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  1. Jilrene Jilrene says:

    2something Like cotton candy sweet fluffy but not satisfying

  2. Beatrice Masaluñga Beatrice Masaluñga says:

    Thank you NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewI am just going to write a very short review about this book I guess it is an okay read to me It's cliché and an insta love I know it's a short story but I find it shallow and there's not much conflict on it That's it

  3. Sandra Sandra says:

    This was just too short at 28 pages on my Nook and thus felt rushed to the HFN ending Terry was kicked out of his home at 18 for coming out to his parents shortly after witnessing his so called friends beat up on a gay classmate Shocked into inaction Terry could only watch the abuse being doled out but was so affected by it that he decided to tell his parents he was gay And promptly lost everything After a while on the street working what jobs he could get and prostituting himself to survive he has found a place to live and a job that pays the bills When chance reunites him with the boy who was tormented and beaten Terry doesn't at first recognize him Ishmael the boy now a young man himself approaches Terry again and they form a tentative friendshipTerry is still struggling with his self image and doesn't think he deserves forgiveness or deserves to be lovedThe author attempted to lay out the psychological scars that both Terry and Ishmael carry and the differences in how they've moved on from their own ordeals but sadly didn't make this story long enough to adeuately address the issues raised withinI think as a longer story with time taken to get these two young men from meeting again to falling in love with each other and forming a relationship this book could have worked much better As it currently is I'm left wanting 25 stars rounded up bc Goodreads I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley A positive review was not promised in return

  4. Sara Sara says:

    25 starsI'm not sure what this was supposed to be? It was much shorter than I expected given the blurb The set up would have been really good had there been some sort of well story honestly Terry's redemption and acceptance could have been moving and there could have been a lot of angst between he and Ishmael considering their history But this moved too fast and though I don't hate insta love this was cringe worthy and I don't buy it And that end? Just no No I mean seriously? No It was a decent try but there needed to be much to make this story believable and work

  5. T.M. Smith T.M. Smith says:

    An innocent trip to a local shop to buy batteries will change Terry’s life again but this time for the better When Terry was in high school he witnessed a seemingly brutal gay bashing In shock Terry was unable to move much less respond to what was happening Now several years later life brings the victim of that unwarranted attack back into Terry’s life Ishmael has never forgotten what happened that day or the fact that Terry just stood there and did nothing to stop the attack or get him any help after But the hatred he has harbored uickly evaporates when he learns that he and Terry weren’t and aren’t so different after all Both men have struggled with life since that fateful day and finally have a chance at happiness together This was a super short story about life coming full circle It reads as an insta love story but if you actually pay attention to the words a lot of time passes as Terry and Ishmael become familiar with each other over lunches in the park You definitely need to be able to read between the lines to appreciate this love story as it grows And while I would love to read a longer story for these two I thought the author did a good job of setting the stage telling the story and conveying the characters thoughts and needsIf you are looking for a fast read with a decent plot and some cute romance then this is the perfect novella for you I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through

  6. Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Maja (The Nocturnal Library) says:

    Remember Me Not My Love is an extremely short but touching story about second chances and redemption Due to its length I honestly see no point in publishing it by itself and not as part of an anthology but for a uick read it was very emotionalThe loneliness of its point of view character came through loud and clear with an intensity that honestly surprised me I loved seeing him brought back to life in a way and I loved that it didn't happen overnight The romance developed slowly especially for such a short read It was great until the very end when it became a bit too cheesy and the characters started saying explicitly how they felt for readers who were apparently too stupid or inatentive to figure it out for themselvesTo conclude this was a touching read but it left the impression of unused potential It could have been so much than a 10000 word short story

