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Killing the Beasts ❴Epub❵ ➟ Killing the Beasts Author Chris Simms – Manchester 2002 The Commonwealth Games are coming to town and the city is alive with possibilities Caught up in the commercial feeding frenzy is Tom Benwell account manager at an advertising firm The Manchester The Commonwealth Games are coming to town and the city is alive with possibilities Caught up in the commercial feeding frenzy is Tom Benwell account manager at an advertising firm The pressure is getting to Tom – too many deals Killing the Epub / to make and lies to tell and the passion for his job is waning Meanwhile his friend DI Jon Spicer is on the fast track showing a commitment to the job that borders on obsession or so his girlfriend Alice tells himThen in the aftermath of the Games a series of brutal killings shatters the city’s new found spirit Jon Spicer gets the case Each victim has been murdered in the same bizarre and grotesue manner yet the lack of motive leaves the police utterly baffledWith the race on to catch the killer both men find themselves caught up in a nightmare where the most innocent action can cost the highest price In this nail biting crime thriller Chris Simms draws us into the shadows that lurk behind the city’s shiny new exterior then plunges us into the mind of a madman.

About the Author: Chris Simms

I was born and brought up in rural Sussex three miles from the nearest shop Childhood holidays – which lasted for weeks as my dad was a teacher – were spent in a secluded spot in the heart of Exmoor Sitting round Killing the Epub / the campfire at night the haunting cries of owls floating in from the blackness beyond the flames he would read me the ghost stories of MR James The short walk to the safety of my t.

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  1. Nick Davies Nick Davies says:

    There was essentially something a bit awry in the writing of this novel The idea I found uite interesting and in many ways relatable than all the standard 'maverick cop tracks down twisted criminal genius evil murderer' crime thrillers there are and I appreciated the Manchester setting too though this did date the book somewhat in how it was so strongly grounded in the 2002 Commonwealth Games in the cityHowever I found much of the aspects of this novel that was not directly 'plot' to be flawed Simms describes a cast of mainly unlikeable characters with plenty of words but no colour there is description for verisimilitude but this just came over like information as opposed to there being any element of humour any beautiful language any attempt to go much deeper than the immediately relevant I'm sure that as this is a very early book by the author he will surely have improved his craft with time but for me this missed the mark overall It was however a reasonably uick read I don't think I could have cared much longer for the cast of unpleasant druggies thieves vacuous women and fuck ups for much time

  2. Paul Curd Paul Curd says:

    Detective Inspector Jon Spicer is working on Operation Fisherman investigating a gang of car thieves when he responds to a call for help from a Community Support Officer A woman has been murdered and because there is a prologue we already know pretty much how but we don't know why And despite the prologue we don't know whodunit As the first detective on the scene Spicer or 'Jon' as Simms prefers to call his leading man is made Senior Investigating Officer – it seems a straightforward enough case So far so bog standard you might think But when Jon gets home at the end of the day things begin to take a turn for the slightly different Jon is not an embittered alcoholic loner but a happily almost married man Instead of lighting up a cigarette he chews a stick of gum Instead of unscrewing the whisky bottle Jon goes out for an after work run with his pet boxer He is career minded but slightly concerned about being tied down by marriage and by the looming prospect of parenthood It's Ian Rankin crossed with Nick Hornby Over supper Jon's partner Alice tells him some gossip about his friend Tom Benwell whom he used to play rugby with it was Tom who gave up; Jon still plays Alice has heard that Tom's wife has walked out on him after he lost his job By all accounts Tom has become a complete wreck The novel then follows Jon's investigation of the murders for the first is rapidly followed by several killings of young single women in parallel to a series of extremely well handled flashbacks showing why Tom lost his job and his wife and cataloguing Tom's slow but terrible descent into psychotic mental illness Killing the Beasts is the first of the Jon Spicer series of novels It is set in Manchester at the time of the 2002 Commonwealth Games and this is significant Simms has created a great sense of place but he has also shown how the glitz of the Games impacted on the city of Manchester and especially on Tom Benwell Simms uses the metaphor of fireworks – the sudden shooting up to great heights the spectacular display the fall of the burnt out case I have to say I found the female characters too thinly drawn in an otherwise excellent novel The men are complex fully rounded characters All the women on the other hand are little than victims or potential victims The only almost exception is Nikki the Crime Scene Manager who despite making only brief appearances seems less of a simple cipher than the rest of her sex The flirty relationship between her and Jon is expertly handled and deftly introduces another narrative uestion – will they or won't they take the flirting one step further? I really enjoyed this book I loved the main male characters I loved the way Manchester was almost a character in its own right I loved the depth to the story and admired the skilful way Simm described the onset and development of Tom's illness I enjoyed the way the author laid his false trails and red herrings This is a book that works as an intricately plotted whodunit the clues are all there but also as a psychological mystery And there's a breathless climax too

