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Sea of Stars [Reading] ➲ Sea of Stars ➺ Amy A. Bartol – Eighteen year old Kricket Hollowell was looking for her place in the world when she discovered that the universe was bigger—and dangerous—than she had ever dreamed Now whisked across space to the Eighteen year old Kricket Hollowell was looking for her place in the world when she discovered that the universe was bigger—and dangerous—than she had ever dreamed Now whisked across space to the planet Ethar Kricket learns that her genetic ability to see the future makes her a sought after commodityand the catalyst for war between her star crossed parents’ clans According to Alameedan Sea of PDF \ prophecy one house will rise to power and the other will be completely wiped out and Kricket’s precognition is believed to be the weapon that will tip the scalesA target of both the Rafe and the Alameeda houses Kricket finds protection—and a home—in the arms of Trey her Etharian bodyguard turned boyfriend But her visions of what’s to come disturb her deeply especially since she must discover whether the gift of foresight will allow her to rewrite the future or if her fate is as immovable as the stars.

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  1. Simge Simge says:

    UPDATE 1216 35 Stars “I have a paper heart and he has written notes all over it” I finally got around to reading this and than two years passed since I read the first book Considering that it was pretty easy to get back into the world and remember characters and suchFirst of all I didn't dislike the story in general no in fact I'm still and always will be impressed by Bartols story writing still in awe of her ability to create such worlds and write in a way that’s deep and easy at the same time I'm just going to ratter of the notes I took while readingThis overall felt like a filler book It was one fight scene after another rarely any breaks and you know it was like romantic dancing in one line and in the next line they’re literally being attacked by what or whomever Not something bad if you want to keep readers on edge but I personally like my breaks Not against the story just a personal preference Romance was rushed but since everything was a bit rushed and hectic the romance between Kricket and Trey was the least one that bothered me In fact their moments were probably my highlights of the entire book I’m a fast reader meaning I unintentionally skip over unnecessary words or lines that are hard for me to understand English is not my native language friends or even just straight up boring And I got to say I flew over maybe 30% of the entire book? Not only because it was boring but because this is obviously a Sci Fi book including Sci Fi language and Sci Fi slang or whatever add the made up language in the made up world to it and fight scenes that seem repetitive and I kept losing track of what’s actually happening Once again nothing against Bartol just a personal thing because war and fighting and too much action is not something I enjoy a lot Ok so Kricket badass witty character who apparently doesn’t care when people die over her but as soon as some not ever mentioned name pops up she runs to the nearest pond or whatever and gets some sort of breakdown The same as when she found out that a few people that were supposed to be dead were not dead No emotional reactions to that either The world was literally literally exploding around them and she was looking out and suggesting that combat training might be good for her uestion Mark??? Another thing is the language I don’t mind the whatever it’s called Alien language I think it gives the story something of it’s own but why is it that the translator in Kricket understands everything else and then other words are just not automatically translated? At one point it was mentioned that it didn’t include slang and such but I’m sure their versions of Mom and Dad are not considered slang Did I miss some explanation for this?This isn’t a book filled with plot twists and gasp moments a lot happened that didn’t really bring us further into the story but I’m sure that all uestions answered in next and final ? book And I know this all sounds like I hate it but I really really didn’t I’m going to read the next book as soon as I’m in the mood

  2. Ash Ash says:

    This bookis probably one of the best seuels I have ever read it definitely surpassed UDS in romance and action and heartbreaking moments and humor haha oh yes definitely This book was beautiful and dark and heartbreaking and so well written the cliffhanger of course killed mebut most of the book had me dying anyway I am so sad that I read this all on its release date because I should have savored it Luckily the third book comes out in SEPTEMBER

  3. Steph Sinclair Steph Sinclair says:

    Actual rating 15 stars The romance isn't too bad in this one if you forget the fact that it's an Insta love romance It has a good amount of cringe worthy moments that'll make you vomit in your mouth same amount of wish fulfillment wankery and moments of intense eye rolling But this time with sexy times Sex in a bed Sex in a dirt hole Sex against a tree Whoo hoo sex baby yeah So why did I read it despite disliking the first book? Answer The narrator is pretty great and it was free on Kindle Unlimited I was curious on where the story would go so I decided to give it a chance and I was entertained I can see why people like the book even though it's not really my cup of tea And yet I'll probably end up listening to the last book because at this point why not? I almost gave Sea of Stars 2 stars because it is a better novel than the first But thanks to that ridiculous plot twist at the end I'm knocking off half a star Review to come

