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  • Kindle Edition
  • 62 pages
  • Apartment 14 and the Devil Next Door
  • Marie Sexton
  • English
  • 06 July 2017

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    Apartment 14 and the Devil Next Door is the second part of the Joshua Franklin Hill serial.Josh has only known Rad three days, but he already moved in with him in Moab, Utah Josh still struggles with his age issues, and Rad s hot ex living next door and determined to win Rad back doesn t help his insecurities His concerns about the age difference between him and ...

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    This one gets 3.5 stars, with an extra half star for the adorable ending and Moab setting I love Moab I liked Josh and Rad, but I needed showing, less telling Also, I wanted just one sex scene that wasn t fade to black Is that so much to ask

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    This short story takes place immediately after Chapter Five and the Axe Wielding Maniac, where 42 year old write Joshua Franklin finds himself on his way to Moab, Utah, following a guy, 16 years old his junior, whom he just met three days before Usually, this kind of setting would drive me crazy because I dislike everything insta in my story.However, maybe I was in the mood for something light, and maybe because what followed in this story was weeks of Joshua dealing with the day in and day out of being with Rad including making friends with Rad s people or batting away the sexual advances from Rad s evil best friend occasional sex buddy next door neighbor I actually found it cute Josh could be such an endearing idiot and a drama queen most especially driven by 16 year old difference between him and Rad, that Josh sees himself as someone old fashioned and romantic, while Rad seems to be free spirited and thinks of some forms of monogamist relationship to be outdated ideas I truly had fun watching Josh went from worrying to bumbling to making mishaps Or even when he was trying to guess how Rad s going to react on few things, including Josh wanting to chip in on their financial arrangement.So yes it has few clich s the evil ex, the misunderstanding because CLEARLY JOSH, you look for the WORST source of...

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    Witty writing and a cute story I just wanted a bit .

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    Sometimes too short, ends up beingjust right. Some time ago Marie Sexton wrote a piece of free fiction that was posted on her website and it was called Chapter 5 and the Axe Wielding Maniac It was cute and funny, sexy, entertaining and as with any good story it was also too short So now here we are at least a year later or that s what it seems, I honestly don t remember how long ago she wrote it It could have been than a year, it could have been less I m just not sure What I do know is that the author has been kind enough to re issue that story for those of you who missed it and would like to read it It s still available as a free download I got my copy at ARe Ok, now that we ve explored the origins of how this story came to be Can I just say that I really, really liked Chapter 5 and the Axe Wielding Maniac and I did enjoy Apartment 14 and the Devil Next Door it gave us a short, interesting and unexpected look into what happens to Josh Rad beyond the cabin in the woods For me it didn t quite contain the quirkiness that I found in Chapter 5 and the Axe Wielding Maniac , but it was still a ch...

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    This short story is the sequel to Chapter Five and the Axe Wielding Maniac If you re interested in reading this book, you re going to want to read Chapter Five first It s free, though.While this is not a steamy read at all, I do like the writing style The characters are quirky and Joshua s voice is vivid Joshua is the older man in the story He s sixteen years senior to Rad, who is only 26 Rad likes older men, though, and doesn t at all have a problem with Joshua s age Josh, however, is a mite insecure about the age gap His previous long term relationship ended when his partner left him for a much younger man, so he s rather conscious of the fact that Rad could decide that someone closer to his own age would be better Apartment 14 rather revolves around Josh trying to wade through his insecurities in the relationship while lov...

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    I m not quite sure exactly what s going on here Are these short stories or individual chapters of a longer novel published separately Either way, as much of a lover I am of all things Marie Sexton, I don t think I ll be purchasing any.It was ok I liked it The proposal paragraphs were.nice.

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    More like 3.5 stars rounded up

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    4.0 StarsThis is the follow up to Chapter Five and the Axe Wielding Maniac I enjoyed the development of Joshua and Rad s relationship Sadly, this was a really short story but Marie Sexton capitalized on the real estate It was sexy and perfectly ...

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    This book was as crazy as its characters It was sweet and fast I worked great with the previous volume and I hope to see of the MCs adventures.I kept waiting for the pun about the devil to be real.

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Apartment 14 and the Devil Next DoorApartment 14 And The Devil Next Door Pdf Author Marie Sexton Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk This Is The Sequel To Chapter Five And The Axe Wielding Maniac.Writer Joshua Franklin Hill Is Sure He S Lost His Mind He S Only Known Rad Three Days, And Yet Now He S Left Everything Behind To Follow Rad Back To Moab, Utah Not To Move In, Of Course Just To Visit, For As Long As Things Feel Like An Adventure But Josh Soon Learns That When Your Lover Is A Veritable Free Spirit Sixteen Years Your Junior, Everything Feels Like An Adventure Josh Would Love To Make Their Arrangement Permanent There S Only One Little Problem Rad S Hotter Than Hell Ex Lives Right Next Door, And He S Determined To Win Rad Back This Story Also Available In Print In The Anthology Ever After The Collected Short Works Of Marie Sexton.

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