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  1. Julie Julie says:

    Crouching Buzzard Leaping Loon by Donna Andrews is a 2002 St Martin’s Press publication First of all That title I was laughing before I even cracked open the book This fourth installment in the Meg Langslow series finds Meg working in her brother Rob’s office while she recovers from an injured arm With the housing shortage Rob and his computer game programmers are housed in the same building with other professionals like psychiatrists for example They don’t exactly get along suffice it to say But when Ted the mail courier and notorious practical joker is found dead Rob becomes the primary suspect Once again Meg finds her nifty detective skills are needed to get her brother off the hook and find the real culprit Meanwhile she and Michael are struggling to find a home large enough for the couple and Meg is trying to nurse George a buzzard with one wing back to health This installment may have been the funniest one yet However it was also the most in depth look we’ve had of Meg who usually avoids deep analysis In this story she’s often pensive but still maintains her wry wit and uncanny powers of observation The mystery is pretty zany as is to be expected It would seem the victim was up to his neck in office politics both offices as it so happens and is threatening to share sensitive information As such the suspect list is a little complicated At the end of the day Meg finds herself torn between two worlds She makes a decisive choice which is a relief at least for now but even I had to wonder if she should explore all her options I am very much looking forward to the next installment and am uite intrigued by the way Meg’s character seems to be developing Overall this is another highly entertaining installment in the series4 stars

  2. Barbara Barbara says:

    In this 4th book in the 'Meg Langslow' series the blacksmithamateur sleuth goes into action when her brother is accused of murder The book can be read as a standalone Once again there's trouble brewing in Caerphilly Virginia Rob Lanslow feels something is amiss at his computer game company 'Mutant Wizards' So he convinces his sister Meg Lanslow blacksmith and amateur sleuth to sign on as temporary receptionist hoping she can uncover the problem Sure enough Ted the office practical jokerpain in the neck is soon murdered as he rides around on the automated mail cart The Chief of Police who pays minimal attention to evidence arrests Rob for the murder So Meg convinced her brother is innocent jumps into action to investigate 'Mutant Wizards' employs a full array of oddball characters as well as sharing their premises with a group of psychotherapists so there are plenty of suspects Also on hand are Meg's dad who enjoys a spot of sleuthing himself and Meg's fiance Michael who calls in his admonitions from an acting gig in CaliforniaAs Meg uncovers a variety of clues several possible motives present themselves Did someone murder Ted to get his living uarters in housing deprived Caerphilly? was Ted a blackmailer? was Ted involved in a harmful lawsuit? Meg has to find outThe murderer is revealed in a finale that's mildly amusing but so drawn out that it becomes a bit tiresome This is an entertaining light mystery with fun characters my favorites being George the one winged Buzzard who eats microwaved mice and Spike the bad tempered dog who bites anyone within reachYou can follow my reviews at

  3. Sheila Beaumont Sheila Beaumont says:

    This was a reread of the laugh out loud funniest and my favorite of Donna Andrews' Meg Langslow mystery series In this one Meg is temporarily filling in as receptionist at her brother's software company Mutant Wizards which is working on a new edition of the game Lawyers From Hell To complicate things this wacky company has to share its office space with several psychotherapists who are just as wackyThe murder mystery starts when the office prankster who likes to lie on top of the electronic mail cart pretending he's dying is murdered for real and it's up to Meg to find out whodunit since the police chief has decided that her brother Rob is the prime suspectWith pink teddy bears who spout affirmations a one winged buzzard who lives in the lobby an assortment of dogs belonging to the techies a biker type who has become a holistic veterinarian and a wonderful variety of eccentric geeks and shrinks not to mention Meg's mystery obsessed dad this makes for a lighthearted fun read for anyone who enjoys humorous mysteries

  4. Trish Trish says:

    As usual very giggle worthy I have to say I almost like this series for its cast of eccentric characters than for the actual murders

  5. Carol Carol says:

    I had never read any of this series beforebut heyit had a buzzard also known as a vulture on the cover and I needed something on the cover that started with the letter V that's rightfor a challenge I thought it might be funnyit's been my experience after 28 years in a zoo that vultures were often funny creaturesbut unfortunately it was just ridiculous and Meg was just plain annoying I'm than likely a minority here but I think I'll skip any of these

