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Shifting Skin ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Shifting Skin By Chris Simms ✰ – The Butcher of Belle Vue’ has struck again Like the others the third victim has been partially skinned and dumped on waste ground her muscles tendons and ligaments exposed to view Only this time her The Butcher of Belle Vue’ has struck again Like the others the third victim has been partially skinned and dumped on waste ground her muscles tendons and ligaments exposed to view Only this time her face has also been removed Whoever the killer is it appears he has a good knowledge of surgeryJon Spicer and his new partner Rick Saville are on the investigating team The case is waiting for its first breakthrough and it seems to come when Jon finds a blood spattered latex glove in the vicinity of the third victim When it’s discovered the sales rep for the glove manufacturer has been reported as missing only that morning it appears the case could be close to being crackedThen a woman approaches Jon insisting that she heard ‘The Butcher’ claiming his third victim in the next room of a run down motel in Belle Vue But all she has to back up her story is a business card she recovered from the empty room the next morning It is from a local escort agency and the name ‘Alexia’ has been scrawled on the backJon’s investigation takes him into the twilight world of Manchester’s escort agencies and the unscrupulous cosmetic surgery industry – ultimately forcing him to confront the propensity for violence that is in every man even himself.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 365 pages
  • Shifting Skin
  • Chris Simms
  • English
  • 13 June 2014

About the Author: Chris Simms

I was born and brought up in rural Sussex three miles from the nearest shop Childhood holidays – which lasted for weeks as my dad was a teacher – were spent in a secluded spot in the heart of Exmoor Sitting round the campfire at night the haunting cries of owls floating in from the blackness beyond the flames he would read me the ghost stories of MR James The short walk to the safety of my t.

10 thoughts on “Shifting Skin

  1. Maureen Maureen says:

    Manchester in the north of England and a killer known as the ‘Butcher of Belle View’ has claimed his latest victim ‘The Butcher’ skins his victims leaving their ligaments tendons and muscles exposed but with his third victim he’s taken it one step further and removed the skin from her face too There’s clearly a message behind the gruesome methods used and it’s up to DI Jon Spicer to find out what that is but importantly to find out WHO it isSpicer despite the feeling that he’s from another era with some very dated thoughts is a character that I found easy to like although he’s a bit of a loose cannon and his temper is his Achilles heel DS Rick Saville has been assigned as Spicer’s new partner and he’s also new to the team having been transferred from another posting They’re completely different personalities but somehow it works Ying and yangWhat a surprisingly thrilling police procedural this was and with expert use of smoke and mirrors I never guessed who the killer was The author has a very down to earth style of writing I loved both protagonists and it was a really gripping read Chris Simms is an author I haven’t read before silly me

  2. Lynda Kelly Lynda Kelly says:

    I got bored by this and packed it in at 40% He has this REALLY irritating habit of never using any paragraph breaks and conseuently skips from one place and people to another with no notice so you're re reading portions to figure out what on earth is going on and I'd had enough of it There were also random hyphens dropped in here and there watch ingcon cerned then he misses one with Vegasera Elvis Most of my issues appear to be formatting ones as he also starts new sentences for no reason whatsoever as welllike thisMorning Martin Appleforth please It's Detective InspectorSpicerI've never heard of a receiver in the police force either and can't really find the meaning on Google eitherHe did go with proper English spellings this time which was better although we still got a little too much of Manchester to be honest I don't need to know so much about it I've been there it rains A lot I'll be giving up on this series now