  4. Pam Pam says:

    4 stars “Love is the worstIt sets fire to us just to see who it can kill” Kricket's story continues in the arms of the man she loves How can you feel so much for someone that it hurts to think of them ever leaving your side Knowing the inevitable is about to happen she does what she does best; survive Kricket is the definition of strength honor and truth; holding her own against an oasis in a sea of scary As the truth of her past is revealed she realizes that there is only one person who can save them and that is her “No matter what happens Kricket I’ll fight for you Until death do us part and then forever after that Sea of Stars is the second installment in the The Kricket Series one that is full of action and anticipation So many secrets and so many lies Kricket is not only running from a man who sees her as his possession but a new threat one that seems to only want to use her Kricket is than capable of getting out of sticky situations but that didn't stop me from cheering Trey on each time he came near The love between the two is beyond measure readily willing to turn their backs on everything just to be with each other It's an amazing world one that has to be experienced Recommended for those who enjoy a fantasy world that leaves you butterflies in your heart ARC kindly provided by 47North via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review uotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication

  5. Shelly Crane Shelly Crane says:

    I swooned laughed gasped and then swooned some Bartol writes an epic story

  6. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Publishing and NetGalley “Has anybody ever told you that you’re irritating?”“No Everybody loves me” This was an okay seuel but I did find it confusing in placesKricket seemed to need constant baby sitting in this book which wasn’t uite what I expected It just seemed like she’d constantly got someone with her looking after her and trying to keep her safe and I was surprised that she put up with itThe storyline in this confused me a bit and I found it hard to follow The romance angle moved forward and we even got some naked scenes but I did find it really hard to keep track of what exactly was going on This felt like a bit of a filler book for me and it didn’t seem like much happened other than just keeping Kricket safe and discussing how brilliant her hair was cutting it causes her to not age? The ending to this also confused me a bit but based on where it ended the ending was a bit of a cliff hanger6 out of 10

  7. Candace Candace says:

    Picking up where 'Under Different Stars' left off Kricket is cast into an unfamiliar world of civil wars and forced unions She finds herself to be an object of obsession for many Everyone seems to want to either own her and control her or to want to eliminate her as a threat It is getting harder and harder to decipher who she should trust and what everyone's motives areThis second book in the series is full of action and adventure Imprisoned and tortured at times on the run at other times Kricket is a wanted woman She is only beginning to see the dangers that surround her first handWhile on the run she finally pursues the relationship she really wants with Trey Unable to deny their feelings the two set out to conuer the world together Their love is intense and passionate They spend their time together stealing intimate moments whenever they can and never knowing when their luck might run outAs expected this book ends with a huge cliffhanger Kricket's visions of the future left me cringing and praying for any other outcome than the one she sees However I have faith that she'll work her magic to change the future I'm hoping that Kricket and Trey will get their HEA After everything that they've been through they definitely deserve it I'm still loving this story and will be diving into the next book immediately I'm hooked and I have to see what lies in store for Kricket and Trey

  8. JAIME JAIME says:

    This book is strange in that a bunch of stuff goes down but I got to the end of the book and felt like not a lot happened There wasn't enough feeling in the events to make them seem real And for me moments that could have been huge were simplified by Kricket saying something stupid about the sexy way Trey smells and that happened than once I mean people are dying all around you and that is what is running through your mind?Kricket herself is one of the worst characters I have ever read She is just so pathetic Where she could have been written as badass and trust me the character is DYING to be badass she is just a one dimensional fool I hate comparing author's works but I've read a bunch of Amy's books and I can't help feeling that Evie The Premonition Series and Kricket are exactly the same person And that is by no way complimentary The plot lines between the Premonition Series and the Kricket Series are becoming increasingly similar also I will likely continue with the series since I've invested so much time already but that was disappointingARC via NetGalley

