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Märchen almanach [Download] ➽ Märchen almanach By Wilhelm Hauff – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Wilhelm Hauff 1802 1827 was a German poet and novelist Considering his brief life he was an extraordinarily prolific writer The freshness and originality of his talent his inventiveness and his genial Wilhelm Hauff was a German poet and novelist Considering his brief life he was an extraordinarily prolific writer The freshness and originality of his talent his inventiveness and his genial humour have won him a high place among the southern German prose writers of the early nineteenth century In he began to study at the University of Tübingen On leaving the university he became tutor to the children of the famous Württemberg minister of war General Baron Ernst Eugen von Hügel and for them wrote his Märchen fairy tales which he published in his Märchen almanach auf das Jahr Fairytale Almanac of Inspired by Sir Walter Scott's novels Hauff wrote the historical romance Lichtenstein Romantische Sage aus der württembergischen Geschichte Lichtenstein Romantic Saga from the History of Württemberg which acuired great popularity in Germany and especially in Swabia Other works include Der Mann im Mond The Man in the Moon Mitteilungen aus den Memoiren des Satan Memoirs of Beelzebub and Phantasien im Bremer Ratskeller The Wine Ghosts of Bremen .

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  • Märchen almanach
  • Wilhelm Hauff
  • 14 June 2015
  • 9783895551468

About the Author: Wilhelm Hauff

Wilhelm Hauff was a German poet and novelist best known for his fairy talesEducated at the University of Tübingen Hauff worked as a tutor and in became editor of JF Cotta’s newspaper Morgenblatt Hauff had a narrative and inventive gift and sense of form; he wrote with ease combining narrative themes of others with his own His work shows a pleasant often spirited wit There is a stron.

10 thoughts on “Märchen almanach

  1. Giedre Giedre says:

    I remember the fascination and fear related to this book when I was growing up On one hand the stories of beautiful far away lands and people used to leave me wanting to hear and ; on the other hand there were ghostly ships dead pirates and dark secrets that used to scare me so much I am really tempted to purchase the book again and read the stories as an adult and then perhaps my opinion will change and i will have a different take on these fairy tales Until then Hauff's name will always rekindle memories of me as a child listening to stories with awe and fear and getting drawn into the amazing world of magic and secrets

  2. Dessi Walsh Dessi Walsh says:

    A perennial favourite I still enjoy reading these even though I'm not a child any and sadly haven't been for uite some years I remember sitting at home on my own reading 'The Cold Heart' when I was about 8 9 being terrified and yet completely gripped by the story that gloomy and enchanting atmosphere of dark German forests has stayed with me to this day

  3. Virag Virag says:

    Even better than Andersen or Grimm tales

  4. Robert Cox Robert Cox says:

    More purely literary than the Grimm collection Freuently set in the near east they reflect the orientalism of the time Walter Benjamin singled out Hauffbasvas a good example of what he called the storyteller

  5. Борис Ефимов Борис Ефимов says:

    Люблю сказки Гауфа Чем то он мне напоминает Бажова Очень атмосферно и мистично Мелкой тоже нравится

