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  • 24 February 2014

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  1. Katie Katie says:

    See full review Katie's CornerI got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Truth be told I got it somewhere in October or November 2014 and due to my studies couldn’t review it But as promised my spring break eualed to me reading so apologies to everyone who has been waiting for me to review this book I’m ready to share y thoughts right nowThe subtitle o “inspirational Novel” suits this book very well When I first started reading it no way before I started reading it I was expecting something absolutely different but whatever I got was uite astonishing and a really great new approach to our memories and self development David Allen constructed an absolutely realistic world with characters as if from life and not just fictional ones The very concept of Pool of echoes was very interesting though I didn’t really get how it actually allowed people to visit their memories and change stuff I thought that it was cheating Instead of overcoming his difficulties now Jordan went to the past and gave hope to his old selves so that he could be reborn I believe it’s cheating but to come up with such idea is also greatI am still confused with some things mainly with Nathan coming in all Jordan’s memories to kill him Okay I got that he was a demon but then again if he was a demon it must have been Jordan’s subconscious that made him so why couldn’t he not just think about him But well how he overcame him was also great The paradox theory was also well though of And it made uite a lot of sense Another thing which was really confusing was why he had to kill himself – Jay 66 I mean he killed his future self which to me made absolutely no sense but then again I might have missed something important when I wanted to understand the concept behind the voicesProbably I just confused you even but what I would like to tell you is that this book is very easy to read It does confuse you in the beginning but you’ll find logical explanation to everything Are you ready to dive into pool of echoes and to be reborn as a new and better person Well grab your copy now I believe you will enjoy it a lot

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review This in no way influenced my review Rating 355 starsWhen I received this book for review the author informed me that the book was an inspirational thriller and that he was inspired by Ted Dekker I love Ted Dekker's fantasyscifi novels The Circle Trilogy and the Lost Books series and I enjoyed the books that I have read from him that are thriller novels Before I read Pool of Echoes I had certain expectations knowing that the author was inspired by Ted DekkerTed Dekker's novels often make you wonder What in the world is going on and you usually don't fully understand the novel until you are finished with the series It is always a crazy ride This is also true of Pools of EchoesPools of Echoes stars a main character who is in the mental ward The whole book I was asking myself Is any of this really happening in the 'real world' or is it all just a figment of the main characters imagination I was expecting crazy twists in the plot and everything that seemed to be real to not be real This excitement and curiosity made this novel incredibly interestingThe ending was surprising and interesting I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good clean thriller novel

  3. Samie Sands Samie Sands says:

    Pool of Echoes is a fast paced thriller filled with amazingly complex characters who drag you into their world and don't want to let you go Once I started to read this book I couldn't put it down David G Allen has an amazing way with words and I can't wait to read of his work

  4. Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson says:

    Title Pool of EchoesAuthor David G AllenPages 174Year 2015Publisher CreateSpaceMy rating is 4 starsJordan Mitchfield hears voices He is home at Mitchfield Manor when two policemen arrive pounding on his bedroom door He makes a run for it out the window trying to escape but gets caught and taken to a mental asylum He knows who put the police up to capturing him; it is his older brother Nathan Nathan and Jordan are sons of a billionaire media mogul who is dying from cancer Nathan wants control of his father’s media empire and needs Jordan out of the way to obtain a controlling share of the company Jordan knows no one in his family cares about him but his father who is too ill to help himWhile in the asylum Jordan still hears voices and believes he should be where he is but not permanently He knows he needs help but can he find it with Dr Seltzer One night the door to his room is opened and another doctor comes to take him for therapy He winds up in a pool of water that somehow helps him regress with the doctor’s help to visit his past He visits various time periods from his past where he encounters himself at the particular age he was at the time the memory was madeThis regression was complicated and hard to follow exactly how this happened but the story was filled with action and lots of tension which made it very interesting to read There were a few swear words in the story for those readers who might be offended There were only a couple of references to God so if readers are looking for that particular element in a story it is not very evident in this one The characters were realistic and easy to relate to making me eager to see who the story ended It was short and very easy to read and I uickly got involved in the taleDisclosure of Material Connection I received one or of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog Regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988 FaceBook at

