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Santa Claustrophobia ❴Ebook❵ ➠ Santa Claustrophobia Author Mike Reiss – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Meet Doc Holiday As a therapist he's helped everyone from the Thanksgiving Turkey with his recurring nightmares about Pilgrims to Cupid and his personal romance problems he's remarkably shy for a guy Meet Doc Holiday As a therapist he's helped everyone from the Thanksgiving Turkey with his recurring nightmares about Pilgrims to Cupid and his personal romance problems he's remarkably shy for a guy with no pants But when Saint Nick himself comes in and is diagnosed with a severe case of Santa Claustrophobia the Doc gets the challenge of his career Sending the big guy off to Aruba for some much needed R and R the Doc takes it on himself to round up the rest of the holiday gang to handle Christmas in Santa's absence The challenges become immediately apparent as the Easter Bunny paints all of the toys in pastels Lincoln and Washington fight over who's in charge Columbus insists he must sail West to go East to make the deliveries and the April Fool manages to do everything wrong Christmas is out of control and it becomes clear to Doc Holiday that there's only one person who can set things right.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Santa Claustrophobia
  • Mike Reiss
  • English
  • 10 November 2014
  • 9780843177565

10 thoughts on “Santa Claustrophobia

  1. Carolyn Jeziorski Carolyn Jeziorski says:

    This is a funny book and the premise is great the setting is where all the holiday characters live Santa is suffering from claustrophobia There are a lot of inside jokes and puns in here for adults but it's a bit long winded to use as a read aloud for kids

  2. Denise Denise says:

    Creative and fun to read I bought with a friends 1st grader in mind however some of the words were a bit much for that age Everyone needs a break once in a while and in the town of Stinky Cigar where holiday big wheels stay Santa is in need of help all the other holiday peeps step up to help but ol Santa's job isn't as easy as it may seem Thank goodness Santa relaxes on the fast

  3. Maggie Mattmiller Maggie Mattmiller says:

    Cute idea I just wish it didn't feature Columbus

  4. Relyn Relyn says:

    This was fun and cute but the puns were wasted on elementary school kids

  5. Dolly Dolly says:

    We recently discovered How Murray Saved Christmas at my sister in law's house so I was pleasantly surprised to discover this book at our girls' elementary school library I thought at first that this story was a preuel since it introduces us to the characters that were mentioned in the story about Murray But apparently it was published afterward and the plot lines don't really have all that much in common It has the same type of rhyming and lyrical narrative and crazy fun illustrations that we've grown to love by David Catrow But this story just didn't have the same charm as the first tale It was good but not great

  6. JaNeal JaNeal says:

    Okay I will be the first to say that you wouldn't want your four year old repeating a couple of the lines nothing serious though and a lot of the characterization goes over their heads politics psychology etc but for those who are old enough to understand the puns and play on wordscharacters this is a funny book And that was a long sentence There are several good ideas in this one it's just not a true kiddie book you'd have to explain too much to get the laughs and explaining usually leads to no laughs

  7. Patricia Patricia says:

    This is a story about holidays and their various psychological ailments to include Santa Claus who ends up in Aruba after a visit with Doc Holiday The other holidays step in and try to make sure that Christmas is taken care of Luckily Santa returns with just enough time for his Christmas duties as the other holidays are not up to par It is funny and original The illustrations are well done

  8. Kari Kari says:

    I have no memory of ever reading this book with the girls However here it is in our Christmas books We read this as part of our Countdown to Christmas activities It is a cute book with American holiday characters as well as a few International thrown in to one town Cute concept and fun illustrations Now where oh where did we get it and why do we have it? My guess Scholastic Warehouse sale or my mom

  9. Laura Laura says:

    This was a slightly odd tale but it was fairly uniue Some parts of it were clever but I found some parts kind of lame The illustrations were full of color I might recommend this bookTaken from my book reviews blog

  10. Samantha Samantha says:

    This book was very different than the usual ones I've read I wouldn't want to vacation in Stinky Cigars Seems like a bit of trouble would happen if I went there I do have a problem with the description of Cupid however I just don't see how he could be stupid Oh well the book made me laugh so something must have been done right

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