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The Liar ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Liar Author Nora Roberts – Shelby Foxworth lost her husband Then she lost her illusionsThe man who took her from Tennessee to an exclusive Philadelphia suburb left her in crippling debt He was an adulterer and a liar and when S Shelby Foxworth lost her husband Then she lost her illusionsThe man who took her from Tennessee to an exclusive Philadelphia suburb left her in crippling debt He was an adulterer and a liar and when Shelby tracks down his safe deposit box she finds multiple IDs The man she loved wasn’t just dead He never really existedShelby takes her three year old daughter and heads south to seek comfort in her hometown where she meets someone new Griff Lott a successful contractor But her husband had secrets she has yet to discover Even in this small town surrounded by loved ones danger is closer than she knows—and threatens Griff as well And an attempted murder is only the beginning.

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  1. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    35 starsPLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE MAY BE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEWI have been a fan of Nora Roberts since the first Mills Boon’s book I read in the 80’s She’s become my favorite romance author of all time and I actually have one bookcase filled with over 200 NR books in my bedroom “dedicated” to her I have reread a lot of her books over and over again What makes her books so special and unforgettable for me? The portrayal of her characters – they’re genuine relatable and real life Her female characters are independent smart and brave with an inner strength and at the same time have a soft and caring side as well Her heroes are 100% real men Sexy protective alpha but not in an overbearing and beyond controlling way making them totally believable The dialogue sparkles like diamonds Many of her books are set in small and often remote towns and vividly described that you can see the pictures in your headTo be honest I have been slightly disappointed with some of her latest books The Collector and Blood Magick So I was really looking forward to her latest release The LiarA short summary of the story plot After the mysterious death of her husband Shelby Foxworth discovers that she had been living a life filled with lies and deceit with a man who had been a liar and a cheat Left with a huge amount of debt and alone with her little daughter all her illusions shattered she decides to return to her hometown and family and start a new life But it’s not that easy to let go of your pass and she will need strength and courage to keep her daughter and family safe from the people who believe she knows about her deceased husband’s affairs than she thinksWell this book is certainly not one of my favorites It was enjoyable but somehow just okayno WOW factor for me It could have been a WOW one but there were a few things that missed the mark for me So let me begin with the things I most enjoyed in this very sweet and cute love story with a bit of suspense thrown in that leaves you with a warm feeling as you turn the last pageTHE SETTINGNora Roberts is the best at creating a small town setting and she does it incredibly well in this story that brings Rendezvous Ridge and its location Smoky Mountains Tennessee’s to lifeYou immediately have a picture in your head of a slow paced friendly town where everyone knows everyone’s business and secrets the everyday life of the community and their interaction with each otherThe writing is smooth and makes for easy readingTHE MAIN CHARACTERSSHELBYWhat I liked about her was that despite finding herself in a situation that would break most people she pulls herself together and deals with it as best she can She has an inner strength that surfaces again after years of having her confidence and self worth destroyed by her now dead husband She has resilience and determination to turn her life around and make things work for her and her daughterShe’s cautious and doesn’t do things rashly and without thought She has her heart in the right place The real Shelby is back Loving caring talented and getting her confidence back And even if she does “waffle” a bit sometimes and goes on and on about thingswell that’s her characterGRIFFIN LOTTWhat’s not to love about this man He’s sexy lovable caring and thoughtful and has a great swagger And he’s totally determined that Shelby is the one for him He never deviates from that thoughtand no he doesn’t go all uber alpha on herhe slowly breaks down her resistance in the most endearing and cute way And waithe’s the perfect gentleman to bootoh and he has a home that I so would love to live intogether with him naturally And did I mention that he’s amazing with kids? His interaction with Callie Shelby’s daughter is joyful and sweet and fabulousTHE ROMANCESweet and romantic Not over steamy exactly Although there are one or two scenes that were pretty hotspecially the one where Griffin seduces Shelby on the porch of his house SexyThe development of their relationship was done really wellslowly growing from friendship to love made it real and believable instead of it being an insta love one “He’d said he was in love with her And that just filled her up and emptied her out again It made her want to shake it made her want to weep It made her want to hold onto him as if her life depended on it” SECONDARY CHARACTERSI loved the characters in the story Shelby’s family and how close they are with each other Their love and support for one another The local folksthe women who work with Shelby’s grandmother Shelby’s best friend and her boyfriend Matt endearing relateable lovable funny and uirkycan I just say that my vote isCalliethe most adorable cute and delightful child Yes my heart melted for heropen and enchantingAnd the two women I adoredShelby’s mother and grandmother Viola Please I want to be adopted by these two The love between the three women is incredible and their interaction is the funniest and fabulous The talk and situations that happen in Viola’s Day Spa had me smiling a lot And when Shelby’s mother gives her a condom just before leaving home to spend the night with Griff was hilarious This is so trueWhy 35 stars and not 4 stars?Hell this was a long book TMI Too many pages of long descriptions of places every little detail about the homes the streets the peopleand I was a tad annoyed a few times when Shelby kept repeating to each person she sees about what she feels and wants to doblah blah blahSome parts were slow and dragged a bitThe ending was very predictable I kept waiting for the pop up revelation that I had a good idea of what it would beThe bad guys were a bit OTT They and their actions didn’t feel real to meThe ending seemed rushed – it was over so fasteverything resolved and rub your hands togetherbecauseyes of course there’s a happy ending This is Nora RobertsThis is romanceOkay that’s me and my thoughts and feelings about The Liar Now I’m off to sleep and to dream about Rendezvous Ridge and my new friends

