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Althea Oliver [Download] ➿ Althea Oliver ➻ Cristina Moracho – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Seit ihrem sechsten Lebensjahr sind sie unzertrennlich Spielen zusammen Fallen die Kellertreppe runter Erst Oliver dann Althea Sie zelten im Garten schwimmen im Atlantik betrinken sich an Halloween K Seit ihrem sechsten Lebensjahr sind sie unzertrennlich Spielen zusammen Fallen die Kellertreppe runter Erst Oliver dann Althea Sie zelten im Garten schwimmen im Atlantik betrinken sich an Halloween Küssen sich das erste Mal unter einem Ahornbaum Er sie; sie ihn Im Juni Und als Oliver das nächste Mal aufwacht ist es August Während er schläft fängt Althea an zu rauchen und färbt sich die Haare Während er schläft verändert sich alles zwischen ihnen Und als er aufwacht ist nichts mehr wie es einmal war.

  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • Althea Oliver
  • Cristina Moracho
  • German
  • 05 October 2016
  • 9783551560056

About the Author: Cristina Moracho

Cristina Moracho is a novelist and freelance writereditor Her debut novel Althea Oliver Viking will be published this October She lives in Red Hook Brooklyn where she makes all the bad decisions.

10 thoughts on “Althea Oliver

  1. Cran Berry Cran Berry says:

    Trigger Warning If you like pretentious asshole hipsters and rapists this book is for you Did I just say Rapist? Spoiler Alert Fuck yes I said rapist In fact I don't think this is a spoiler It should be some sort of disclaimer when you start the book that says something along the lines of Althea makes the worst bad decision ever and that decision is to RAPE her fucking best friend There is no argument there is no gray area and I am not using this word lightly The bad decision mentioned in the blurb that threatens to destroy Althea and Oliver's relationship is actual Rape And I will continue to capitalize the word because unlike most of the characters in this novel I think Rape is a serious issue It's not something that's uickly forgiven with a sojourn to New York city or a uick kiss It's not something that is pushed under the rug just because you happen to care about the said rapist And it's definitely not something that should be overlooked when it happens to a guy And that brings me to another point surprise surprise this book is fucking sexist Everyone knows that Rape is terrible when it happens to a girl that's not even a uestion But in society when it happens to a guy as in when a girl rapes a guy the boy is seen as weak or less of a man for not wanting to have sex And the fact that we see it that way is a big fucking problem A HUGE FUCKING PROBLEM And all this book does is perpetuate that view by down playing what Althea did Sorry I'm ranting Let's back peddle Althea and Oliver have been best friends since they were children but it isn't until junior year that Althea starts falling for him It also isn't until that year that Oliver starts falling asleep and staying asleep for weeks sometimes months on end Oliver has a rare sleep disorder called KLS where he is in perpetual state of sleepiness and grogginess He sleeps for a majority of the day and then when he wakes up he is never uite himself And by not uite himself I mean seriously not his fucking self He's attitude is different he’s childlike aggressive he's intensely hungry and not to mention intensely horny And when he comes to maybe several weeks later he can’t remember a thing He basically sleeps or sleepwalks for extensive periods of time with no moments of true waking until it’s over Althea even gets to witness these scenes she knows that this is not the real Oliver not her Oliver Yet Althea LURVES Oliver She doesn’t know who she is without Oliver She’s not a Fucking human being without Oliver She’s totally dependent on Oliver Every thought in her goddamn head revolves around Oliver It makes her seem shallow and airheaded and it makes for a pretty infuriating read but at the beginning I was on her side I cheered for this uirky shy girl when her and Oliver finally made out if anything because I wanted her to stop whining about it But Oliver for reasons that are never ever truly and fully explained is just not that into her Yeah he’s sexually attracted to her but he’ll never love her the way she loves him So at this point we should be fucking done with this Oliver straight up tells her he doesn’t want to have sex with her and they’re both drunk I might add and she’s broken hearted but as long as shit can go back to normal it’s all good But things don’t go back to normal Oliver falls asleep again and is out for two months Poor Oliver misses his whole fucking summer He’s the one we should be feeling sorry for Not Althea We should not be going oh poor Althea left all alone especially after Oliver breaks her heart Yes that sucks for her but let’s face it her issues are NOT the big issues here But in typical selfish teenager fashion she makes it all about her She dyes her hair black and makes herself virtually unrecognizable rolls eyes Seriously dying your fucking hair black? She is the actual biggest cliche I’ve ever read Ever And through all that self pity and desperate need to feel wanted and loved and special Althea Rapes Oliver Again there is no gray area no debate What Althea does to Oliver is Rape in its most basic definition When he is under his two month sleep episode Althea is asked by Oliver’s mother to babysit him and make sure he doesn’t wander off or get himself killed if he happens to “sleepwalk” wake up as not himself And when Oliver does happen to wake up Althea knows that it is not him that initiates a kiss she knows that he’s completely out of it as he begins to fumble with his belt buckle and she knows that as they have