  3. Sally the Salamander Sally the Salamander says:

    I think a big thing that influenced how much I enjoyed this book was the fact that I didn't realize the two plot threads were occurring at different periods of time until honestly over 23 of the way through the book After that things made a little sense However even with that cleared up I had some gripes with the book I didn't particularly like any of the characters None of them really stuck out to me as good people Some would say that this is realistic I would argue that there are plenty of decent people in the world It's hard for me to like a book if I can't root for or support anyone I felt kind of ambivalent about the two main characters Tom and Jon At times I could genuinely sympathize with them and at times they were d bags Again some would say that's realism I would say that's big chunks of the book when I didn't give a rip what happened to them You can have flawed characters without them being unlikableex a character we're supposed to like drinking when she knows she's pregnant Things took a long time to get going This wasn't a huge issue since things picked up before it got unbearable but I would have liked things to move along a little faster Tom's decline just seemed a little off to me He just went from 0 to 60 extremely fast in my opinion I think the circumstances were right but I also think that things like that take some time to develop and don't just pop up all of a sudden Also the whole Masters thing felt like a huge stretch to me Idk maybe it's because I was never super sucked into the book THE FORMATTING I was reading a Kindle version so maybe there was some formatting error or something But good gravy Instead of characters talking like thisWhat's for breakfast? Sarah asked TomJust toast he repliedUghIt was like this'What's for breakfast?' Sarah asked Tom 'Just toast' he replied 'Ugh'It was incredibly annoying Several times I got confused about who was saying what And what happened to putting double uotation marks around speech?Ultimately I just think that this book wasn't my thing However I think I would have liked it if it's formatting wasn't so bleeding awful and if the plot had moved along a little

  4. Stephen Clynes Stephen Clynes says:

    Follow DI Jon Spicer in this crime thriller set around Manchester People are very busy in Manchester with the opening of the XVII Commonwealth Games in 2002 when a body is discoveredOkay this story is set in 2002 but do not let that put you off People remain the same the world over and what we have here is a gritty urban drama This story is not dated although you should ignore all the smoking in enclosed public spaces which is now thankfully illegalThis is a lovely balanced story it is not purely a police procedural tale Character development is great with a lovely diverse range of people The plot is very good and the pace at which this story unfolds is spot on It was a pleasure to read and DI Jon Spicer is a very likeable chap who does enjoy a pint in a pub giving you a wish to join him for a night out Crime thrillers are a crowded market but Chris Simms offers in his books You get the regular crime and it’s detection but also lots of local colour and a social life among the characters Chris details how Manchester was re generated in the run up to the Commonwealth Games and how the ugly parts of the city were covered up He gives the reader the impression they were living there at the time This novel has a very British feel to it and I like how it is set in the real Manchester rather than a fictitious city There is also lots of social commentary spread throughout this story and I particularly liked the focus on consumerism and all forms of litterChris has done a lot of research for his novel and this is explained at the end of the book in a section entitled “The ideas behind the story” I got an awful lot from reading this book pleasure a method of killing I had not come across before the importance of the number 7 through history and a shiver whenever I walk past a branch of B Killing the Beasts is a great book that I am very happy to vote the top score of 5 stars This book stands the test of time just like a beer Jon was offered in the novel called Summer Lightning which is not brewed in Manchester but in Downton near Salisbury an old favourite of mine and a winner of many real ale awards over the years

