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Diabolical Taste Kenssie #2 ➾ Diabolical Taste Kenssie #2 Download ➹ Author Ros Jackson – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Kenssie just wants her fellow demons to respect her A little hero worship now and then wouldn't go amiss either But as the lowly thrall of Rak an embarrassment demon she'll take whatever crumbs she's Kenssie just wants her fellow demons to respect her A little hero worship now and then wouldn't go amiss either But as the lowly thrall of Rak an embarrassment demon she'll take whatever crumbs she's offered When the demon council turns against her master Rak and Kenssie are forced to relocate to the countryside It seems Rak has been holding out against his thrall and keeping a secret that will shake her trust Diabolical Taste ePUB ´ in him forever When someone from Rak's past returns to claim him Kenssie has to fight for much than his attention The lives of innocents and not so innocents are on the line How much of herself is she willing to sacrifice for someone else's happiness.

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  1. Dianne Dianne says:

    Well Talk about raising the bar I liked Ros Jackson’s The Secret Eater it had a dark and evil feel at times Diabolical Taste on the other hand seems to bring the characters to life delving deeper into their feelings and their interactions particularly Kenssie’s feelings for Rak and the guilt she feels for falling for her master As a mere thrall to her demon she is looked down on one grain of sand on the ocean’s beaches Like a ghost haunting Rak’s past an intruder comes to their remote land and Kenssie is definitely off Rak’s radar Human thrall or whatever Kenssie is in emotional pain and Rak will never see anything she does as than an act of petty jealousy How far can she go to make sure he is happy or safe? Is their relationship really a badly bent abusive situation? Will Kenssie ever learn to value her own self worth?Ros Jackson has given life and depth to her characters added some humorous scenes at the expense of a certain demon with an over inflated ego and helped Kenssie to appreciate herself all while creating tension danger and a delightfully uick readI received this copy from Ros Jackson in exchange for my honest reviewSeries Kenssie Book 2Publication Date September 30 2014Publisher Ros JacksonGenre Paranormal RomancePrint Length 182 pagesAvailable from

  2. Fangs for the Fantasy Fangs for the Fantasy says:

    It’s hard for Kenssie to get any respect as the young thrall to Rakmanon a demon who feeds on shame especially since he relies on the smitten younger demon to be an emergency snackBut when circumstances force Rakmanon to move them to Lincolnshire and a deep secret from his past returns Kenssie begins to see different viewpoints – and look twice at Rakmanon’s grip on her and just how much is she willing to lose and see destroyed at his say soI have a lot of mixed feelings about this book I liked the first book uite a lot because it was uirky original and funny The world setting was weird the irreverence pretty hilarious and it was a wonderful fluffy story of complete and utter weirdness made into a wonderful madlib of a book It was fun it wasn’t deep it was uirky but I didn’t envisage it going anywhere This was part of the reason why I understood it was so short – because to uote myself “I think it would have collapsed under its own weight if it were too long like a big sugary confection – sweet and light and tasty and fun but not intended to be substantial”So when I received the second book I worried And there were problems as the story of the first book was hastily dragged into something substantial The setting changed abruptly without any real explanation why except for plot convenience Kenssie made some decisions that didn’t seem to make any sense at all her rapid friendship of Otis for example and then deciding to keep it secret from Rakmanon I think Kenssie herself also was a little inconsistent – at times a very immature 16 year old in fact much younger which seemed to be the tone of the first half of the book to emphasise how naïve and vulnerable she is But during the book she transforms into a much mature confident character – and there isn’t a natural progression there it just seems to happenI also think that at times the zany weirdness of this book is just a little forced It’s a funny book that at times feels like it’s trying really really hard to be funny and the strain shows and is a little cringeworthyOk those are the bad points On the plus side it has generally succeeded in extracting something substantial Kenssie by the end of this book is a much engaging character I can see this character having a storyline worth following making her own way in the world and becoming a full person far so than the Kenssie in the first book This Kenssie is much capable much active and much an agent in her own fate She also has a moral streak in the way she feeds which is nice to see as well both in her development and the lens it puts over greater demonic societyRead More

  3. Kate Policani Kate Policani says:

    Another adventure with Kenssie the secret eating demon takes us into the countryside where Rak and Kenssie have fled from the council They struggle to feed themselves in the sparsely populated area and soon Kenssie learns why Rak has a big secret waiting there and a vital mission to execute Throw in a human with a formula that allows him to see demons and Kenssie gets into a big mess Can she help Rak with his problem without alerting the Council? Will he ever see her love for him and reciprocate? Does he deserve it anyway?Ros has taken us on another entertaining and interesting stage in the life of Kenssie the secret eater Though she is a demon she isn't a horrific movie demon She has compassion and a desire to do good that war with her nature and the pressures of demon society Also she has a fun sense of fashion I loved the thoughtful and multilayered story that Ros has created and I had the pleasure of a read without the need for intense scrutiny Her characters all have depth and interest outside the story each with the seeming potential for their own book This adds a huge realism to this fantasy tale that emphasizes the moral and important ideas that the author works out through the storyKennsie grows in this installment and hopefully not a spoiler she learns her own value and gains her independence I loved her growth from dependence and codependence to a woman standing on her own two feet even if she wishes they were hooves Her secret delving powers also seem to gain in strength and importance through the story and add surprise and depth to the plot Humor is the icing on the cake of this story and there is plenty with all the foibles of man and demon This book is a must read and while I highly recommend reading the first book I feel this story can stand alone I approve this title for Awesome Indies received this book from the author for the purposes of an unbiased review

  4. Maghon Thomas Maghon Thomas says:

    So this is the seuel to The Secret eater and it's just as good if not better that the first There is a strange bond between a master demon and his thrall which is Rak and Kessie Mostly I just wanted to tell Kessie that he isn't worth her time He's tyrant that anything and she's the one killing herself to make him happy and powerful And I think this proves that though this is a fantasy story it's a believable relationship People always make excuses for the ones they love and let them hurt them because they love them Kessie though she is considered a lower demon has a very powerful gift She eats secrets Instead of food to keep us alive she uses the secrets of others to keep her alive as well as feed her master Well I say he should get off his ass and feed his own damn self LOL And now Kessie and Rak are running from the Council after the incident that occurred in the first book They are struggling and it's a dark time And then Kessie discovers Rak's big secret and a human and a mess all into one big chaos heap I love that she's a demon but she seems so human sometimes She is such a lovable character And she wants to do good like not hurt the people who've already been hurt when she eats their secrets There are some old returning characters and some new introduced characters And boy are some of them awesome These characters always seem so well developed and written And boy does Kessie have some growth in this one And not just her but her powers are growing too She will make it And she's funny about it And the writing is well done And though I would probably recommend you read book one if you read this one by itself I really think you'd be ok 5 DEMON PAWS I can't wait for

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