sex he won’t remember any of this ever So basically he’s the euivalent of a incredibly drunk teenager and she’s the sober creep that takes advantage of that And that is not fucking OKAY Months later after Oliver’s been awake for uite sometime she finally tells him the truth and like any person male or female he gets angry Really fucking angry You stupid bitch it wasn’t me You knew it wasn’t me you knew I wouldn’t remember how could you let it happen? I didn’t want to I told you–” And Althea deserves to be called a bitch So what if he’s a dude calling a woman a bitch She fucking deserves it Especially after she’s say’s this beauty of a line “You wanted to” Althea says stridently PAUSEEEEEEEE Alright now everyone who’s been to a college freshmen year orientation knows that “You wanted to” is not an acceptable response when someone explicitly says they didn’t want to have sex Hello??? That’s why you have to fucking ask That my dear Althea is called C O N S E N TOh and one uote just so I can really drive the point home that Althea is a horrible fucking person and deserves charges pressed against her “Oh no? You didn’t want to? What did you think happened then? Do you think I forced you? Do you think I held you down and made you do it?” Let that digest Now switch the roles Pretend Oliver or an obnoxious frat boy is the one telling Althea all of these horrible condescending things Pretend that Althea or any other girl is the victim a girl who’d gotten passed out drunk at a party and taken advantage of by said guy Yeah exactly But at this point In the story I’m intrigued I’m willing to look past Althea’s shitt personality and character development and see what happens Will Oliver get her in trouble? Will he cut her off completely? Will she try to redeem herself is that even possible in a situation like this? How will she live with herself know that she’s a rapist And most of all how is the author address the horrible stigmas associated with male rape? But no none of these things happen This uestions don’t even get a chance to get fleshed out And everything just goes down the shithole from here Christina Moracho never addresses these big issues In fact its like the book is arguing that what Althea did wasn’t truly Rape Even though it totally fucking was Instead she keeps it small scoped and talks about Althea’s nonstop intense feelings for Oliver and her intense nonstop vulnerability now that he’s gone Oliver does however cut her off though and runs away to a treatment center in NYC to see what can be done about his KLS Althea like the whiny pathetic bitch she is follows him not for moral support not because she wants him to get better but because she can’t stand not having him by her side 247 and believes that a uick apology and the gesture of traveling all the way to New York will make him forgive her and then fall in love with her Afterall it’s just a mistake STEALING SOMEONES VIRGINITY WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT IS JUST A MISTAKE GUYS NO BIG FUCKING DEAL RIGHT? What a clueless bitch But then even Oliver basically pardons her saying that he doesn’t want to use the word Rape to describe what she did to him And then his friend tells him this and Oliver seems to actually consider it “You fucked your beautiful best friend What the hell are you doing here man? Go find the girl and screw her brains out And this time you will remember” I’m done I’m fucking done But that’s not all folks Althea gets to NYC just as Oliver falls into a sleep episode and she’s just missed him and can’t apologize for raping him And what happens over the course of 100 pages is basically Althea a seventeen year old girl lying to her father about where she is and living with asshole hipster twenty year olds and “finding herself” This is the part where I wanted to shoot myself and then every character in this story Not only is the RAPE which I still can’t get over not really mentioned and glossed over but Althea a girl with a good father and a home life she describes herself as “kinda rich” basically lives in borderline poverty for a few weeks I’m not even mad at the hypocrite vegan hippies I mean they regularly feed the homeless You can’t get mad at people who regularly feed the homeless But Althea is a privileged spoiled white girl with “all the problems in the world” who goes slumming She’s a sevenfuckingteen years old Go to fucking school or something Not to mention that her father is not even that upset about it as in not as upset as most parents would be Like did I miss something about the 90’s? Okay admittedly I was born around the time this book takes place so I know virtually nothing about the teenage subculture but could it have been that risue? I mean come on Althea and Oliver both have no parental supervision Sure there parents are mentioned a lot but they’re described as euals Oliver and Althea both casually swear around their parents which yeah for some kids is normal but it’s like these parents aren’t really parents There’s no air of authority to them But seriously what the ACTUAL FUCK is this book? It fluctuates between ridiculously unbelievable to straight up ignorant I don’t know how or why I finished it Maybe I was just waiting for the author to redeem herself and condemn Althea’s selfish actions But no Althea continues to be a sniveling child and a virtually unapologetic rapist until the bitter end I will say this though the writing is excellent It’s the only thing keeping this from a No Star rating It truly is gorgeous prose and I really was rooting for this book as I opened the first page and was greeted by witty dialogue and the interesting premise of a KLS sufferer But beautiful writing can’t stand on it’s own It needs likable Characters and a good plot to take it somewhere