  7. Beth Beth says:

    I will post my review closer to publication date

  8. Jen Jen says:

    Note This ARC was provided by Less Than Three Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewRemember Me Not My Love by JD Walker is a short story about two people whose paths crossed when they were teenagers and then cross again years later It's about being able to forgive and move forward with your life while actually living and not just surviving after having endured hardships I was able to get through the entire thing rather uickly though it did leave me feeling disappointed to a certain degreeTerry Conway was banished from his home his family his friends and the only life he had ever known when he decided to come out about his sexuality He did what was necessary to survive and while his life my seem scarce at the moment he's earning a decent living and has a place where he resides Being homeless made him see what he was willing to do in moments of desperation and it appears as if the cycle has yet to be brokenIshmael Gregory survived a brutal beating in high school for being different as well as having an alcoholic aunt who didn't really care that much about him Nowadays he works an honest living and has a place he calls home When someone from his painful past enters the store he works at Terry is frozen in place suddenly remembering the torment and abuse he suffered at the hands of this man's friends when they were all in high schoolIshmael decides to confront Terry and call him on his lack of any action or move to help him when those bullies were beating him up Terry explains his inaction but doesn't excuse his behavior What follows are lunches spent together on a park bench without too much conversation Then Ishmael learns the truth about Terry's own life since the beating and is filled with pity for his new friendThere's an attraction between the two but Ishmael appears to be than smitten with Terry than Terry with him Soon there are terms of endearment coming out of Ishmael's mouth and things progress really uickly between the two Is this true love or is Ishmael acting the way that he is because he pities Terry for what he's suffered since he got kicked out of his homeI'm a fan of short stories that put an emphasis on uality rather than uantity You can fit a lot into several pages and both the story and character development along with the manner in which it is written is what separates really good short stories or novellas from the rest Sadly this book was rushed in the second half and the intensity of Ishmael's feelings for Terry seemed to be in warp speedLet's not forget that Ishmael in high school by the very same people Terry was hanging out with When Ishmael was beaten to a pulp Terry stood there from beginning 'til end and did nothing to prevent or stop the beating So forgive me if I don't or can't fully comprehend how uickly Ishmael went from former victim to enad pursuer Heck Terry wasn't even ready to reciprocate the three words Ishmael said to himI liked the idea of a former victim confronting someone who stood by and did nothing when bullying was taking place and that there could be feelings of love that develop The thing is there wasn't that much story development since I felt this relied heavily on the insta love formula one that was limited to just one of the characters All things considered I'm forced to give Remember Me Not My Love 25 stars rounded off to three stars for Goodreads

  9. Teresa Teresa says:

    Title Remember Me Not My LoveAuthor DJ WalkerPublisher Less than Three Press LLCISBN 9781620045046Buy Link TeresaBlurbWhen Terry turned eighteen he wound end up homeless and alone abandoned by family and friends for being gay Though it took him years he found his feet againThen a man from his past knocks him right back down again dredging up a memory of the time Terry stood by and did nothing as that same man was assaulted for being gay driving home to Terry that he will never be worthy of friendship or family But the man who brought back the past is also the person most willing to fight for their futureSummary It is sad how many young people are living on the streets without any help or support Terry came out to his family even though he knew they would never accept him but all he found on the streets was despair and hunger after living a privileged life After a long struggleTerry finally began to get his life back together but when he ran into the one person who caused him to come out Ishmael things would never be the same Ishmael was beaten in high school by Terry's friends but he never knew why Terry didn't help him until they met years later Ishmael showed what a wonderful man he was by showing compassion towards Terry and opening his heart and life to him after everything he had been through If everyone was open and understanding as Ishmael the world would be a better place

  10. Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie says:

    Remember Me Not My Love375 starsThis book was provided to me by the authorpublisher via NetGallerycom in exchange for an honest reviewTerry was thrown out at the age of 18 when he came out to his parents After living the life of a privileged rich kid he was suddenly abandoned by his family and friends and forced to live on the streets He finally gets into a program that helps him get a job and find section 8 housing But Terry isn't living he is just existing On a trip across the street to get batteries his past comes back His past is angry When Terry was in HS he just stood by while his friends brutally attacked Ishmael the gay kid at school Ishmael approaches Terry later and confronts him about the beating Terry apologizes but can Ishmael forgive him?This book started out really strong It moved along at a nice pace and the two main characters had a real good chemistry UNTIL The very end The last few pages took a sharp turn into cheesevilleno one proclaims their love like that and was severely rushed The author had a good plot and good chemistry between the mc's and didn't take advantage of it This book needed at least another 25 30 pages to really explore Terry and Ishmael's relationship and let them fall in love gradually

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Remember Me Not, My Love ❤ Remember Me Not, My Love pdf ⚣ Author J.D. Walker – When Terry turned eighteen he would end up homeless and alone abandoned by family and friends for being gay Though it took him years he found his feet again Then a man from his past knocks him right b When Terry turned eighteen he would end up Not, My PDF ´ homeless and alone abandoned by family and friends Remember Me PDF or for being gay Though it took him years he found his feet again Then a man from Me Not, My MOBI · his past knocks him right back down again dredging up a memory of the time Terry stood by and did nothing as that same man was assaulted for being gay driving home to Terry that he will never be worthy of friendship or family But the man who brought back the past is also the person most willing to fight for their future.