  3. Sharah McConville Sharah McConville says:

    A great series so far

  4. Stephen Clynes Stephen Clynes says:

    Follow DI Jon Spicer in this crime thriller set around ManchesterAlthough this is the second book in the DI Jon Spicer series each novel can be read as a stand alone I have not read any of Chris’s books before and found Shifting Skin very easy to get intoWhat I liked most about this novel was it’s balance There is a lovely mix of character development workplace dynamics crime scene and detection current trends moving through society and a very good plot It fitted in well with my work day life going to work and reading some in my rest break followed by reading some when I got home It was like how people follow others on Facebook or Twitter we get our newsfeed on what has happened next to DI Jon Spicer and his partner DI Rick SavilleChris tells his story very well and you feel as though you are working alongside Jon and Rick as they try to capture the Butcher of Belle Vue You also feel as though you are best friends with Fiona Wilson and want to guide her away from danger But this is not all crime scene investigation it is about living life as an adult Characters have friends and family that are important Jon has a dog who he adoresI got a lot of pleasure from reading Shifting Skin There are no dull bits or padding in this book it is all uality stuff It got me guessing about what was going on if the Police were getting it all wrong and would they catch the Butcher of Belle Vue Shifting Skin was a great book for me I felt as though I was getting the whole picture which enabled me to feel I was living the book There was even the mention of a National Express coach departing from Chorlton Street Station to make me feel at home I was very comfortable reading this book and it gave me all I wanted for my daily reading fix I had forgotten how much things had moved on since 2003 when this story was set It was before smoking in enclosed public spaces was banned and Jon went proudly to the bar with only £5 in his pocket but came away with two drinksI was very impressed with the uality of Shifting Skin so it gets the top score of 5 stars from me I look forward to reading from Chris Simms and joining DI Jon Spicer drinking plenty of beer in the pubs of Manchester

  5. Alex Tye Alex Tye says:

    I enjoyed this book But like other reviewers I struggled with the language and descriptions of minorities being portrayed leaving me with a slightly guilty aftertaste for having enjoyed it so muchI could not work out if we were reading the character's viewpoint Jon or the author's viewpointI wanted to give the author the benefit of the doubt so as Jon comes to terms with the fact that his partner Rick is gay I hoped that the author was narrating a slightly cliched journey; macho heterosexual male realizing that not all gay people are effeminate stereotypes The problem with this is that like saying gay people are ok so long as they aren't effeminate I don't like gays but Rick's alright Jon's wife is the counter argument on the subject but not portrayed strongly enough for that to feel balancedThe author attempts to navigate his way through areas he seemingly has no understanding of the transgender community and transvestism I don't know any transgender people or any men who like to wear women's clothes that I know of but I do understand they are not the same thing and they don't just go hand in hand I guess if you are going to write about these matters you should come from an informed place understanding how different these areas are and so describe them accurately instead of perpetuating the confusion many people have because we can't deal with two or three words that start trans but have different meaningsALL that aside the book was easy to read and I sped through it in 3 days which is very fast for meWill I read any of DI Spicer? Yeah for sure I will

  6. Jane Jane says:

    35 starsDI Jon Spicer with the Greater Manchester Police is investigating the murder of a woman whose body was found in a park with large chunks of her skin cut offHe’s been assigned a new partner DS Rick Saville though Jon suspects his boss is pairing him up with Rick so he can keep tabs on him and report back to their boss  Overall interesting read Would recommend

  7. Bill Thibadeau Bill Thibadeau says:

    This is the second book I have read by this author Jolly good read to use the English vernacular I enjoyed reading a book that is written with the everyday collouial language we know as British English I am thankful that I use a Kindle so that I can uickly look up the myriad of unknown wordsThe author does a very good job of providing descriptions that are interesting without overdoing it This could be a great British detective story on BBC that they could export to us or better yet we should grab the rights ans make the series here on a minor cable channelI also enjoyed the characters a great deal This is a series well worth reading

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    The Belle Vue butcher is terrorising Manchester by killing his victims and removing their faces Jon Spicer is assigned a new partner Rick who attempts to rein in some of Spicer's maverick tendenciesFiona Wilson finally runs away from her abusive husband but whilst she is seeking refuge at a motel is convinced she hears a prostitute being killed She makes it her mission to seek out the truth of what happened in the room next door to her ignoring the dangers she faces Spicer has pressures at work as well as trying to deal with his partner Alice who is late in pregnancy A fast paced story which had a bit depth than some murder mysteries

  9. OldDave J OldDave J says:

    Good story Confusing ContinuityThis is an interesting and engaging tale which is marred somewhat by the jumping from place to place character to character or time to time with nothing by way of typeset differences chapter numbers or even just separate paragraphs to help the reader keep things straight Good book though and worth the occasional hiccup in continuity This review may make better sense if you read the book I recommend it

  10. Mrs S E Holmes Mrs S E Holmes says:

    I have not read book 1 but didn’t feel I had to have read that to enjoy this I found the main character to be somewhat naive Some of the interactions between him and his partner seemed designed to highlight the fact that the partner is gay which had no real relevance to the story apart from a knowledge of the Canal Street scene Would a senior police man really be so ignorant? Generally enjoyed this

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