  6. JoyfulK JoyfulK says:

    This is probably the funniest of an extremely whimsical series I think it's because of the uniue Andrews take on the interaction between semi functional computerrole playing geeks and some somewhat less functional therapists This book is recommended to anyone who has ever Worked at a software company been a therapist seen a therapist considered seeing a therapist played a role playing game worked or wished they'd worked at a company with a bring your pet to work policy and an animal rescue station on the campus hunted housing in a truly tight housing market become seriously bored while being paid to answer the phone and done something about it If like me you have done all of these things you're in for a truly special treat Enjoy

  7. Helen Helen says:

    I enjoyed this humorous book in the Bird series The main character's funny parents are back as well as therapists computer geeks

  8. Lynn Spencer Lynn Spencer says:

    This installment of the Meg Langslow series was a fun breezy read We get to venture out from Yorktown and see Meg in Caerphilly Virginia Based on the descriptions this uaint little college town reminded me very much of Lexington over in the Shenandoah Valley Meg's boyfriend teaches at the college there and Meg has recently moved in with him Throughout the action in this book Meg's boyfriend is away for work over the summer and Meg is holding down the fort at her brother's gaming company Mutant Wizards The gamers are forced to share space with a group of psychotherapists and the two camps do not always play well together IN the midst of all this the office practical joker turns up deadFiguring out who might have killed the unpleasant jokester mingles with some hilarious office politicking in this story We also get of a view into Meg's thinking and the reader gets to see her at a bit of a crossroads in life so that gave the book a hint depth than previous installments of the series This mystery is a light escape of a read and I had enjoyed it I have to admit that I would have liked to see Meg explore her What ifs in life a bit but this is still a fun book

  9. Teri-K Teri-K says:

    So far the series is getting a bit better in every book In this installment Meg is temporarily helping her brother Rob with his new start up company for his computer game Lawyers from Hell Their father is hanging around though Michael is away acting in California When the company jokester turns up dead everyone in the building is a suspect and Meg doesn't have a lot of faith in the local police chief to not just pick the easy target her brother So of course she starts snooping around I thought this was a bit better than the previous book because I never had any trouble keeping the many new characters separate The way they were introduced and reinforced made it easy to always remember who was who I was pretty sure I knew who dunnit but I may have read this one before and just remembered; there were still plenty of viable candidates to keep the reader guessing So far this series is a cut above the average cozy with interesting and creative settings motives and characters for me to enjoyNB This is a series that you could jump into at any point I think Of course it's always nice to read the books in order and keep up with the characters evolving lives but if one particular book sounds better it should be just fine to jump in there

  10. Lizzytish Lizzytish says:

    Lots of fun I could fit right in with Meg's family There's buzzards and gamers and lawyers and a murderer of course There are therapists and karate styles and Sit back and enjoy the craziness

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Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon (Meg Langslow, #4) ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon (Meg Langslow, #4) Author Donna Andrews – Poor Meg Langslow She's blessed in so many ways Michael her boyfriend is a handsome delightful heartthrob who adores her She's a successful blacksmith known for her artistic wrought iron creations But Poor Meg Langslow She's blessed in so many ways Michael her boyfriend is a handsome delightful heartthrob who adores her She's a successful blacksmith known for her artistic wrought iron creations But somehow Meg's road to contentment is rutted and filled with potholes than seems fairThere are Michael's and Meg's doting but demanding mothers for a start Crouching Buzzard, MOBI :º And then there's the fruitless hunt for a place big enough for the couple to live together And a succession of crises brought on by the well meaning but utterly wacky demands of her friends and family Demands that Meg has a hard time refusing which is why she's tending the switchboard of Mutant Wizards where her brother's computer games are created and handling all the office management problems that no one else bothers with For companionship besides a crew of eccentric techies she has a buzzard with one wing who she must feed frozen mice thawed in the office microwave and Michael's mother's nightmare dog Not to mention the psychotherapists who refuse to give up their lease on half of the office space and whose conflicting therapies cause continuing dissension This is not what Meg had in mind when she agreed to help her brother move his staff to new officesIn fact the atmosphere is so consistently loony that the office mail cart makes several passes through the reception room with the office practical joker lying on top of it pretending to be dead before Meg realizes that he's become the victim of someone who wasn't joking at all He's been murdered for realDonna Andrews's debut book Murder with Peacocks won the St Martin's Malice Domestic best first novel contest and reaped a harvest of other honors as well This is the fourth book in the Meg Langslow series which features the intrepid Meg and her cast of oddball relatives Their capers are a lighthearted joy to read.