  2. Sue (Hollywood News Source) Sue (Hollywood News Source) says:

    Before I read Althea Oliver I have decided that I'm in love with it already Best friends turned to lovers sort of is my favorite trope ever I should have run away when I heard this book is similar to John Green and Rainbow Rowell's work but guess what?? I am ambitious and thought I would genuinely like itThe start is really impressive I love it Althea and Oliver are such a great characters who have so much chemistry together Where did it all go wrong?I think I will need a strong drink before I start moaning about how problematic this book is Here we goTHIS WILL CONTAIN MAJOR SPOILERS I HIGHLY ADVISE NOT TO READ IT IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO READ THE BOOKview spoilerAfter reading Rob Bittner's well put review of Althea Oliver I was enlightened He made a lot of strong argument and points how problematic and abusive the main characters relationship is Note if sexual abuse and rape are triggers for you Don't read it• The characters use rape in a light fashion numerous times It is my #1 pet peeve What are you supposed to be? she asksA date rapist? UGH JUST FUCKING DONT Dear authors Rape is not a punchline Be smart and creativeThank you• From 50% to the end of the book Althea did nothing besides get drunk wander around with the company of shoddy people she barely knew smoke cigarettes and whine about her tough life• Althea Oliver have an abusive and unhealthy relationship If they are not trying to rehash their childhood memories or trying not to make out they are certainly fighting which is the case most of the times hide spoiler