  6. Quy Dang Quy Dang says:

    Bắt đầu 2019 với một cuốn truyện cổ tích hồi giáo đầy thú vị

  7. Elaine Elaine says:

    Wundervolle Märchen die viel zu wenig Beachtung finden

  8. Moni Mitre Moni Mitre says:

    I first read Wilhelm Hauff's tales when I was 10 yrs old and fell in love with them His stories are ancient strange exciting beautiful and inspired from folklore around the world from Middle Eastern cultures to Scandinavian ones You'd have just as much fun reading them as the kids wouldHere's a few spoiler warningThe Caliph Turned Stork the powerful Caliph of Baghdad and his grand Vizier misuse a magic dust and find themselves stuck as storks While learning to see the world in a differnt way they go through a lot of trouble to turn back into men This story has a lot of humour I remember laughing out loud while reading itLongnose the Dwarfor Little Long Nose is the story of Jamie or Johan a little boy turned into an ugly dwarf by a mean vindictive witch whom he treated spitefully because he was a bit naughty and thought she was just a defenseless old lady She keeps him as a cook for years but eventually he escapes and becomes a famous cook for an emperor; he finds a talking goose Mimi who turns out to be a girl who fell victim to the same witch They become friends and end up helping each other break the witch's spellsThe Adventures of Little Mook happens in the Middle East; it's about an orphan servant who one day found a magic pair of slippers and cane and goes through a lot of trouble and adventures while learning not to abuse his fortune Unfortunately Mook's appearance his head was too big for his tiny body always made him the butt of people's cruel jokes and his new fortune was the cause of their envy and malice; he is so hurt and disilusioned by everyone that in the end he turns to a life of seclusion and one cannot but feel for himStone Cold Heart the story of Peter Munk the pennyless charcoal vendor who lived in a village in the Black Forest and gave his heart to an evil giant in exchange for gold; he becomes a very rich man but his heartless ways lead him to a sad lonely life With the help of a gnome who turns out to be his guardian little spirit he tricks the giant into giving his heart backThe edition I read had some other stories that were not present in later editions Maybe the American publishers found their content a bit too strange for children although I don't see anything wrong with themOne story talks about the damage caused by rumors and superstitions in a nordic village a girl tries to prove she was brave enough to defy the legend of the undead old man who comes out of his grave every night at the stroke of midight; she goes into the cemetery at night to prove it and runs into the grave digger who was climbing out of a hole he just dug mistakes him for the ghost of the old man and dies from shock Funny I think this story helped me as a child to never be afraid of walking into dark roomsThen there is the story of beautiful Fatme or Fatima who is kidnapped by pirates at sea and ends up in a powerful sultan's harem; her brother and his friend go through a lot of trouble to rescue her and another girl while pretending to be physicians but the only way they could examine a harem woman was by checking her handpulse through a small window There are stories but I guess you've had enough Not every story has a happy cheerful end and some are a bit bloody and scary but I believe that makes them valuable; I think as a child there is no harm in learning to deal with danger grief and loss in an imaginary world prepares us better for future battles in the real one In any case should you consider buying this book for your children I believe you'll be giving them than just a book of old stories it's a glimpse into the fantastic children's folklore of a past world we know little about maybe a sense of history and continuity and a chance to open their minds to something different

  9. John John says:

    I picked up this volume of early 19th C fairy tales because one of the Black Forest stories loosely relates to a current projectMost of the stories take place during the days of the Baghdad Caliphate and probably fall under the general category of German Orientalism I'd be able to say for certain if I'd read Said's Orientalism These are plot of heavy and somewhat absurd but fun enough Beards are a popular form of disguiseThe final two stories are set in German speaking Europe and are laden with morality both concerning the greed civility and the the way money and greed make people cruel The overwhelming message in these stories is that people should be happy with their lots in life be kind respect their parents and love each other The Story of the Stag Florin has few supernatural elements while A Heart of Stone is essentially about selling your soul heart to the devil for money and obtaining forgiveness and redemption

  10. Trounin Trounin says:

    Гауфа ныне ценят за такие его произведения как «Маленький Мук» «Карлик Нос» и «Холодное сердце» не подозревая о существовании новеллы «Молодой англичанин» заслуживающей внимания гораздо больше чем всё остальное творчество Вильгельма вместе взятое В ней от сказки только крупица вымысла дабы оправдать глупость людей не заметивших в приезжем разительных от человека отличий но нашедших того приятным собеседником и образцом для подражания Поэтому когда кто то в обществе назовёт человека молодым англичанином то тому следует возгордиться так как несмотря на все его недостатки он является достойным внимания а вот когда человека назовут похожим на молодого англичанина то тот должен обидеться ведь его сравнили чуть ли не с обезьяной копирующей чужие повадки лишь бы не отличаться от себе подобныхc Trounin

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