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  1. Beth Beth says:

    Being a new transplant to Colorado I was first interested in this book because of its setting but although that's interesting it was the story itself that kept me reading I could see where it was headed a short way in nothing super surprising but I still enjoyed the characters and the plot The book had a slow pace to it not boring but to me it was meant to be enjoyed and not zipped through One of the first books I read on my new Kindle and I was not disappointed

  2. Jimmie Aaron Kepler Jimmie Aaron Kepler says:

    Donna Westover Gallup is a master storyteller Her book “White as Snow A Christmas Story” will keep you wanting to turn to the next page and keep reading The chapters of the book are fairly short It is an excellent book for both adults and children as young as 10 to read for themselves You could read one chapter a night to your children or grandchildren The book appeals to all ages It is simply wonderful The story is set in the Colorado territory in 1864 The author provides excellent characters There is Charlie For about the first half of the book I was curious as to his age I knew he was a young boy and through the story I learned he was barely taller than the two headed axe he was trying to use Only later did I learn he was ten years old We learned his age when he answered the uestion “How old are you boy?”The next person in the story is Gramps For most of the story Gramps is in bed fighting for his life Charlie his grandson cares for him by mimicking the care he received from his late grandma when he was sick Only later in the story do we learn Gramps is battling pneumoniaWith Gramps sick and winter coming on Charlie has to care for himself the farm and Gramps Through a series of well written remembrances or flashbacks we meet the 9th Kansas Cavalry of the US Army that has come down from Fort Collins to buy cattle from Gramps We see Charlie drawing from his memory lessons that Gramps and his grandma had taught him that sustain him though this tough time We have reflections on attending a camp meeting revival with the evangelist not the circuit preacher We have reflections of visiting the neighbors and their four children who live in a one room cabin We see how the training up of a child in the ways of the Lord helps him in these tough times The book has a scary scene in it Charlie has taken “Old Blue” which is his grandfather gun He has been told not to use it though Gramps has been teaching him with the gun He barely escapes death during an attack by a grizzly bear who he believes is defending her cubs from him The scene was so well written it had my heart racing and the palms of my hands sweaty Throughout the book we see Charlie dealing with the guilt he felt for disobeying Gramps and taking the big heavy gun And he loses the gun in his encounter with the mama Grizzly bearCharlie is losing hope and faith He cries out to God At just that perfect time as his supplies are running low and he is ready to give up a giant mountain man named Jess shows up riding a giant horse named Goliath Jess able to help him He teaches Charlie that God has not abandoned him He shows that things could actually have been worse if he wasn't praying Jess helps restore Charlie's faith and helps him to get the ranch back in order Jess and Charlie share the same birthday Jess makes this a Christmas to remember as he gets them a Christmas tree the first one they have had since Grandma died He cooks a Christmas feast for them and they even find and us Grandma’s good china for the meal Gramps recovers and Jess simply vanishesThe novel is inspirational fiction at its best The book has a happy ending I was left wondering if the big mountain man Jess was real or an angel sent from God to help Charlie and Gramps at their time of needDonna Westover Gallup has a way with words There is beauty in her descriptions Her writing is has a poetic flow to it While the book might interest people with spiritual beliefs it can be a heartening account for everybody else Five Stars and a big hug for the author is my rating for the book Donna Westover Gallup did real well in writing this book White as Snow is book one of the “Mysterious Ways Series” Book two is” Rock of Refuge” Book three is “In Green Pastures” I have book two and three on my desk ready to read next

  3. Lori Henrich Lori Henrich says:

    Charlie is all by himself and feeling very overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done Charlies lives with his grandpa on a small ranch in Colorado Territory Right now his grandpa is sick he went to sleep and hasn't woken up yet Charlie needs to figure out how to get the things they will need to get through the winter but doesn't know how to do so many of the things that are necessary On one excursion out to find game Charlie is attacked by a bear He makes it back to the cabin but is afraid he won't make it through the next couple of days He cries out to God in his desperation Then a mysterious stranger by the name of Jess shows up to help He brings a sense of peace and security to the small boy He helps Charlie cope with his fears and concerns He explains how God heard his prayers even though it felt like he wasn't listeningThis is a wonderful touching story At first I wasn't sure I would like it The the story grabbed my attention and I gotten wrapped up in the future of this forlorn little boy

  4. LadyCalico LadyCalico says:

    This is one thoroughly gripping little novella about a ten year old boy struggling for his and his sick grandfather's survival losing faith in a God who doesn't seem to care enough to answer his prayers Anybody been there?

  5. Debbie Debbie says:

    Really enjoyed this book I will read the other two novellas that she has written with the same character Charlie as he grows into a man This is fast paced and about a young boys trials while Gramps is sick and he feels lost and alone

  6. Regan Regan says:

    Really good it s one of those God is always with you i really enjoyed it magical ending sad but true

  7. Julie Barrett Julie Barrett says:

    White as snow a Christmas story Charlie has been living with his grandparents on their farm since he was 3 His grandmother died and things changed it was only the two of them thenHis grandfather just keeps sleeping has been asleep two weeks now with a fever and shallow breathingCharlie fixed the fence so the cows wouldn't get out They had sold some cows to the soldiers but hadn't spent the money for the winter supplies yetThe wind is howling and he knows winter is coming He hurts himself while doing the chores in the frozen land and tends to himself as best he can He's only 10Something magical happens tthen Jess appears and helps him do everything teaches him to read the Bible does chores helps with winter food and even a Christmas tree The real miracle happens when his grandfather starts to wake upLike who Jess represents in this book and how the Bible holds all the answers

  8. Suzette Edwards Suzette Edwards says:

    Short and touchingCharlie is only 10 but he's having to learn to be a man because his grandpa took sick It's hard in a boy trying to survive in Colorado as winter sets in Then a mountain man comes into his life This short story is heartwarming The author paints wonderful images of the scenery as she describes what is going on Your heart will go out to Charlie as he struggles with many issues

  9. Jerry Owens Jerry Owens says:

    I enjoyed this book It was an easy read with good story line that communicated some spiritual truths I guessed who the mysterious visitor was pretty uickly and liked the way she depicted him as a man who was both strong and gentle This is one book that can easily be read out load as a family

  10. Pat Pat says:

    HeartwarmingEnjoyed this short heartwarming story A reminder to never give up and to trust in the Lord Thank you for that

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White as Snow: A Christmas Story (Mysterious Ways) [Ebook] ➥ White as Snow: A Christmas Story (Mysterious Ways) Author Donna Westover Gallup – Buyprobolan50.co.uk 1864 Colorado TerritoryOn a small ranch sitting between empty prairie and the Rocky Mountains an orphaned boy named Charlie is alone caring for his dying comatose grandpa As Charlie tries to figure ou Snow: A eBook ´ Colorado TerritoryOn a small ranch sitting between empty prairie and the Rocky Mountains an orphaned boy named Charlie is alone caring for his dying comatose grandpa As Charlie tries to figure out how to survive the winter when he doesn't even know how to chop firewoodSoon after Charlie barely escapes a bear attack the first snow storm hits and a mysterious mountain man shows up at the isolated ranch Then good White as eBook â things and mysterious things start happeningBut Charlie is troubled by a gnawing secret which makes it hard for him to trust the giant stranger Then on Christmas day Charlie learns that trusting means he'll never have to be alone againAn entertaining inspirational story for all agesBook in the Mysterious Ways Four Book Series of Frontier Fiction by Donna Westover Gallup.

  • Paperback
  • 143 pages
  • White as Snow: A Christmas Story (Mysterious Ways)
  • Donna Westover Gallup
  • English
  • 05 August 2016
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