  5. Lukasz Pruski Lukasz Pruski says:

    I find it uite boring to read a book that ends up being close to what I expected it to be that’s why I generally don’t like book series so when an author manages to surprise me I tend to value it a lot Chris Simms totally astounded me with his novel “Killing the Beasts” My rating is very high mainly because of the surprise factor actually because of three surprise factorsFirst of all the structure of the book is delightfully unusual There are two threads one is uite a standard police procedural DI Jon Spicer searches for a serial killer who has a weird and distinctive modus operandi in murders of women The other thread does not have much of a crime component; it is about tribulations of Jon’s friend Tom who is in the building wrap business and struggles to cope with much increased demand for his services before the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester UK In fact the “non criminal” thread tends to dominate a large portion of the novel Of course an experienced reader knows that the threads will somehow merge at the end And they do but in an utterly unexpected at least to me wayThe novel undergoes uite a drastic metamorphosis toward its end It is no longer what it seemed to be in the earlier parts And I found the sudden switch of premise even delightful Sort of like an operatic aria capping a mundane techno music performanceThe third surprise cannot be divulged without spoiling the “mystery” I can only say that it involves uite a common every day item and that it in a sense illustrates the foreshadowing aspect of the “Chekhov’s gun principle” The item appears uite early in the novel then its appearances proliferate in a mystifying way and finally it plays an absolutely essential role in the denouement If not for the various surprises “Killing the Beasts” would be a mediocre novel I had uite a hard time focusing on the boring non criminal thread involving Tom and his wife The various surprises made the early pain worth bearing Four stars

  6. Maria Maria says:

    Simple to read The only two problems was that I had figured the murderer and the endings of the sub plots car thieving before the author had spilled the beans Also the ending was uite abrupt and didn't tie the knots with Alice and Nikki not sure if it's just a boy thing with Nikki though The one chapter focusing on this character and vice versa made it a little confusing but the different dates in a new chapter was something different I liked I enjoyed that the characters had stuck with their consistent attitudes Loved that the suspects in our perspective crossed over each other's paths to create confusion but it was uite simple to match them up with their crimes Giving it a three only because I wasn't hung onto every word although the plot was uite intriguingedit I've forgotten to mention Simms has had a few plot holes at the end of the mystery and decided to put that into the final ending Tom's 'green suit' that appeared near the end which was mentioned that Sly had on and another the gum Sly had stolen 'a while back' just for some examples I don't mind that in other fictional novels but it bothers me for the mystery genre I think I'll be back since I've forgotten another topic to raise

  7. Bob Woodyard Bob Woodyard says:

    In the end the overall story was three stars worth but the moments of 'The Californians' sketch level obsession with Manchester roads and glut of shop names combined with the poorly edited pacing and weakly built out location jumps made the book at times aggravating to read I found my eyes skimming uickly past paragraphs looking for story content at times Credit should be given for the well done manner of giving multiple potential suspects without definitively revealing the who and whyDI Spicer was also a bit confusing to read as many of his speaking lines made him appear to be softer spoken and calmer before random outbursts supported by his supposed background rugby position made him seem like a bit of a rage monster not helped by recent spotlighting of violence and police in recent news here not the author's fault there The resolution of the two primary cases tended to come from happenstance occurrences around the main character than actual brilliant police work If not for the editing problems making the readings chore and already being told by a friend that book 2 was not any better I might be willing to read But I won't

  8. Godzilla Godzilla says:

    My second Chris Simms book read out of order as is my terrible habitThis one is set around the time of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002 a time and place I am very familiar with He evokes the atmosphere and locations really wellThe timeline of the book is different it jumps between time periods which helps to paint a vivid picture of the characters and the events which overtake themThe story rolls along at a good pace the characters are involving and the timeline jumps tie up the plot nicely One or two elements felt a little forced but taht didn't detract from the book overall

  9. Shannon Shannon says:

    I found this book while looking for new authors So often when looking for something new you find something not so good That was not the case with this book The plot was very original which I won't give away as that would definitely ruin this book There were many twists and turns I didn't see coming that kept me reading late into the night to see what would happen next The characters are real and believable You find yourself attached to the characters and hoping they find their wayThis is the first book in a series and I will definitely be reading the next oneA great read that I would recommend to others

  10. Lacey Lacey says:

    Good detective thriller I really liked reading the internal thoughts of someone decending into schizophrenia Truely terrifying stuff The end wasn't a complete surprise and there were enough other side stories that I wasn't completely certain who the murderer was until the very end Definitely reading the next one

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