  5. Beckie Burnham Beckie Burnham says:

    Pool of Echoes by David Allen has an interesting premise — discovery of the sources of fears insecurities and weaknesses by revisiting key moments from the past In this novel Jordan Mitchfield is hearing voices and uestioning the value of his life With the help of friends and strangers Jordan confronts his past and actually learns from it becoming stronger with each encounter with his younger selfPool of Echoes is a speculative novel with lots of supernatural as well as psychological touches There are two realities at play within the novel — the present world full of corporate machinations and political intrigue and Jordan’s past where the answers to the present’s problems await It is a very short read that I think would have benefitted from a bit description of characters’ backgrounds and motivations As it was I had a hard time connecting with the characters There is a bit of an inspirational message but it seemed to be an afterthought; cryptic than subtle Allen’s message is that to achieve wholeness one must go back to the source which has little to do with our own efforts On a side note Pool of Echoes needs a bit of editing Past and present tenses were sometimes used within the same passage causing a jarring effect I don’t think was intendedWhile Pool of Echoes may not have been my cup of tea others have liked it Make sure to check out the and Goodreads reviewsAudience adultsThanks to the author for a review copy All opinions expressed are mine alone

  6. Marisa Marisa says:

    This was a book that had me initially confused then intrigued and then pleased with the way it all came together “The Pool of Echoes” is a shorter book that I read in just one sitting It makes you uestion your perspective and take a second look at some of the things in your past Jordan is troubled and uestioning himself but forcing the blame in all the wrong places Though easy to see where Jordan makes mistakes it’s harder to step back half a step and wonder where you’re doing the sameI appreciated that David did a great job making the case for spirituality without trying to force anything down your throat His perspective on the story gives it a grounding morals even as it deals with characters who don’t follow the same rules I have to admit I’ve been wondering what I would see in the “pool”Warning Contains some violenceWho should read it Folks looking for a mystery thriller with a personal twist that makes you rethink your own battles Please note I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review courtesy of the authorSee all my reviews and at wwwReadingToDistractioncom or Read2Distract

  7. Monica Fastenau Monica Fastenau says:

    Read the full review on my blog Jordan thinks he’s going crazy He hears voices and sees things that aren’t there His brother heir to a hugely influential company has Jordan put in a mental institution until further notice While he’s there Jordan starts to discover some discrepancies in his brother’s behavior and when a mysterious stranger asks Jordan to trust him he dives into the Pool of Echoes–pretty literallyWithout giving too much away the Pool of Echoes is a pool inside the mental institution that has special powers we’re never told how or why to allow the patient to travel through their memories a somewhat time travel y moment since the patient can interact within the memories and change what happens Jordan digs through his memories in an attempt to understand his broken past and fix his present day problemsNote I received a free galley of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

  8. David Allen David Allen says:

    Well Goodreads wants me to review my own bookIt was fantastic Arguably the best book ever writtenIt does things with the Christian fiction genre that have never been done before while still satisfying the need for action and wild ideasThe chapters are fast before you know it you are ten chapters in and loving itThere is a fantastical element to the plot that combines the familiar devices of time travel and dream states yet the story manages to keep everything straightforward and easy to understandIf you want your life to change for the better but would love to be entertained at the same time this is a good book for you

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Pool of Echoes[PDF / Epub] ✪ Pool of Echoes ☆ David G. Allen – Buyprobolan50.co.uk In this Inspirational Thriller Nothing Is Certain But The Truth Jordan Mitchfield is heir to a media empire worth billions He also sees and hears things that aren’t there Then someone close puts him In this Inspirational Thriller Nothing Is Certain But The Truth Jordan Mitchfield is heir to a media empire worth billions He also sees and hears things that Pool of Epub / aren’t there Then someone close puts him in an insane asylum against his will When it looks like there is no way out but to take his own life he is stopped Is it a vision Is what he’s seeing actually real Is it even part of this dimension Whatever it is it opens his cell door and throws him into a dangerous time travel adventure through his memories As he goes deeper into the Pool of Echoes he is forced to confront everything he has ever known reconstruct his own mental health and play a role in something much larger than himself Fans of Contemporary Science fiction Action Espionage Christian fiction and Fantasy with a Psychological edge will dive through each exciting moment If you or anyone you know has ever uestioned their own self worth get on board this life changing thrill ride You will never be the same.

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Leaving hometown and innocence behind David traveled to distant lands by Ship by Sky and by MindHe returned from the journey with dangerous ideas strange powder that Pool of Epub / explodes and broken hearts some parts of others got mixed in with his own He keeps most of it locked in a wooden chest preserved with tar and strengthened with iron bands and padlocks Now a double agent he travels to.