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  1. Sandra Stiles Sandra Stiles says:

    This is another wonderful book by another of my favorite children's book authors In this book we join Billy as he prepares to Celebrate Christmas This year everyone is coming to his house They open presents eat wonderful food then they play games It reminded me of my childhood Everyone came to our farm After lunch was over we would sit around the table and play games Billy's Uncle Bob who is from England always brings him a special gift This year Billy watches his cousin open a present with a wonderful monster truck while he is given a golden pen He is definitely not thankful for it What will happen when he joins a monster family for their humble Christmas? A wonderful book to remind us why we celebrateI received a copy to facilitate my review

  2. Donalisa Helsley Donalisa Helsley says:

    Although Christmas is normally a happy time for Billy this year he finds himself disappointed and jealous He later learns about gratitude and that having things does not bring happiness A very sweet story to remind us all what the season is about The illustration are different but cute I do feel that there might have been too many words on the pages I had to skip some to keep my group of clients attention To be fair some of them would have had difficulty paying attention if there had been less words on the pages

  3. Kim Propp Kim Propp says:

    HoaP would like to thank David Chuka for giving us a copy of Billy and Monster's Golden Christmas to reviewAnxiously Billy waits til it is time to see what he and his cousin get from Uncle The presents are always the same so it is a surprise this year when they are not Billy's cousin gets an awesome truck while Billy gets a 'dumb' gold pen Acting graciously is not one of Billy's strong suits and his father is displeased with his reaction towards the giftA family game of hide n seek ensues Billy is the counter The family hides When Billy is done counting he opens the refrigerator to get a gold snack He reaches deeper and deeper until he is in a whole new world Billy meets two new friends who take him to their house for Christmas dinner He eats with the family because he is hungry Expecting than a bowl of soup for a meal he is disappointed Then Billy's monster friends open their presents Billy learns from the monsters that Christmas is not about what we 'get' but who we get to be with and that is the most important gift Billy reaches back into the refrigerator and tries to grab a golden nut He can't reach so he reaches further until he is out of the fridge and back in his own family home Billy thanks his uncle for the gift He has learned a very valuable lessonThis story is upsurd That is what makes it so fun Although the story line is far fetched I've never met anyone in my fridge it is a lot of fun Kids will learn the valuable lesson the monster family teaches My son who is growing up much too uickly said that little kids will like this book He said he is not a little kid but I know that he enjoyed it as well My son is 11 The book is short and written for kids up to about age 9 HoaP received a copy of Billy and Monster's Golden Christmas in exchange for an honest review If you would like HoaP to review a book or product for you please contact us at philanthropicHRyahoocom Thank you for your support and God Bless

  4. Erika Messer Erika Messer says:

    This is a fun and whimsical picture book yet it also displays the importance of family and togetherness at the holidays I love the way the author uses the senses to make the reader reminisce about their own favorite traditions and foods Billy remembers everything he loves about Christmas and what his grandma would make for dinner desserts and all the fun they would have making it all The illustrations are kind of like an anime type design I really like the bold bright colors bringing out all the majesty and magic of the holidays Billy is really excited until he gets his first few gifts and he is well not too thrilled with them He tries to pretend but finds it hard But when he reaches into the fridge to try to grab his grandmothers chocolate pecan pie he finds himself on a snowy playground with monsters They invite him back to their home for their family Christmas where he sees them being thankful for every little thing they have such as a simple bowl of soup small gifts like he received and wonders how they can be happy with them When he finally is transported back to his own family Christmas will he learn to be thankful for the little things and realize that his family is important? Very awesome book I really enjoyed reading it and I think it's a great book for young kids who are spoiled or don't appreciate what they have teaches a great lesson The illustrations are amazing I think they reallyl told the story through the pictures Definitely 5 stars I received a complimentary ebook to review

  5. Anne Martin Anne Martin says:

    sorry I don't have kids at home any and according to the way the book was presented I expected something else something anybody could enjoy and not only preschool kidsWhen my children were growing up I told them stories of course but I made the stories up It began with what I remembered of fairy tales then a lot of biblical stories adding some cultural dimension to the classical story time then aplenty of tales I created as I told them and then suddenly came a time when they could read themselves There never was a time when such books would have thrilled themAnd as I read this book I was hoping to find find a story that would make me dream remember that precious time with little kids or just a story I would enjoy even for a little while I was disappointed It is just a few pages with huge illustrations about Christmas gifts and how much a kid wants his gift to be perfect Of course the meeting with the poor monsters enables the child to realize how lucky they are to get that much even if it is not enough to completely satisfy them When I read the page when Billy gets his pen I thought the monsters would show him he could create new universes with the pen by drawing or writing No just the usual be lucky to be so spoilt when millions of small Chinese kids would love to have soooooo much If one reads the book to a child there is not even a theme offering a discussion So I guess it might be fun for two to three years old who will fall asleep thinking of Christmas and of the presents to come