  3. LizieEls LizieEls says:

    You’re probably under the impression that this is a cool edgy love story about two best friends falling in love I know because that’s the assumption I made before starting Althea and Oliver I was horribly disappointed I don’t write book reviews but this book made me so angry I had toThis book is an unbelievably sexist mess Moracho tries to make Althea seem like cool angry confused badass but only successfully creates a whiney rapist RAPISTBecause what’s described in the synopsis as “the worst bad decision ever” is actually a rape It’s a rape because rape is a word that has a definition sexual intercourse against a person without that person’s consent and that definition meets Althea’s actions Believe me I checked the dictionary and the criminal code It fits Serious spoilers start here But I strongly suggest you don't read this book so maybe keep reading anywayAlthea has sex with Oliver during one of his Klein Levin Syndrome episodes during which time he wakes up to experience a period of “childlike mental acuity” He has no self control no understanding of his own actions and later on has no memory of what’s happened Althea knows all of this and despite the fact that earlier in the book Oliver tells her that he is “not ready to have sex” has sex with him Althea is in a position of power over Oliver It is her responsibility to stop them from having sexSo regardless of how Oliver and Althea feel about the situation it is a rape According to the criminal code it’s a rape because Oliver did not give consent or permission for the act to take place This isn’t a grey area and it isn’t up for debate And if the roles had been reversed there wouldn’t have been a debate Because if Oliver was a girl and Althea was a boy anyone would say that it was rape That’s just the first instance of Moracho’s ridiculous sexism Later on in the novel there’s a discussion between Oliver and his friend Kentucky during which Kentucky convinces Oliver that he should feel happy that his beautiful best friend has sex with him even without his permission When Oliver first insinuates that it was he who had sex with Althea during one of his episodes Kentucky is horrified He can’t even say the word “rape” But when he finds out Althea had sex with Oliver well Oliver should feel so lucky Who cares if he didn’t consent?There’s also a part where when confessing to Oliver that they had sex months later Althea asks him if he thinks she “held him down and forced him” She asks if he thinks he didn’t enjoy it This a misapprehension Moracho perpetuates even while it seems as if she’s trying to fight back against slut shaming I’m completely against slut shaming but rapist shaming is a completely different matter Instead she shares a belief that rape only happens when someone is physically bound and unable to fight back But what about people who are roofied? And what about people who are blackmailed? Even if people who are coerced into sex aren’t rape victims they’ve at least been subject to some kind of sexual abuse Moracho also makes it seem like because Oliver can’t have been raped since he physically enjoyed it That’s ridiculous Sex is primal and biological; no matter how it’s related to our minds when a body is sexually stimulated it’s very much likely to become aroused Rape victims are often stimulated by their abusers but that doesn’t mean that they were “asking for it” Also Oliver’s disorder Klein Levin Syndrome is characterized by periods of hypersexuality Obviously he was going to enjoy it Althea is an annoying character for a lot of reasons She’s whiny and she doesn’t care about anyone other than herself But let’s face it us teenagers are selfish Even if Althea’s selfishness is excessive it helps her seem a little believable However Althea really does take her self absorption to an extreme level she abandons her father and doesn’t care about her mother She lives with a bunch of poor bohemian teenagers without paying rent And she only cares about what she did to Oliver because it makes him mad at her Really That’s the only reason she cares about having sex with him Moracho tries to make the reader sympathise with Althea We’re supposed to feel bad for poor impulsive misunderstood Althea whose best friend doesn’t love her back We’re supposed to relate to her Besides the rape there’s another pretty bad example of sexism in Althea’s friendship with Coby I’d already stopped paying much attention to what was happening in the book by the time I got to this part I was only reading because I was sure that at some point Moracho was going to actually deal with the rape that doesn’t happen but I still don’t see how Althea is justified in beating Coby up She’s just as guilty as he is in everything they do And when Coby and Althea have sex it’s consensual; she actually initiates it But for whatever reason Althea thinks that she has the right to beat Coby into a bloody pulp And Althea and Coby’s friends play it off by saying that he probably ‘deserved it’ Now imagine if Coby beat Althea horribly Do you think her friends would still say she ‘deserved it’?The rape is critical to the storyline of the rest of the book It sets the rest of the events in Althea and Oliver in motion leading to the end of this book which is pretty romantic in a modern sense of the word In that way I could argue that Moracho romanticises or glorifies rape That’s up for discussion What’s not up for discussion is that she most certainly trivialises it Not only is the rape passed over as largely unimportant it’s also excused because Althea had been pining after Oliver So let me ask if a hot guy is pining after a cute girl does that make it okay for him to have sex with her without her permission? Moracho excuses diminishes trivialises and largely ignores a rape She also tells jokes with rape as the punch line such as when Althea sees her “friend” Coby at a Halloween party and asks “What are you supposed to be? A date rapist?” The irony here is that this scene takes place after Althea rapes OliverI’m not against books that deal with rape or sexism But I have a HUGE issue with this book because although the rape is what causes Althea and Oliver’s actions leading to the end of the book it’s almost forgotten by the end It is at no point discussed or dealt with And while I know that in real life these things aren’t always dealt with I don’t believe that Moracho left anything unresolved in an attempt to make the book believable And she wasn’t trying to start any kind of discussion or make any kind of “artistic” statement I believe that she genuinely doesn’t understand the implications of what she’s written She doesn’t understand that what Althea does to Oliver is rape even though she’s a girl and he’s a boy That’s why this book is sexist That’s why I will strongly encourage anyone NOT to read this book I’m all for freedom of expression But Moracho clearly bit off than she could chew with this book No matter how nice the prose is this book isn’t okay I’ve seen girls as young as ten or eleven pick it up because the cover is so innocent and walk away reading it That terrifies me because reading other reviews of this book I see that a lot of people don’t even recognise that the rape is a rape or how strongly this book plays to a misandrist double standard I don’t think that this book should be promoted by bookstores or publishers or book bloggers or anyone else for that matter It’s not uite Mein Kampf so it should probably still be sold but I wouldn’t argue that there should be some kind of disclaimer in it If Moracho was a responsible author she’d at least release an author’s note or something I’m sixteen myself and I can tell you that her prime audience teenagers are impressionable And what’s she doing is propagating dangerous sexist misapprehensions Ask yourself whether you’re a boy or a girl How would you feel if someone had sex with you while you were sleeping? And you couldn’t remember it later on Do yourself a favour Don’t read this book