  2. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    Griff is just sheer perfection 3 3 3 3 3Loved it even though I wish it didn't take so long for him to appear but oh well DD

  3. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

    Shelby's life is in ruin Her husband is dead leaving her with debts and it seems he wasn't the man she thought he was when she married him Even his name seems to be false So she packs everything she still owns and returns to her hometown with her daughter But it seems that someone is out there watching her every move and soon her peaceful hometown will not be so peaceful anyBefore last year I had only read one Nora Roberts book which to be honest feels a bit odd when you think about how many books she has written But to be fair I mostly read fantasy sci fi and crime novels and hers have always felt a bit not my type of book But lately I have been given a chance to try out various books written by her and this is the latest and I actually thought that this would be the first book by her that I would give four stars to That was before I hit the 50% in the book and everything started to fall to pieces when it came to the storyOn the plus side with the book we had some really interesting characters; I liked the main character Shelby and her family her love interest Griff was OK yes it was a bit to instalove for my taste but I can take that sort of The crimemystery everything to do with her husband worked for me mostly but it was all the Hard of Dixie stuff feuding with an old enemy from school playing family and the extremely predictable ending that made this book lose stars There are three ways to end a thriller a surprising ending the best a not so surprising ending kind of OK ending you had an inkling of what should happen but for the most part the ending still delivered and a terrible terrible predictable ending the kind that you see miles away This one had the number three ending and I can take many things like for instance instalove well no not really but I can overlook it kind of But this kind of ending noSo in the end 25 stars because half the book was good and I still liked Shelby and her family in the end Thank you Piatkus for providing me with a free copy for an honest review

  4. Jilly Jilly says:

    I think you will like this one if you are familiar with the South This is set there and you could practically feel the mosuitoes biting you hear the cicada bugs buzzing and feel your make up melting off from the humidity Okay and yes the smell of homophobia in the morning No place is perfectOur heroine Shelby just lost her douchbag of a Yankee husband and came back South a single mother with her sweet little girl Callie Almost immediately she meets Griff who was also a Yankee but came to his senses and became one of usCome for the sweet tea Stay for the uesoNora Roberts writes a helluva great leading man in her books She is responsible for Roarke after all One of the most perfect book boyfriends ever And Griff is a great guy He made me laugh which is basically guaranteeing the he can get lucky with meWhen he is babysitting her daughter who is 3 by the way An adorable age I've got scissors and sticks for her to run with and all those matchesWe're great We're heading out now to find some traffic to play inPlaying in traffic made us hungry We want a snack so we're going to go hunt up stranger with candy Awww he had me at running with scissorsAnd after his mother wouldn't let him get a BB gun for Christmas Some things are just fatedAs for the heroine Shelby? She was okay but she had a bit of a martyr complex Her ex husband died and left her in millions of dollars in debt and she becomes this ridiculous martyr who is cutting coupons and sending credit card companies her five dollar tips from the beauty salon Sure it will take her entire life to pay a few thousand out of the millions he owed but her daughter can always start hooking on the street when she's old enough to help pay daddy's debt too Please I don't believe for one minute that she would be responsible for all of that debt If millionaires can get out of paying as much in taxes as we do you can bet there are safeguards in place for a young widow who was duped by her ex But she'd rather make sure everyone knew that she was going to do whatever it took to get Visa every cent her husband owed themBecause of her I didn't rate this book as high as I would have but it was still entertaining enough Very Nora Roberts ie construction and skinny females

  5. ❤️ Dorsey aka Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️ ❤️ Dorsey aka Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️ says:

    Review posted to 4 Stars Shelby is a twenty four year old widow who is shocked to learn that her husband lead a double life a life that left her in staggering debt and many many unanswered uestions about the man she married When her world seems to be crashing around her her only thought is that she needs to get home to Tennesse She needs surround herself and her sweet little girl Callie with her loving family and lifelong friendsWhile trying to get her and Callie settled she learns that she didn't know her husband at all and she's determined than ever to learn about the man she so trustingly married Meanwhile she meets Griff a local handymanbuilder who is instantly smitten with the adorable precocious 4 yr old Callie and her eually adorable if somewhat evasive mother All in all a somewhat predictable storyline but the charming characters that make up Shelby's family Shelby Griff's budding romance and adorable Callie make The Liar well worth reading This audio book was narrated by January LaVoy who does a fantastic job 5 Stars on narration

