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The Jaguar Princess ❰Read❯ ➯ The Jaguar Princess Author Clare Bell – In Aztec Mexico before the Conuistadores the sacrificial steps of the temple run red with blood But a minor ruler Wise Coyote would challenge this state and instigate a peaceful regime Mixcatl's shape In Aztec Mexico before the Conuistadores the sacrificial steps of the temple run red with blood But a minor ruler Wise Coyote would challenge this state and instigate a peaceful regime Mixcatl's shape changing powers can aid him in the rebellion as she tries to find her own identity.

  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • The Jaguar Princess
  • Clare Bell
  • English
  • 22 October 2015
  • 9780312856731

About the Author: Clare Bell

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10 thoughts on “The Jaguar Princess

  1. Bre Bre says:

    I read this book in middle school and could not put it down To my 12 year old self this was the most amazing book ever

  2. Tristan Naraine Tristan Naraine says:

    When I saw this book I thought it was really ancient with a really ancient boring story However when I actually stopped judging the book by the cover and back cover synopsis I became somewhat interested on how a slave became a demigod Right?When I saw this book I thought it was really ancient with a really ancient boring story However when I actually stopped judging the book by the cover and back cover synopsis I became somewhat interested on how a slave became a demigod Right? Also the fact that I had nothing else to read for class LOL Anyway so the first 200 pages of this book is about who this girl is We are introduced to the protagonist of the book whose name is under wraps for the time being We don’t find out her name until about chapter ten of the story Meanwhile before chapter ten we are told that the protagonist is a slave who has been traded times than she can count She has been taken from her grandmother and been separated from her once again We learn that no one finds her attractive portrays her as incapable of work as she is being sold in the market We also learned that she is a short tempered smell sensitive child who expresses these rather trouble making traits via her attack of one of the customers as well as an animal The third person omniscient narrator informs the reader that she didn’t know how that happened implying that she does not know that she maybe related to a jaguar or being the jaguar princess In addition to the protagonist we are also introduced to the second protagonist The formatting of the book is that each chapter is divided into two one for the slave girl and one for Telatoni Telatoni is a leader and warrior whose wisdom is the reason why he gets into situations following The situation of this protagonist can be easily described as man vs himself type of plotstory Telatoni uestions the religion of those who live among the Aztec land and uestions his way of life His modern wisdom and conception is not accepted by anyone which is something he knows for a fact In spite of this his conception brings him to the advancement of his religious childhood learningknowledge of the Jaguar People of a previous long ago era Meanwhile we learn that the slave girl draws a highly despised symbol from the religious handbook of the people soon after the death of the head priest of the school she works at She is then made aware of the bad symbol she made and is notified that she had hidden talents that she was never taught The symbol she drew was a production of glyph writing She is then given a spot at the glyph writing house and given the once stripped education she was suppose to receive Around chapter ten or a little after these two characters the two protagonists meet up or clash This is like the climax to the book in my own opinion He brought her to his land and place with the lead glyph writer to assist in writing a story for another leader affiliated with Telatoni The other reason why he brought her here not that she knows but the reason is that she is the descendant of the Jaguar people which may be the answer to his religious mishaptures and resistance However he meets her finding somewhat of a sexual appeal or intimacy only one way towards her but endeavors to ignore it Long after he exposes to her his secret the real reason for bringing her and tries to expose the creature in her instead of her trying to tame it This book is an extremely excellent book so far I am especially fond of the part where she tries to resist something truly self overwhelming unknown hazardous and extreme trait in her but is forced to do the opposite That for me was an excellent part of the book and the way she now Seven Flower Mixcatl handled the situation She is extremely courageous and a character worth reading about also Telatoni SO far 5 stars out of 5 BTW I think I like historical fiction I see a trend

  3. Kari Kari says:

    Not a bad book I liked reading something set in Aztec times before Cortes long before for something different but it also felt lacking like there wasn't enough focus on the setting all the time for it to be engrossing The main character was fun and different but there were so many men It would have been nice to see other females in the book besides the main character The descriptions of the cities were good though not engrossing like I said before and the book went by really fast in a good way

  4. AJNels AJNels says:

    This was the very first book I borrowed via Inter Library Loan when I was in middle school It was my introduction to Aztec and Olmec religious traditions plus I was totally on board for a tween girl being able to transform into a jungle cat It held up pretty well

  5. Megan Megan says:

    35 I guess it was fine Some parts were slow when the main characters endlessly rehashed things that had already happened or talked about taking action rather than taking action But the parts about glyphs and art were interesting and I enjoyed reading the book as I was reading it

  6. Laura Laura says:

    May be exciting if a bit of the book is cut out It tends to drag on and some of the content is NOT for kids

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Slow start but definitely worth the read What a wonderful storyline and depiction of ancient cultures

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    As a pre teen I couldn’t get enough of this book I remember reading it over and over and dreaming about turning into a jaguar myself I honestly have no idea how it holds up as an adult but I’ll be giving my copy to my kids sometime soon in hopes they enjoy is as much as I did

  9. Jose Torres Jose Torres says:

    Good read This is a historic fantasy novel Set in the Aztec timeline Primarily follows a young lady named Mixcatl and a king inside one of the Aztex nation Wise Coyotes From slave to Demigod indeed Very intriguing and detailed as to how the lifestyle must have been in those times the story follows her being sold as a slave cleaning piss pots to eventually getting directly involved in the higher tiers political enviroment She had an uncanny and special unindetified powers always known to her self Without spoiling much Clare left me with an itch to see it used often as there was a lot of teasing The novel transfers from Mixcatl and Wise Coyotes perspective full off political games and day to day expierences The book is well written and the story above average that it kept my interest but it did leave me desiring for

  10. J& J& says:

    I picked this up at a used book store for a dollar because the cover attracted me And it turned out to be one of the best shapeshifter novels I have ever readThe Jaguar Princess melds shapeshifter fantasy with historical fiction set during the Aztec Empire Mixcatl is a young girl stolen from her jungle village to become a slave in the capital city Her artistic talents soon come to light and she becomes a scribe But she another talent even rare She is one of the jaguar people; descended from ancient rulers of this land Will she be the one to free her people from the cruel Aztec king whose sacrifices grow and demanding?I enjoyed the story so much because I immediately identified with the protagonist She is spirited intelligent and curious One of my favorite scenes is at the beginning when upon arriving in the city she hears the rumor that if a slave touches the walls of the palace they are freed Naturally she makes a run for it She doesn't succeed yet after she becomes a scribe she doesn't try again The author shows that a person can change as they grow Mixcatl has been indoctrinated to her new society readying her to remain here and fulfill her destiny An exciting adventure a great heroine and even a love story all work to make this a fantastic novel There is a lot of humor and very good character development Though the actual shapeshifting doesn't occur until the end the book is a real page turner I would have loved a seuel But if you enjoy shapeshifter stories or historical fiction do yourself a favor and find a copy

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