  6. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas by David Chuka is a great children’s story I love that it starts out by introducing all of Billy’s different relatives who always get together at Christmas plus their different personalities and the different places that they travel from are also mentioned I’m sure children can relate to this because oftentimes Christmas is the only time of year they see certain relatives Kids can also relate to getting crappy presents from those relatives who barely know them and only see them once per yearBilly ends up in a magical world that looks like a playground filled with snow after reaching too far into the refrigerator in an attempt to taste grandma’s pie He finds himself surrounded by colorful creatures and then his adventure and life lesson begins The little colorful monsters are so grateful for everything they have and receive This story teaches children to be grateful for their family and to be happy with the things that they have in life So many children are spoiled and learn to just expect what they get and to take everything for granted In this book it takes a couple of little monsters to teach Billy that Christmas isn’t just about getting lots of gifts it’s about being with the people you love and being grateful for what you haveI thought the illustrations were really cute and the book was great I loved the lesson given to the reader and I think this is a great book for children ages 2 8 I give this book a FIVE out of FIVE stars

  7. Stacie Stacie says:

    Billy and Monster's Golden Christmas serves as a heartwarming reminder to be thankful everyday for the true gifts in our livesLike most kids Billy is anxious for Christmas He's excited for delicious food spending time with family from near and far and most of all presents However when Uncle Leland gives Billy an ordinary gold pen Billy is than disappointed Now Uncle Leland is hurt and dad is upset with Billy for being ungrateful Before dad can address Billy's behavior grandpa suggests a game of hide and seek and Billy has to count But this seemingly innocent game of hide and seek catapults Billy into an unusual world with colorful monsters who are thankful just to have one another Will Billy learn something from his new friends?We've all gotten a gift that we were less than thrilled with and many times we let the disappointment show even if we don't mean to It's at these times that we forget it really is the thought that counts Billy's ordeal is a wonderful reminder of this and the story's message is related in an entertaining and simple manner allowing children to easily grasp the lesson The illustrations are engaging and vivid adding to this delightful taleI recommend picking up a copy of Billy and Monster's Golden Christmas

  8. Laura Thomas Laura Thomas says:

    This is a delightful story told with fun colorful picturesBilly loves Christmas and everyone is coming to his house this year to celebrateThe three things Billy loves most areChristmas dinner That yummy stuffed turkey will the the trimmings and Grandma’s chocalicious dessertsThere’s also the fun games they play after dinnerAnd most special the surprise present from his Uncle Leland each yearThis year Billy’s Uncle Leland gave him a golden pen knowing he likes to write comicsBilly doesn’t think much of it and went to play hide and seek A strange noise coming from the refrigerator makes him open it and reach inside He keeps reaching untilBoom he’s drawn into another world There he meets the Monster family and shares their ChristmasI applaud the author’s imagination and use of colorful delightful pictures to tell this tale of Christmas and what it is really aboutWhat child wouldn’t enjoy this wonderful story of adventure fun monsters and the true meaning of Christmas This is one you’ll enjoy sharing with your children each yearI received this book for my honest review

  9. Nancy Silk Nancy Silk says:

    A Wonderful Story to Read To Children During the HolidaysThis is such a delightful young children's story book It starts a week before Christmas and mom and Billy are looking forward to all the family getting together There are three things that make it a fun Christmas for Billy1 Lots of good food2 A special present personally delivered by Uncle Leland who lives in England3 The games played after dinnerNowit's Christmas morning and not even a mouse can sleep in as mom and relatives are busy cooking in the kitchen Sorry No samples After dinner Cousin Bob and Billy join Uncle Leland to receive their special gifts You'll have to download and read this story to find out what the gifts are Until then the gifts will remain wrapped Good lessons here for children to learn manners and gratitude The artwork is very colorful and uniue Oh And there are monsters but they're not scary Take time to share with your children this Christmas The author also offers a free coloring and activity book

  10. Christy Christy says:

    This review originally appeared on my blog Christy's Cozy CornersBilly and Monster's Golden Christmas is such a cute book In it Billy is celebrating Christmas with his family He especially loves three things about Christmas the food the family and the fun They have lots and lots of yummy food at Christmas The chocolate pecan pie sounds scrumptious All of the cousins and aunts and uncles come together at Christmas including Uncle Leland from England The fun includes games like cards and hide and seekBilly is excited to open his gift from Uncle Leland but he's sad when he finds out it is only a pen But during the hide and seek game Billy learns that gifts are not what Christmas is all about It is about love and being thankful for what you have This story is one that all children need to hear Being thankful for what you get and understanding the meaning behind the gift is important than getting everything you want The illustrations in the book are adorable as well I highly recommend reading this with your children

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Billy and Monster's Golden Christmas ➾ [Download] ➾ Billy and Monster's Golden Christmas By David Chuka ➳ – They're back Discover what new adventures Billy and Monster get up to in the latest episode in this exciting series It's almost Christmas and Billy's looking forward to his present from Uncle Leland f They're back Discover Monster's Golden ePUB ☆ what new adventures Billy and Monster get up to in the Billy and MOBI :º latest episode in this exciting series It's almost Christmas and Billy's looking forward to his and Monster's Golden PDF É present from Uncle Leland from England On Christmas day Billy isn't too excited when Uncle Leland gives him a golden pen but gives Cousin Bob a big monster truck How could Uncle Leland do this to him Billy's not a happy bunny and his ingratitude makes Uncle Leland sad and his Dad mad A game of hide and seeks plunges Billy into a world filled with snow happy monsters and houses made of chocolate You will love reading this story to your loved ones as they get to learn the most important thing about this special holiday season Expect funny illustrations laugh out loud moments and touching moments in this funny book for kids Grab your copy today.