rodriguez Cecilia Rodriguez says:

    35 stars

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Ryans Protector Lupinville #33 ➮ [Read] ➪ Ryans Protector Lupinville #33 By Alice Cain ➺ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Two happy werewolves are about to learn the delicious meaning of alpha and omegaRyan's mate has been protecting him for than thirty years but when he finally does come face to face with the man they d Two happy werewolves are about to learn the delicious meaning of alpha and omegaRyan's mate has been protecting him for than thirty years but when he finally does come face to face with the man they discover than either of them expectedA Lupinville uick Bite Story words.

  • ebook
  • 24 pages
  • Ryans Protector Lupinville #33
  • Alice Cain
  • English
  • 15 January 2016

About the Author: Alice Cain

Alice Cain is a penname for an experienced romance author who decided to try something a little different Alice is addicted to happy endings and writes gay erotic romance in several genres including contemporary BDSM paranormal and science fiction For the latest news and upcoming releases please visit Alice at.