  6. Jacob Proffitt Jacob Proffitt says:

    This book makes me sad But not for any of the obvious reasons I liked the main characters immensely And the pacing is good the setting tremendous I can't think of anybody who does Southern small town as well as Roberts and the side characters fantastic Let me elaborate on the good before I get to the sad because I want to give this book its dueShelby and Griff were fantastic I loved them both both individually and what they became together Their interactions skirted the ideal a bit but I enjoyed them so much I was glad to be along for the rideI particularly like Roberts' hand with the Southern small town She depicts both the good and the bad of living so much in the neighbors' pockets The gossip is entertaining but with the malicious side evident even coming from characters we otherwise like and admire You can see how adapting to that environment has to be conscious at least to an extent And how it takes fortitude and forgiveness in eual measure Shelby is almost an ideal narrator for this as she's a native returning after a long absence—making her aware and making it natural that her voice would make explicit observations the readers need to know that would otherwise be nearly subconsciousOkay so why so sad then? The antagonists of this story were predictable grotesues and that made the plot almost dreary If it weren't for attaching to the characters and coming to like Shelby so much this would have been a tedious read As it was it was merely exasperating This is potentially spoilery but only in the sense that I'm going to confirm what most readers will suspect from the start I'm not sure what's going on here but I expected better from Roberts Indeed the only reason I hadn't already written the ending in my head at page 10 is because I believed Roberts was better than that She certainly has been in the past Not so here though view spoilerWhen the dead husband showed up finally I heaved an actual sigh and thought well now for the stupid hostage situation the heroine will solve with her gumption and determination just in time to fall into the hero's arms Gotta give her credit though as at least Roberts had Shelby get herself out of trouble rather than merely waiting for rescue That said I want to know what phone she is using where you can text without looking Does she have some old hold out with actual keys? How 2000s can you be?? How convenient hide spoiler

  7. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    Shelby Pomeroy Foxworth is recently widowed and finding that her husband wasn't who he presented himself to be She and her three year old daughter Callie are now saddled with enormous debt instead of the wealth she thought she was inheriting Shelby returns to her hometown in the foothills of Tennessee to recreate her life re establish relationships with family and friends and start anew She gets the attention of Griff Lott a building contractor whose bowled over by her and her daughter While I liked the story it fell really short of a typical romantic suspense story by Nora Roberts There's plenty of humor heartbreak and romance with a healthy dose of family dynamics There is a mystery element but it just isn't suspenseful I figured out most of the plot pretty early on If you read this as a contemporary romance with a mystery element you'll have a better reading experience I listened to the book and really enjoyed the performance by January LaVoy a new for me narrator She nailed the Tennessee accent

  8. Kim Davis Kim Davis says:

    25 starsI know this is a work of fiction but there were too many unrealistic things happening for me to take it seriously First of all no one is declared dead within months of going missingNO ONE It takes seven years for that to happen Secondly debt is not inherited I don't care how good of a person you are you're not going to take on millions in debt for someone who was at a minimum a liar and a cheat It's just not going to happen Thirdly were Shelby's clothes dipped in gold? Every time she sold something she was able to pay off another credit card I could sell the entirety of my closet and I might be able to get the fanciest dinner White Castle has to offer Lastly Callie should have been at least five to match her vocabulary Having her mispronounce a few words didn't change the fact that she didn't talk like any three year old I've ever met I liked Shelby Griff and their romance well enough but it would have been better in another setting I was too irritated by the things above to enjoy the rest of the book

  9. Erica Erica says:

    I think Nora Roberts' romantic suspense novels are no longer romantic nor suspenseful She spends pages on people's jobs and houses than she does on anything and after the third conversation in twenty pages in which the protagonist explains the same thing to someone I've been taking online coursesI I'm going to start a small business I stopped caring what happened to her or her wonderful family or their beautiful houses and fulfilling careers There was so little conflict that I got bored Her love scenes have always been tedious but this time she actually interrupted one in order to continue talking about interior decorating

  10. Alp Alp says:

    3255I had high hopes of this one The blurb itself made this book sound very promising But unfortunately it didn't live up to its potential The plot was too predictable and the suspense part was a bit weak Some of the twists came as no surprise to me The main villain of this story came across like an absurd person or maybe a lunatic than a calculating or sly one And about two main charactersI think the hero was ok for the most part I neither liked nor disliked him though The heroine was meh I had a hard time connecting with her character I felt like she tried to be strong and reasonable but fell flat eventually Moreover she could be very annoying at timesAs much as I was upset with this one it honestly wasn't all that bad There were good things about it too I found myself enjoying its pace The story flowed nicely and some parts of it were very entertaining and the supporting characters were interesting and colorfulAnyway I wouldn't consider this one a satisfying read for me It was sad that the book with so much potential ended up becoming another one of those mediocre almost subpar stories Nothing special to make it stand out from the crowdThat said everyone has their own tastes and preferences so don't let me discourage you from trying this book You may enjoy it than I didAll in all I partially enjoyed this one It wasn’t totally awful it could have been better though

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