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Krengel The Krampusz [Read] ➫ Krengel The Krampusz Author M.C. Norris – The epic origin of a beloved holiday icon unfolds as nine year old Klaas Krengel flees plague ravaged Germania on a swashbuckling adventure across Medieval Europe to the remote ends of the earth where The epic origin of a beloved holiday icon unfolds as nine year old Klaas Krengel flees plague ravaged Germania on a swashbuckling Krengel The Epub / adventure across Medieval Europe to the remote ends of the earth where he finds himself pitted against a gruesome host of adversaries all resurrected from old Austrian lore A bit of a spoiled brat Krengel’s only friend is an insidious counterpart called the Krampusz a blue furred monster who suffers from a pronounced hoarding disorder Vexed by his half brother’s lifelong privilege and pampering the Krampusz enjoys nothing than imperiling the boy through calculated misdirection ultimately trapping him in the bottomless depths of the enchanted “Sack of Shadows” Therein a fantastic realm of weird and warring races demands a showdown between Krengel and its tyrannical ruler a horrendous witch who alone holds a key to the connection between Krengel and the Krampusz.

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  1. Newton Newton Newton Newton says:

    My initial fear was that “Krengel and the Krampusz” was going to be another half hearted holiday crossover book featuring some sort of sadistic Santa Claus hell bent on punishing both the naughty and the nice alike To my shock and delight this was not to be the case What Norris has succeeded in doing here is crafting a wonderfully bizarre and particularly elouent reimagining of both the Kris Kringle character as well as his often ignored folklore counterpart the demon like Krampus But this is than just a twisted retelling origin story of an easily recognizable and iconic figure This is a Beowulf style Norse epic complete with historically accurate settings and events interwoven with bouts of off the wall imagery ala something you might get from Neil Gaiman or David Lynch From a perilous plague ridden mediaeval Germania to the unruly landscapes of the dark nether regions of the bottomless Sack of Shadows you’ll follow Klaas Krengel through a brutal journey of self discovery and transformation Read this book Norris’s first offering “Deep Devotion’ was very good Good but not great ‘Krengel and the Krampusz’ is better than great It’s one of the best books I’ve read in the last three years

  2. Dianne Dianne says:

    Click on Banner to Enter Enter to win a 25 gift card  Open World Wide A Halloween horror story? The true tale of how the benevolent Santa Claus and all of his trappings came to be? A little of both? Dark and edgy Krengel and the Krampusz by M C Norris is a chilling tale from long ago legends brought back to life with a raw clarity in this twisted version for contemporary readers A young boy wealthy and spoiled becomes the center of a dark adventure when he discovers he may have an evil and deformed half brother Krampusz An evil witch is determined to end the fortunate life of the chubby Klaas Krengel but why? Thrown into a world so dark and twisted where torture lies and evil thrives off the souls of the innocents Klaas must unravel the truths that have been hidden in order to stop the age of darkness and greed and usher in save the good and innocent of the world Twisted into this tale is a mysterious sack of shadows an entryway into a world of hellish evilCan a young boy spoiled and sheltered for his entire life save the world from darkness? Can he be the hero the world needs to return joy and light the timeless man that the world looks to as a symbol of magical joy and giving?I have to say M C Norris had me cringing a little sueamish at times and completely and utterly enthralled with his gift for crafting an atmosphere of evil and terror as he made the unbelievable possible Sparing nothing Mr Norris has used his words almost as descriptive daggers where sound smell and sight become part of the mental images running across the movie screen of my mind From suirming bugs to foul odors I can honestly say I will never look at Santa the same Would I allow MC Norris to tell a Christmas tale to my grandchildren? Um probably not but for those who may NOT have nightmares after reading this I highly recommend this walk on the dark and creepy side I'm twisted like sometimesI received this copy as part of the Krengel The Krampusz Tour and Giveaway currently at Tome Tender nowPublication Date November 1 2014Publisher Severed PressGenre Dark FantasyPrint Length 240 pagesAvailable from |  Barnes NobleReviewed for

  3. Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews says:

    Krengel The Krampusz beings with an all too familiar and comfortable melodyOn the night before Christmas while the midnight bells tolled he flayed his sweet cheeks with outgrown nails Pigeons turtled their necks and winked in the rafters Vermin scuttled along their muddy byways I found myself having to read it out loud I thought to myself now this is what I like Take something warm comfortable and twist it into something outrageous and shockingI was initially intrigued by the cover they say that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but great covers sell books and with the holidays fast approaching I thought this could be a great way to kick off the the last few books of the year Krengel The Krampusz is the story of Santa Claus and how he came to be But it's not like any story you've heard before and I do not see a cartoon version coming out for kids It is a dark tale filled with intricately laid out twists and turnsI enjoyed Krengel The Krampusz the characters were very well developed and each one had their own moment of growth understanding and acceptance It depicts people as they were then are now and unfortunately as they will be in times to come As a reader I wanted Krengel to succeed he is Santa after all but he is such a flawed tormented soulFor me the true success of a story is if I want Krengel The Krampusz left me with many uestions How does he get to the North Pole? Could she be Mrs Claus? This part of the story is done and is complete and I am ready to follow Krengel on his next uest