  4. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at Oliver is a different take on the best friends to lovers trope A very different take I’m not going to waste any time or words on dealing with anything other than The story here is that Althea and Oliver have been best friends since their first game of Candyland when they were six years old When Oliver develops a strange illness A line gets crossed that can never be uncrossedBottom line is Althea rapes Oliver There’s no other way to say it Oliver has a so far undiagnosed case of Kleine Levin Syndrome aka Sleeping Beauty Syndrome where he suddenly falls asleep and stays that way for an indefinite period of time Sometimes he “wakes up” to use the bathroom or to eat but he’s never really conscious Althea has been duped by Oliver before – accompanying him to the Waffle House when she thought he was back only to have him eat his weight in breakfast and throw an absolute fit before falling asleep again When Oliver and Althea attend a party which leads to their first make out session where Oliver says he isn’t ready to take things further only to once again succumb to one of his spells in short order Althea knows the hypersexual Oliver she meets when he “wakes up” is simply a doppelganger of sorts But that doesn’t stop her from having sex with him Upon Oliver’s actual awakening he can feel something is wrong and when Althea is forced to confess he doesn’t want anything to do with her And that is the part where a story that was well on its way to being 5 Stars simply for being such a THINKER of a tale dropped to a mediocre 3 because It got boring And super unrealistic I’m not going to even bother talking about it – let’s just say Althea’s time in New York? UghSince I’m not the target audience for this story that may strictly be my issue though As I said before this still really was a real thinker of a book that should serve to open up the lines of communication regarding grey areas for lack of a better term of sexual encounters At best Althea taking Oliver’s virginity could be called dubious consent I don’t even think you could call it that but I’m willing to play devil’s advocate But there’s also a uestion of “what if?” What if Althea said no or tried to stop Oliver because he wasn’t really Oliver and he couldn’t be stopped because he wasn’t really Oliver She couldn’t do anything to stop him at a restaurant would she be able to stop him in his bedroom? Obviously we’ll never know the answer since it wasn’t written that way but it’s a pretty creepy thing to think about that would have changed the story 100% Would readers be sympathetic to Althea as a female being raped than they are of Oliver who even in the book receives “atta boys” rather than an OHMYGODGOTOTHEPOLICEIMMEDIATELY reaction? And what about Althea’s case of “buyer’s remorse” again for lack of a better term when she decides to have sex with the über creeper Coby only to beat the shit out of him the next day? Althea appeared to be a willing participant – but she was also intoxicated so could she consent? These are topics parents need to be discussing with their children – especially in the current environment today If it takes something fictional to be a jumping off point for your family’s discussions this might be a winner

  5. bec ɤ bec ɤ says:

