Raiders of the Dry Coast eBook Ì the Dry PDF/EPUB

  • ebook
  • 259 pages
  • Raiders of the Dry Coast
  • Billy Wong
  • English
  • 15 October 2016

4 thoughts on “Raiders of the Dry Coast

  1. Dixie Conley Dixie Conley says:

    I was given an electronic copy of this book in exchange for a reviewThis is a fantasy novel that makes an attempt at having humor and irony but doesn't succeed well at either The hero if you could call him such used to serve an insane wizard Now the wizard is away and our hero is carrying out deeds of his own with the help of some comrades That one of them is a woman who only fights with her fists and freuently wins even against archers has got to be one of the ironichumorous things that the author attempted She's an interesting character granted but like most of the characters one note Her goals are to be the best fighter ever and to get revenge on her family for selling her into prostitution That's about it The evil wizard? Just wants to resurrect his dead demon lover And so onThe worst part of the book was the fact that a character's brother kept changing his name At one point he was Edward then Eric then Edward again Damn sloppy proofreading Unless it was intended as parody but if so the parody wasn't obvious to meThough flat the characters were different enough from the standard fantasy tropes to make this book interesting but given the error the flatness and the way that plot meandered back and forth not one I'd consider rereading

  2. Midu Hadi Midu Hadi says:

    I got this book for free in exchange of an honest review from Making Connections Get your copy hereOne of the very rare DNFs for me so I won't be rating itWhat put me offI couldn't connect with the characters at all I didn't care about them which made reading ahead a choreThe dialogues were stilted lacked a cohesion that attracts me to any storyThe story seemed to be about aimless wandering they wanted to get rid of the weapon was all I gathered so far BUT they just took the word of one of the bad guys when he said he didn't have it It wasn't my cuppa but it might be yours

  3. Sheri Sheri says:

    Raiders of the Dry Coast by Billy WongClaudia Leon and Julius are on a mission to save their realm They face many monsters dangers and vast desert lands to restore order and Peace Along the way secrets are revealed friendships are made and lives are lost Also Julius must come to terms with his past and Claudia has some issues she is dealing with as wellAn adventure filled action story with a strong female lead Claudia was very likable and her personal secrets were understandable Julius also has to face his past and learn the meaning of friendship An enjoyable story for those who love action fantasy and a strong female lead I highly recommend Raiders of the Dry Coast

  4. Jai Jai says:

    Not my favorite of Billy Wong's strong female warriors nor the most winning of his heroine's companions The image of the wizard ecstatically hugging his lost love who is now blue turnip than lady is one of the enjoyable scenes Shortly thereafter the wizard is possessed by a revengeful character who has been unlikeable throughout but not intelligent enough to be interesting All in all not up to Wong's other works

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Raiders of the Dry Coast❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Raiders of the Dry Coast Author Billy Wong – Julius knows nobody wants to be friends with the bodyguard of an insane wizard Having served Zog all his life he wonders if there can be for him than being the lonely companion to someone who views hi Julius knows nobody wants the Dry PDF/EPUB æ to be friends with the bodyguard of an insane wizard Having served Zog all his life he wonders if there can be for him than being the lonely companion to someone who views him as little than a helpful pet He finally uits after his master drags him off to hellish worlds full of slimy tentacles in search of power over life and death Julius comes home alone only to discover Zog's magic has dried up Raiders of PDF \ the sea on which the surrounding countries depend Outlawed by the world he cuts a deal with a king to help restore stability to the realm in exchange for amnestyHe hires brawling adventurers Claudia and Leon and the three endure blistering dust storms and desert heat while battling monsters and displaced pirates to bring peace to the coast After one of them pushes themselves beyond reasonable limits to save his life Julius learns to open his heart to the carefree young of the Dry PDF º wanderers who become his first real friends But when a spectre of his past comes back to haunt him Julius' new friendships and conscience will be tested against that which even he fears.

About the Author: Billy Wong

Billy Wong is an the Dry PDF/EPUB æ avid fan of heroic fantasy with a special love for strong female warriors He draws inspiration from the epic legends of old and is on a uest to bring over the top deeds and larger than life heroes back to prominence in today's literary world.