  4. April Wood April Wood says:

    Full book review “If there was one thing that the beast inside Klass Krengel hated it was being ignored”I don’t normally seek out books for review but when I saw the opportunity to read and review Krengel The Krampusz I jumped right on it This speculative fiction is a horrific historical Christmas Tale about young Klass Krengel and his awful counterpart the KrampuszYoung Klass is born to the wealthiest family in all of Germania However the jabbering fiend inside his brain that would be the Krampusz feels it would do his counterpart some good to suffer a dose of hardship And oh does he ever when adopted by Friar Otto when he joins his “rescued” orphans“And it’s you alone I’ve done favored fat brother And that’s how’s I got to punish you for all you done”Klass is swallowed up by a deep hole stalked by an evil witch named Old Bertcha and punished by his dark counterpart all while the black death takes out the population Can Klass save the innocent children of the world? Is he the next Christkindel?Christmas will never be the same for readers of Krengel The Krampusz I would like to thank Fire Ice Book Tours for providing me with a complimentary copy of this novelWhat I LovedThe world building was AMAZING Dark fantasy at it’s finestKrengel The Krampusz was well written Seriously excellentWhat I DislikedPoor Klass was a victim of circumstance You couldn’t help but to feel bad for him But this helped to make him a sympathetic character 5 Stars

  5. Jennifer Ricketts (Donnie Darko Girl) Jennifer Ricketts (Donnie Darko Girl) says:

    I received a review copy of this novel for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl Not only did the cover for Krengel and the Krampusz draw me in but the synopsis was deliciously intriguing I love it when Christmas and horror are mixed together and the results of the mixture in this novel inspire chills comparable to being stranded out in a blizzard The language Norris uses to tell this story of Krengel and the Krampusz was mesmerizing and though it took me time in the beginning to get into the rhythm I couldn't imagine the book being written any other way His rich and vivid descriptions stand out in my mind and I reread some parts of the story because I found myself thinking did that really just happen?? And yes yes it didThe book begins and Krengel is shown to be a young boy who's spoiled sheltered and an all around brat Not how we picture Santa to be right? There's also the Krampusz who's demon like and somehow co exists with Krengel as though they share a body but have two separate minds Different versions of Krengel's birth have been told Some say Krengel had a twin whom his mother killed Others say Krengel strangled his twin in utero Still others say Krengel's twin was born deformed None of these versions are happy as you can see When Krengel throws a fit to be included in an all boy traveling choir led by a monk his father basically pushes his son into the monk's care With that one decision the novel really starts and horrific events soon unravel Krengel uickly finds out the other boys in the choir hate him and just one of the reasons being that he can't sing at allIn telling this dark tale Norris engages all five of your senses and you thoroughly feel like you're also living through the horror of unimaginable events unfolding before you There were times I cringed and suirmed and felt relieved I did not live in this world he has created I highly recommend Krengel the Krampusz to every horror fan out there this novel is an imaginative scare fest with intelligent and terror invoking writing Norris is a master of the skill needed to re imagining our beloved Santa Claus into the stuff of hellish nightmares This is Christmas horror at its finest

  6. Charlotte Gerber Charlotte Gerber says:

    Forget everything you think you know about the story about Santa Claus and get ready for a tale that will scare your socks off The story begins with a spoiled rotten Klaas Krengel who joins a choir of orphans who are cared for by Friar Otto after all touring the countryside singing is way better than living in a castle and being ignored He soon learns that the choir isn't what he thought it would be and he couldn't carry a tune in a bag if he had to and the other children resent him for it It seems that no sooner does he join this choir group than bad things begin to happen mainly in the form of the Inuisition I won't reveal all but suffice it to say the kids are threatened with The Pear of Anguish and their caregiver the friar is killed in front of them The children relieved of their caregiver are then sold into slavery and certain abuse at the hands of their new mastersWhile I was familiar with the Austrian folklore aspect of the story the author wove in lots of historical events including the Black Death There are demons pedophiles a myriad of horrid individuals and of course the Krampusz If that isn't enough imagine swarms of fleas torturing two little girls amid a room full of eels that have been dumped on the floor enough to make anyone suirm And that is just the beginningAs other reviewers have mentioned this is a tale about one of the darkest times in human history and unspeakable misery runs rampant The author has a gift for describing situations very clearly so that the reader almost experiences the story first hand with all five senses many of which are cringe worthy guaranteed Self centered Klaas may be the one individual who can eventually usher in the era of enlightenment though it seems improbable given his circumstances He'll have to survive the giant sack of the Krampusz and the eerie world of Sundaloon firstI would recommend this book to people who enjoy very dark stories and can stand having their favorite holiday icon turned into something a little less than a benevolent old man at least at the onset Definitely not a story for the sueamish or individuals who despise descriptive writing

  7. Michelle allan Michelle allan says:

    I just cant get into this book This is a shame because I was really looking forward to reading it I did not finish

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