    I've had time to mull over this book and decided to change my ratings from 2 to 1 starI really wished I could have loved this book It started out great Then halfway through Althea began to annoy me If it wasn't for her I think I would have loved this novel She was so easily susceptible to peer pressure and that got on my nerves During the novel people would tell her to do something and then she would think about it for 003 seconds before saying yes Her rash decisions such as lying to her father and going to New York to live with complete strangers meant no sense to me Like I understand she was trying to find herself but I don't think moving it with a bunch of no job drop out students you just met is a good idea It was like the moral of the story was that If you're friend zoned for life just run away from home and move in with the first strangers you meetI felt that Althea held herself to be self important when basically all she does in the novel is get drunk smoke and complain about basically everything What I did not find okay was when Oliver pushes her against the car during one of his episodes and she does nothing about Even though he has a condition she didn't even stick up for herself which I found confusing The rest of the novel I ended up enjoying Oliver's character way than AltheaAnother problem was their friendship At first it seemed nice and that they really knew each other but as the story progressed it just became toxic Sooner or later they began fighting all the time until the end when they reconcile but decide that they're better off friends Like did I need to waste my time reading a story to find that out?What really bothered me was the essential scene in the book where Oliver is in one of his experiencing one of his KLS symptoms where he is very off personality and has no control over his body and where Althea who is there to keep watch over him has sex with him in his unaware state where she clearly knows that isn't really him and how beforehand he mentions he doesn't want to have sex with her Basically rape Some people may disagree on this point but it the roles were switched everyone would be up and arms which brings me to DOUBLE STANDARDS Althea is whiny selfish self center girl who only seems to care about herself and takes advantage of people What really bothered me about this novel is that I thought they would at least address it but no Instead you have Althea telling Oliver what happened months afterwards and how he Wanted to do it And how she couldn't stop him if she wanted to And how she didn't hold him down and force himIt just bothered me how the author portrayed the stigma of male rape And how uickly what Althea did was brushed offNO NO NOJust noShe was the one in the right mindset he wasn't even aware of his motorskills what this novel is basically saying is that she had sex with him because she believes that because she has a crush on him and he won't remember it anyway in his altered state that it's okay I also hated how Oliver's friend tried to justify Althea's actions with how she's hot And how Oliver is lucky to have fucked such a beautiful girlByeThe scene near the end where Oliver and Althea have sex bothered me unbelievably They have sex even though they know it isn't going to work out and she is going to stay there I was like what's the point Why does she continue to let herself and Oliver deluded her into thinking that maybe it could work He knows he couldn't love her the way she wanted to and they could just have a heartfelt conversation and leave it at thatWhat also annoyed me was with how Althea beat Colby up near the end The sex they had was 100% consensual and initiated by Althea but she then for some realizes that she doesn't like and beats him¿¿¿¿The fact that this was brushed off made me seethe soo much because aGAIN if the roles were switched the reaction would be much different and no one would say that Althea had probably deserved it Like they did to Colby What I enjoyed most was when Oliver was in the hospital and Althea wasn't there You get to see of him and learn about his illness which I really liked Seeing him interact with the people at the hospital was also a plus for meGarth was very disappointing as a parent to be so oblivious to what is happening to in your daughters life He doesn't even call her mom to make sure she got there okay he just takes her word for it when she has a tendency for getting into trouble At least he fits in the typical YA slot for clueless parentsThe ending also bothered me immensely I felt it was just cut off as if I was watching a program and it just went off air leaving me to imagine what happens at the end I did enjoy Oliver's character though I wish there was chapters about him then the long dragged out chapters from Althea's perspective A positive for me was how true the author manage to capture the New York feel through new eyes that I really enjoyed I also really enjoyed the writing style even though some parts were overly descriptive

  6. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    Full disclosure I read this book because of the title Yeah that's my name and when the blurb told me it was about a punk rock girl moving to New York I was soldWell it's not reallyIt's about a girl whose best friend from childhood comes down with a rare and life changing illness Althea has to face both the difficult time Oliver is having and the normal strains and stresses about how relationships and one's sense of self change as one grows upYes as part of growing up Althea kinda sorta runs away and finds new friends and community in New York Even though she and her new friends weren't really 'punk' they're Brooklyn hipsters really I felt like I'd been here 10 years by the time things were like the descriptions here even though the blurb says it's supposed to be the early 1990s this was by far my favorite part of the book and yes it really did have aspects that I could relate toHowever that's only the latter part of the book The larger first half is all suburban angst and high school drama It's pretty well done Althea thinks and acts like a teen and I found her believable even though I never had an Oliver that I expected to stay close to for my whole lifeOliver's plight meanwhile well when I was a kid I went through a phase of reading books about children who go through awful horrible things abuse fatal illnesses etc It started with Torey Hayden's 'One Child' and expanded There's a whole genre of these books I think the appeal is in the exploration of what's the worst possible thing that could happen to you?But I'm long over that phase and Oliver's illness seemed like a very non severe and watered down version of the kind of drama to be found in that genre It was a little interesting to learn about Kleine Levin Syndrome but it didn't totally grab meI did however really like the ending I was afraid the book was going to paint itself into a difficult corner but I thought the resolution was uite satisfyingI felt like I wasn't exactly the target audience for this book If I'd read it at a certain point in time when i was younger I think it would've resonated a lot so I would definitely recommend it to 12 16 year olds especially rebellious onesMany thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read a copy of this bookAs always my opinions are solely my ownPS note on other reviews view spoilerI find the number of other reviews that are criticizing Althea for 'raping' Oliver while he was sick kind of odd Did these readers miss the part where later Althea says I don't think I could've stopped it? In his illness Oliver was very physically sexually aggressive Yes she wanted it but he also physically overcame her I thought that was a good part of making the incident a convincing emotionally complex eventIn addition I think a number of readers are criticizing this as if it were a romance Yes there is a lot of hurtful and bad behavior in this book But at no time does the author glorify people's hurtful actions or portray them as romantic People aren't always nice to each other and a good insightful novel will recognize this as this one does hide spoiler

