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  • 75 pages
  • Halloween In Atlantis (Poseidon's Warriors, #0.1)
  • Alyssa Day
  • 18 November 2015

10 thoughts on “Halloween In Atlantis (Poseidon's Warriors, #0.1)

  1. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    I’ve missed Alyssa Day and her Poseidon Warriors It’s been a while since I read Alyssa and I now remember why she was one of my favorite paranormal authors Halloween In Atlantis though short was perfect Liam and Jamie were cute and funny together From Liam the big strong warrior trying to figure out how to kill a jack o lantern to him being dressed as Batman for the party I laughed and laughed some Jamie and her human euphemisms that baffled Liam were outrageous It just added another layer to the storyBut It would not be a Poseidon Warrior story without a little intrigue and the rest of the warriors ueen Riley King Conlon Vengeance Alaric and uinn Denal and they all played a part in this hysterical Halloween story that was brought to life on Atlantis Alyssa Day knows how to write a story that intrigues you and knows just when to throw in the humor to lighten it up She has always been a fun and talented writer and I’ve immensely enjoyed her stories She has a flair with words and writing style that will keep you on your toes So if you enjoy a little paranormal and love Halloween pick up this little book by Alyssa Day and enjoyHappy Halloween all

  2. Paraphrodite Paraphrodite says:

    3 starsAs the title says it's Halloween in Atlantis Jaime has been hired as the Party Planner for the first Halloween Costume Party on Atlantis Liam is one of the Warriors who ended helping her out when they discover thieves have infiltrated the party and stolen the crown jewels As the author stated this is a novelette longer than a short story and shorter than a novella Too short to be anything but a fluffy light read but I did enjoy the cameos by Ven Conlac and Alaric

  3. Laura Laura says:

    Review posted on Got Fiction?45I love any chance I get to return to Alyssa Day’s Atlantis universe so even though it’s not Halloween I couldn’t help myselfThere’s been a slight shift in her writing style Her stories now are funnier but less action yIs that a word? How about action packed? Her new style is very PNR Lite This story has the same feel and I think that it works for the shorter formatLiam is one of the Atlantean warriors tasked to guard the palace for the upcoming Halloween partyJamie is the party planner who knows exactly where each jack o’lantern should go but doesn’t know how to handle her attraction to the warrior who won’t stop glowering at everyoneBut there’s a small intrigue Someone has stolen the princess’ crown and with Liam’s family having a long history of being thieves it makes him the prime suspectJamie and Liam share some excitement and some kisses and even a sweet happily ever afterI just love that there are 3 series running within the same worldWarriors of PoseidonCardinal WitchesTiger’s Eye MysteryIt’s a fun way to revisit the Warriors of Poseidon but with different adventures

  4. Adaiah Adaiah says:

    Nice to visit the Warriors of PoseidonI haven't read this series in years but it was nice surprise that I still remembered the characters Very cute story Perfect read as we enter the holiday season Guaranteed HEA

  5. Michelle the Romance Witch Michelle the Romance Witch says:

    short but sweet and happy to be back in atlantis

  6. Anna Wick Anna Wick says:

    I hope Alyssa Day will continue writing for this series I started reading this book and was immediately back in the world Familiar characters made me feel right at home

  7. Signi Siemens Signi Siemens says:

    The Warriors of Poseidon are most definitely one of my top favorite series and Alyssa Day is definitely one of my top favorite authors An amazing author and writer who has the ability to capture your attention and hold it make you feel like you are actual character in the book She has the ability to create really imaginative descriptive placessettings characters etc and has a great sense of humor I always laugh so hard 😂 In Halloween 🎃 in Atlantis Jaime is a party planner hired by KIng Conlan ueen Riley to plan a Halloween party on Atlantis Liam is one of Poseidon's Warriors who finds himself drawn to Jaime While helping Jaime with setting up for the party they come across the ueen's Crown hidden in a pumpkin are immediately are drawn into a race against time to solve this mystery find the jewel thieves and get the party back on track without anyone else finding out what happened I totally loved this book feel it worthy of a 5 🌟 rating

  8. Romantic Intentions Quarterly Romantic Intentions Quarterly says:

    HAVE YOU READ? PARANORMAL ROMANTIC COMEDY BOOK RECAlyssa Day’s Poseidon’s Warriors series is a hoot as the ancient city of Atlantis is raised into the modern world and leads to romance between the city’s dour warriors and sundry shell shocked women In Halloween in Atlantis an even light hearted Atlantean outing than usual in this wacky realm Chicagoan party planner Jamie is contracted by the newly emerged Atlantis to throw them a traditional Halloween party as they attempt to join society at large Warrior Liam finds Jamie shallow but fascinating and as the big night looms the two are as inexorably drawn to each other as is a kid to candy A fun funny frolic in a legendary city with an adorable heroine and a hero who will slowly win you over Christmas in Atlantis is pretty cute tooThis rec appears in Romantic Intentions uarterly #3 October 2018

  9. Heather Heather says:

    This was a short cute story Passion was very tame; it could have been better with that Liked the characters Liked the plot Loved going back to the world of Atlantis and warriors that protect it But I needed steamy passion on top of all the parts of the story I liked The relationship is set up so that we know they have actually seen and talked to each other for several weeks so when they finally hook up to solve the mystery and crime of the stolen royal jewels it seems natural and not rushed love that when an author can take a novella and make it not feel rushed but they do nothing but flirt and kiss and I remember the warriors being a bit steamy on the page then that  I did like the story a lot but needed passion

  10. Gabriella Gabriella says:

    Oh my goodness what happened to my one time favorite series? If this had been my first glimpse at the Warriors of Poseidon series I'd have never read the series Halloween in Atlantis wasn't even on the level of a C or D moviethis was like a train wreck I'm so disappointed No real story At all Although there was one promised in the blurb mystery surrounding the ueen's missing jewels sparks fly secrets are revealedMystery? Ha ha I'll just remember Con Ven Justice Alexios Breannan Christophe Daniel and Alaric from their stories Their books were great This one I'll just forget

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Halloween In Atlantis (Poseidon's Warriors, #0.1)❰Reading❯ ➼ Halloween In Atlantis (Poseidon's Warriors, #0.1) Author Alyssa Day – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A Halloween treat from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Alyssa DayNow that Atlantis has finally risen to take its place on the world stage the Atlantean warriors are having to face some A Halloween treat from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Alyssa DayNow that Atlantis has finally Halloween In Epub / risen to take its place on the world stage the Atlantean warriors are having to face some new and interesting dangers like Halloween parties Arrogant warrior Liam doesn't understand the beautiful bubbly human whose entire function in life appears to be to plan parties but he can’t seem to keep away from her either Jamie who considers herself to be completely unflappable the hallmark of a great event planner doesn't understand why the far too serious Atlantean manages to get under her skin with every single encounter Even if he is the sexiest man she has ever seenWhen the two of them are thrown together to solve a mystery surrounding the ueen's missing jewels sparks fly secrets are revealed and Halloween has never been hotter This novelette longer than a short story shorter than a novella is perfect for reading on a coffee break or in between handing out candy to trick or treaters.

About the Author: Alyssa Day

Alyssa Day is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author with than a million books Halloween In Epub / sold including the Vampire Motorcycle Club Warriors of Poseidon and Cardinal Witches paranormal romance series and the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries paranormal mystery series Throughout her seventeen year writing career she has won many awards for her fiction which include Romance Writers of America’s pres.