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The Six Figure Erotica Author ❮Ebook❯ ➫ The Six Figure Erotica Author ➬ Author Jade K. Scott – Now you can learn how to make six figures per year writing short erotic stories from a top ten erotica authorWhen I first started writing and self publishing erotica way back in 2011 the market was va Now you can learn how to make Figure Erotica PDF/EPUB Ä six figures per year writing short erotic stories from a top ten erotica authorWhen I first started writing and self publishing erotica way back in the market was vastly different than it is now Since then the landscape has changed drastically but I’m still here and I’m still earning six figures per year I’m The Six PDF/EPUB ² even managing to do this while taking several months off at a time now and thenSo how is it that I am making six figures per year while others are struggling just to bring in a few bucks here and thereThis guide is my complete step by step guide to exactly how I do it You’ll learn everything from how I research the Six Figure Erotica Kindle Ò market to find the hottest niches how I choose my keywords how I make my own book covers and how I price my erotica for the best possible resultsIf you’re ready to stop struggling and start making money grab your copy now and learn the REAL secrets to becoming a successful six figure erotica authorKeep in mind this guide is heavily weighted toward short erotica stories under words as that is what I personally have made most of my money with However many of the techniues will also help those writing erotic romances and erotica over k.

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  1. Matthew Lee Matthew Lee says:

    Good news and bad news; Through trial and error I'd already stumbled upon 80% of what Jade advises so most of the book was pure validation The other 20% was pure gold If you are an erotica author spend the 2099 and get this book Jade has great ideas and excellent points and I will take that 20% and run with it

  2. Roger Alderman Roger Alderman says:

    I love good trashy romance and erotica books especially when I am the author

  3. Cliff Harrison Cliff Harrison says:

    As many reviews elsewhere state this book isn't just useful for one genre it is valuable information for any writer desiring an alternative market for their manuscript other than traditional or commercial publishing It is a useful book for anyone desiring to venture into the self publishing market regardless of their genre It gives a fair view of the inside self publishing secrets It also spells out clearly the way for authors to make serious money even if they remain unknown and far from the bestseller's list in future volume Most writers are incapable of high volume writing at least vast amounts of writing that is error free grammatically correct and with few typos but those of us that can write in volume the secret to making serious money in the self publishing business is large volume publishing The interesting thing is especially true in erotica but to some extent in many other genres including nonfiction many of the so called books in the self publishing market aren't really books at all but 3000 to 15000 word short stories essays and a grab bag in between novelettes novellas and novels Yet for some authors who can tap a lot of these short books out money can be made In some cases lots of money Some writers make nothing at all sell no books Others make a fortunate But consider anyone making even a 100 extra a month or even a week which is easily possible with a minimum of self publishing writing Wouldn't it be worth the effort to learn the ways and means to that end? This book if one can handle the erotica portion of it is an excellent source to open up the mind to extra money making thoughts One really has nothing to lose except their poverty

  4. Pinktoenels Pinktoenels says:

    Thoroughly enjoyedI am hoping to make a go at this and this guide gave me everything I needed to start It did leave me with one uestion the author did not cover do you copyright short fiction?

  5. KiKi KiKi says:

    Great Advice This was by far the best advice I've read to start my journey into writing Written as if she and I are having a conversation over drinks Open and honest here's what worked for me My new mentor in my head lol Thank you I can't wait to write

  6. River Kendrick River Kendrick says:

    Must read for Erotica writers This book is a great guideline to writing erotica for profit It's very helpful and I'm glad I got it Recommend to anyone out there trying to write in this field

  7. Allie Rose Allie Rose says:

    AppreciateI appreciate this book immensely it gave me a lot of information that I needed once I start writing Extremely informative

  8. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    Pretty good information in it about her process It mainly focusing on how to publishwhere to publishhow to avoid bans or filters vs writing

  9. Marilyn Vix Marilyn Vix says:

    Great reference and advice on how to start writing erotic shorts Helpful

  10. Lynda Belle Lynda Belle says:

    This book gave me good advice in getting started to write erotica Fast read and cheap Worth it

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