  7. Sara Grochowski Sara Grochowski says:

    Althea and Oliver have been best friends since age six their very different personalities somehow balancing and combining to form a whole Life without the other is unimaginable until Oliver develops a sleeping illness tears them apart for weeks and months at a time While Oliver loses chunks of his life to the disorder Althea is adrift Confused and angry she makes an irreversible mistake from which their relationship might never recover Althea and Oliver is one of those dirty raw and honest books that it almost hurts to read Readers will clearly see that the characters are making mistakes but are of course powerless to stop them At the same time it's almost cathartic to see Althea and Oliver fail fail then begin again Not everyone will love this novelwith it's messy characters and imperfect conclusion but those who do will unabashedly champion it I'm definitely the latter

  8. Kristen Kristen says:

    This was really good I loved the writing It was so rich and beautiful and raw and real I grew very attached to the two main characters Althea and Oliver I liked this much much than I was expecting to thanks to the undeservedly low ratings here on Goodreads This was a pleasant surprise I definitely want to read from this author in the future A very solid contemporary 45 stars

  9. Eunice Moral Eunice Moral says:

    This book is anything but typical Do not expect the mushy cheesy type Do not expect swooning and gushing Do not expect for the typical love story Expect what real raw love is Expect the unconventional affection Expect that reality isn't always as beautiful as you hoped it to be that reality is reality and most often than not it is uglyFrom the moment I read the synopsis about two best friends one wanting than friendship and is set in mid 90's with mix tapes and whatnot I was practically sold I wanted to read the book I wanted it so bad Plus the blurb that said Althea can't stop falling in love Oliver can't stop falling asleep kind of drew me in This kind of story was what my heart was aching for when I read the synopsis I just knew there's no way I am going to pass this one upI started reading it the 1st of February and it took me 23 freaking days to finish it I'm not usually like this but this book was painfully slow There are parts that just dragged on and on and still the story was never close to resolution There are parts that weren't necessary at all the novel could definitely do without it It was well written however the writing style was kind of hard to get into there are parts that I had a hard time understanding who was actually being referred to Take this for an instance in a paragraph two characters were involved let's say Valerie and Althea then the author would use the pronoun she and I was left rereading the whole paragraph as to who that she was referring to And this didn't happen once it happened pretty often I will be left thinking if I kind of lost my comprehending skills along the way or maybe the fact that the story didn't grip me in ways I expected it to can be considered a factor as to why I had a hard time reading it Also the book did not really highlight the 90s you can actually mistake it to be set today it was a let down really Althea and Oliver were not your average teenagers Oliver had this very odd illness and just wanted for things to go back to normal and Althea was this rebellious girl who constantly craves for Oliver's attention Yes it was as complex as its sounds I loved Althea's boldness and stubbornness just as much as I hated Oliver's selfishness The story weaved through this complicated mess of unreuited love I would like to commend the author's attempt on veering away from what the majority of people would want to see in a book The novel offered a new flavor to YA and I truly admire the author for it This is a good coming of age story however as much as I want to force myself into loving it this book isn't for me Will I be reading of Cristina Moracho's work? Yeah sure Maybe I would like to see a first person point of view Maybe then I could be comfortable with the writing style All in all it's a good book

  10. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    25 stars I think fans of WHITE LINES or BROOKLYN BURNING will appreciate the style I liked the first half better than the second though I liked the atypical ending But yeah view spoilerrape is rape hide spoiler

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