  9. Jacqueline& Jacqueline& says:

    5 Consume me with Love StarsSea of Stars is the second book of the Kricket seriesI love young adult books and I love young adult books with a touch of fantasy epic love and romance and intense story lineAll the reviews are justified and you will be gripping the pages from start to finish and never wanting to let go I did an audio read with this one and it was the BEST way I love the narrator and brilliance audio produces really great booksSea of Stars picks up where Under Different Stars ends Rafe and Alameeda continue to fight against each other and tensions are at a high That’s all great but the main and heart of the book is Trey and Kricket’s love for each other There was never a dull moment with them The majority of the book focuses on Trey and Kricket’s relationship and that’s what hit it for meYou will love Trey hard if you had mild feelings for him it will be piping hot after you finish this book He really steps his game up and he does everything he can to protect and be with Kricket And Kricket reciprocates the feelings back but Kyon is there and he wants Kricket Kyon will stop at nothing to have Kricket as his and I’ll be honest this was super hot for me Kyon is a villain you love to hate I love his possessiveness over Kricket and a part of me tiny part made me root for him too I’m crazy like that “My desire for him is insane He’s not sentimental—neither of us is—and yet he says things to me that strike at the core of my being and speak to the fighter in me He makes me crave him in the most vulnerable way I can’t lose him—ever”“I’m the dark secret that he can’t keep hidden—his crossed fingers—his hold my breath to keep from feeling But I make him feel everything”“I have a paper heart and he has written notes all over it” I love Kricket I love how strong she is and how she keeps her wits up throughout the whole book even as she is getting the you know what beat out of her “From an early age you've learned never to trust anyone but yourself You let almost no one help you but the ones you do allow into your life have special significance to you you love them even when sometimes you wish that you didn't Because when you love someone Kricket it means you're completely loyal to that person you'll sacrifice anything for him even your life How am I doing so far?” With each book I read in this series it just gets better and better Sea of Stars blew my expectations out of the water Gah the writing was perfection I couldn’t get enough of it and I never wanted the story to end Trey and Kricket consumed me and I loved every second of it Audio uestionsWhat made the experience of listening to Sea of Stars the most enjoyable? The combination of witty and epic story line with a wonderful narrator made the story for me I enjoyed listening to Trey and Kricket’s love and all the issues that they had to face and I enjoyed listening to it from a very good narrator Who was your favorite character and why? I love Trey and Kricket because they are the main Hero and Heroine of the book but I also have to give props to Kyon the epic villain He really adds a great dynamic to the read and I loved him as the villainWhich character – as performed by Kate Rudd – was your favorite? I’m a major fan of Kate I love love love her voice It sounds young and it fits Kricket’s perfectly I’m a major fan of dual POV but I didn’t mind only listening to Kate’s She conveys the emotions so well and I love her voice transitions I liked listening to her as Trey and the other charactersDid you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? I felt an array of emotions during this book and it was all wonderful I think my heart was going to beat out of my chest because of all the action and intense but great scenes I enjoyed this book very much Under Different Stars REVIEW | Sea of Stars

  10. Angela Angela says:

    THANK YOU AMY BARTOL FOR GETTING ME OUT OF MY READING SLUMP Sea of Stars literally picks up where Under Different Stars left off We are still following Krickets story as she continues to be a fugitive Kricket in this novel much like the first is still a force to be reckoned with She is still strong and still insanely smart The big difference between book one and two is that this one is over packed with action yes this is a good thing You’ll find yourself barely having time to breath with all the twist and turns that are happening The first OMG moment happens so early on in the book that I’m still floored by it All the action in this book has a snowball effect Gets going right away and as the novel continues just gets bigger and biggerWe get to learn not just about Kricket’s powers but about her past This making her an even stronger character than she was in the previous novel The other character plus in this book is Trey If you’ve read Under Different Stars than you know how amazing and swoon worthy he was in book one In Sea of Stars he gets even better As much as I did like him in the UDS I wanted so much out of his character and I got it in this book We also get reintroduced to several characters We still have Trey's boys like Jax and Wayra I wish I would have gotten of them in this book but never was let down when they were present We still have have Kyon as the villain Loved him in this book He is an amazingly written villain and just can't wait to get of him in the next book I enjoyed getting a little peek into his softer sides as well We finally get to meet Charisma Trey’s parents Sadly kept calling his father Vasline in my head didn’t mean to but couldn’t stop myself All were great sub characters but none I have yet to connect with My favorite however is Griffin To me he gives off this Ronan from Heir of Fire feel Which I loved He still has a lot of mystery surrounding him but I look forward to seeing him in book three I think he is going to add something so grand to this series I want to go into detail about him because I really liked his character but for spoiling reasons I'll leave the convo about him at thatOn to my favorite thing The romance BE STILL MY BEATING HEART I’M SWOOING ALL OVER THE SOUTH I loved that this book had a lot Tricket moments Yeah I went there I loved getting to see them be on a personal level I loved their banter and I love how they are towards each other I feel like in a lot of books like this relationships are built of half truth and a lot of hidden secrets This isn’t the case with them and I really enjoyed that “I want to discover every thought every look every other freckle Why every other freckle? Why not all of them?” “Well I didn't want to sound obsessed and also some freckles aren’t as good natured as others As I laugh harder Trey rises on his elbows smiling down at me That's the sound that I want to live in for the rest of my lifeSigh just loved it Any and every moment these two are present was written to perfection I'm on pins and needles waiting to see where their relationship goes next I want NEED of these twoAs far as the plot went as I stated before it's massively action packed We never get a moment to rest out legs It's just one insane moment after the next Small Spoiler ahead if you haven't read book one My favorite thing about this book was how Kricket is learning about her powers and how she can control them I fear Kricket being able to see into the future would be hard to write and have play out well but Amy does it flawlessly I can't stress enough how much I absolutely loved how all the vision played out Seriously did not see it coming It's just great Found myself having to pick my jaw up off the floor after everything is revealed and comes together Oh and that ending Seriously This is torture How can you leave us hanging like that?? I mean hey I'm super thankful for such an amazing ending and book but I don't know how I'll be able to wait for the next READ THIS REVIEW AND OTHERS OVER ON OUR BLOG

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