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  • 27 March 2016

3 thoughts on “Inner Mind/Outer Space

  1. Matthew Pilkington Matthew Pilkington says:

    Inner MindOuter Space features four short stories and a novelette as the title description informs us have a couple with a strong science fiction theme others explore the human conditionFor the Sake of the Family A Tale from Galatia’s Past A short story preuel for Karen Forrester's novel Alien Within giving us a view of family societal and political structures of Galatia one of the worlds in Karen's novelIf Only Father Were Alive A young girl learns that while the grass may be greener on the other side that grass may have some very nasty weeds in itOne Spring Day A very short short story about the power and pleasure of memoriesThe Lake A tale of love loss and the power of friendshipThe Lady's Luck – The novelette mentioned in the title description brings us the first step in the destiny of Penth a rider for her pastoral village on her horse Lia who sometimes seems to be the brains of the operation Horses in this world are far smarter than the ones we are used to and some have a sly sense of humourThe pair work to recover jewels earmarked to fund defense plans against invaders who have stolen the jewels in uestion As Penth makes her way through the Dobarians invaders' forces she learns the truth behind a legend of her people past and her connection to the legendThe stories all feature strong female characters but the strength is represented in many ways Some are kick ass Ripley from Aliens fire breathers others have a uiet core of stone strength All were interesting characters taking part in interesting events and presented me with an enjoyable reading experience To the best of my knowledge this is the first of Karen Forrester's works that I have read but I will be attempting to lay my hands as I found it highly enjoyable and I am looking forward to sampling of her work

  2. Karen Forrester Karen Forrester says:

    From the author My two favorite stories in this collection are For the Sake of the Family and The Lady's Luck The book description gives you a good idea what they're about but here are a few extra tidbitsFor the Sake of the Family is set in the same universe as Alien Within but several hundred years in the past when the Family is just getting started as a political group The Lady's Luck is the first story in the Her People series While working on the seuel to Alien Within I plan to write and release additional short stories in the Her People universeIf you purchase Alien Within and review it where you purchased it please send me an email at kforrester99 authoryahoocom I'd like to gift you a copy of Inner MindOuter Space Alien Within is currently available only in Kindle format on com I'll be releasing iBook Nook and other versions via Smashwords in November

  3. Darlene Darlene says:

    After finishing Karen Forrester's book Alien Within I wanted Though I don't like short stories because they leave me wanting I have to admit that I liked these stories I think I should have read these first for my own chronology of events So that is my recommendationBy the way this one was free on Smashwords but either of these books can be obtained on for 99 each That is uite the bargain for a bit of imaginative adventure Inner MindOuter Space has the beginning of the world of Alien Within and a bonus chapter of that bookThough I loved the sci fi parts I have to admit that my favorite story was one of grief and gratitude Again I would have liked about the characters in that story still I got enough to make me love them and the situations presentedI look forward to reading by Karen Forrester I love her writing style and imagination

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Inner Mind/Outer Space❮Download❯ ➾ Inner Mind/Outer Space ➼ Author Karen Forrester – In “For the Sake of the Family” the founder of a peaceful political movement faces death in the very arena she’s been seeking to abolish takes place several centuries before the events in Forres In “For the Sake of the Family” the founder of a peaceful political movement faces death in the very arena she’s been seeking to abolish takes place several centuries before the events in Forrester’s Science Fiction novel Inner Mind/Outer ePUB ´ Alien Within In a Tales of Her People novelette Penth and her faithful horse Lia need “The Lady’s Luck” to recover gems stolen by invaders who are in the process of wiping out their way of life The Tales of Her People series takes place on a planet where the patriarchal hordes have not completely overrun those who honor the Goddess as they did long ago here on Earth “If Only Father Were Alive” tells what happens when a young girl’s fondest wish comes true Plus “One Spring Day” “The Lake” and two sample chapters from Alien Within.

About the Author: Karen Forrester

I write science fiction and fantasy that's about people not technology.