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Worst Volume 1 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Worst Volume 1 Author Hiroshi Takahashi – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Worst is the definitive tale about high school fighting which takes place in chaos ridden Suzuran High School for Boys that has a notorious reputation of having the worst kind of students ranging from Worst is the definitive tale about high school fighting which takes place in chaos ridden Suzuran High School for Boys that has a notorious reputation of having the worst kind of students ranging from thugs to delinuents The main character Hana Tsukishima a freshman at Suzuran comes from a very distant countryside in Japan Although gentle and warm hearted Hana is a tough fighter who has no problem facing several opponents at one time His ambition is to claim the bancho status Worst Volume PDF or the head and unifybring order to Suzuran by defeating whomever comes in his way with the support of both his friends and upperclassmen who are drawn to his strength and character At other times he must fight thugs from rival schools and gangs This series is what is traditionally called a Yankee Manga Yankee having a different meaning and pronunciation than in English which typically involves delinuent young men and thugs filled with action packed fighting seuences but also presented with a lot of humor.

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  1. Arsenic Arsenic says:

    Je lis pas forcément de mangas de baston mais celui là est vraiment sympaHana un jeune un peu naïf venu de la campagne fait son entrée à Suzuran le pire lycée du pays rempli de délinuant Et comme il aime la bagarre et u'il est très fort il veut devenir le chef de tout le lycéeJ'aime bien le caractère super positif du héros ui est en même temps très bienveillant le coup des frangins fait plaisirLe principe du tournoi des nouveaux est cool aussi même si les combats sont rapides

  2. Camille Oliver Camille Oliver says:

    Book Riot challenge #11 a manga Pretty far out of my norm in terms of genre but I guess that’s the point of a reading challenge I have to admit I didn’t even know what manga was until this year But BN has a fairly large section dedicated to it so apparently it’s popular Anyway now I can consider my horizons expanded

  3. Andrea Andrea says:

    Book Riot challenge #11 A MangaWent barely outside my usual horror genre dodging the enormous number of twee fantasy romances that dominates manga going for a boy's school action the violent kind not the sexy kind novel instead About boys at a public high school sorting out the pecking order with a fight club scenario lightened by a cheerful simple kid from out of town Took about 20 minutes to read as this volume was the first episode of a longer arc Even at used book prices I'd have to drop 22935 to read all 33 volumes to date It was cute

  4. Indah Threez Lestari Indah Threez Lestari says:

    Setelah hiruk pikuk perang antar gang mereda karena para banchou dipersatukan oleh rasa respek dan persahabatan terhadap si terkuat yang ogah berkuasa Harumichi Boya roda sejarah berulang lagi Kelulusan dan dewasanya para banchou membuat persaingan baik internal maupun antar gang kembali memanasBagaimana dengan SMA para gagak? Zetton sekarang sudah kelas tiga di SMA Suzuran Harumichi yang pas Zetton kelas dua masih belum lulus entah di mana mungkin akhirnya lulus atau dropout bakal jadi cameo atau tidak ya? Secara internal struktur gang di SMA Suzuran masih kuat dan bagusnya perang kelas 1 kali ini lebih terorganisasi Maksudnya tidak asal berantem untuk mencari yang terkuat seperti zaman dulu tapi dibuat dalam bentuk turnamen bahkan para penonton ditarik bayaran segala Tokoh utama kali ini mirip dengan Harumichi sebenarnya Cuma kali ini gundul seperti trademark SMA Housen

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    Worst vol 1 is a promising beginning to a comic in a genre I have never really delved much into Of course I've seen parody stuff like Cromartie High Schoool and read things like GTO but that's not really the same This is the typical youth delinuent genre story where rival high school gangs are vying for turf and duking it out but instead of a tough as nails protagonist Hana is a fun loving guy with a big heart that can also kick pretty much anyone's ass when it comes to fighting Can't wait to read

  6. Mayank Agarwal Mayank Agarwal says:

    Hiroshi Takahashi is the best modern Delinuent Manga writerartist Worst is the same as his other books Crows and P but a bit inferior The others had some powerful central character and much comedy This is still fun with great story

  7. Kiri Kiri says:

    Badass Buddha Kicks Butt

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