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  • Kindle Edition
  • 283 pages
  • The Problem With Crazy
  • Lauren K. McKellar
  • English
  • 23 February 2019

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    NOTE TO SHELF Stop judging a book by it s fucking cover and read the damn synopsis.

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    4.5 Everyone is crazy in one way or another Stars Wow I really like this book This book is about how even after losing the most precious things in life we keep on living It s about family, friends, bad people, being judgmental, loss.We live in the present, not caring about the future and the past I love Lachlan, he was the perfect guy who loved his life and lived in the present The last chapter was my favorite.At the beginning I didn t find Dave to be the perfect boyfriend, he was a bit louche and then he proved what A class jerk he can be Then I felt like Kate was behaving quite immaturely for someone who is 18 I know everyone makes silly decisions at this age but she was just being a stubborn one However, I love how the author portrays how Kate is coping with the situation with her father It s at the moment of needs that we know who our real friends are This book made me ponder on when your father has a mental disease that maybe hereditary, every action mistake that you make, you start questioning yourself and take every little thing as a symptom of that disease The same father who supported you wasn t ashamed of your silliness when you were a kid, now because of his disease he is behaving like a stubborn kid, do you feel ashamed of being with him in public Can you handle being seen with him and...

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    So let me first start by saying I don t write reviews, but this book compelled me to write one.WHAT A BOOK The Problem With Crazy had me Heartbroken at 10 vastated at 60%And Destroyed at 80%I felt emotionally involved with this book, it made me smile, laugh, cry and sob big ugly tears than once It ripped my heart out and put it back, only to do it all over again.I won t spoil i...

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    5 Addicting, so darn good Stars This a one day, can t put down kind of book aka my favorite kind.I m saying that, deep down, nothing will change your perfect.I had my next couple books lined up but then a friend recommended this to me and I told her I d read it She was thrilled that she had the power to make me say yes to a book she told me about without me asking questions I trust her opinion and NOW I may have her telling me what all my next reads should be The Problem with Crazy had me from the very beginning I thought it was going to zig one way to discover it zagged and then zigged and zagged again Seriously I was so addicted to this story It was such an incredible story of life Life that ends up taking you down a path you did not see ahead You think you have it all figured out and are excited to move on to your next chapter in life when something unexpected happens Then this flaw starts the snowball effect of your problems But then a light is shown and you re given hope, only for that hope to be taken away too I felt guilty when I indulged it, when I let that little spark breathe and gave it some air I didn t w...

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    The Problem With Crazy is a great read At first I was a little hesitant to read it because dealing with diseases that lead to death are always a scary read for me But I have to say that Lauren did a great job writing this realistic story about the struggles families face when a family member is is and dying from a disease that has no cure Kate has her life planned out She is going to graduate from high school and go on tour with her boyfriend for the summer and live a care free life She is all set with her plans and on the day of graduation everything hits the fan Her father shows up drunk and rambling on and she can t understand what the hell is going on Once everything quiets down and her father starts to talk to her Kate soon realizes her life is about to change and not in the good way See her father has come to tell her he is dying from Huntington s Disease This di...

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    How do you cope when your entire world crashes down around you Family, boyfriend, career, health everything changes in the blink of an eye for Kate and thus begins an incredible journey of self discovery.I found myself immersed in this story from the get go I felt Kate s pain, confusion and hurt, her heartbreak Life can be cruel and Kate got hit with blow after blow.This was an emotional ride for me Lauren s writing is flawless The story pulled me down, ripped me apart, built me back up again before totally gutting me over and over I cried both tears of joy and of sorrow with this one.There are plenty of happy and fun moments too I m kinda a ...

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    This book shattered me.I can t remember the last time I cried so much reading a book The characters I adored and hated , and this book reminded me why I love YA books This book gave me all the feels, but it was u...

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    We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know about this book, go to the post in our website The Problem With Crazy Crazy in Love 1 by Lauren K McKellar If you are interested, you can visit our website The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club s Review Rate 5 starsReview The Problem with Crazy is a sweet New Adult Young Adult romance story that has the power to break your heart, make you smile and ache with the characters throughout the whole story What happens when you discover that your dad has a horrible disease that will make him lose his mind Well, the struggle is awful, and that s something the main character in The Problem With Crazy has to go through But her life is turned upside down when her boyfriend dumps her because he doesn t want to have a girlfriend with an hereditary disease She loses her chance to tour with her boyfriend s band, her former boyfriend and she s about to lose her dad When you have reached the bottom, what drives you to keep living your disastrous life I can t tell you the level of emotions this book can cause to the reader I instantly liked the main character Kate is one of those characters with a bit sense of humor, good, strong and with the complains of a norma...

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.The Problem with Crazy is book one in Lauren McKellar s Crazy in Love series and the first of her books I ve ever read It is also the hardest book I ve had to review in a long time I can t decide how high I want to rate it I loved it to a point Then, I hated it and Ms McKellar Seriously, I was so angry, I couldn t feel the overwhelming sadness that I was supposed to feel and that made me angrier Halfway or so into the book, I KNEW what was coming Without reading a single review, I knew what was going to happen, knew I was going to hate it, but the story was SOOOOOOO good I read, praying I was wrong and that Ms McKellar wasn t the evil author I knew she was going to be I couldn t help myself The thing is, I felt it was so unnecessary Everyone in the story was already dealing with so many sad, depressing issues I felt that this last thing was a dump of crappier crappiness that life dealt everyone I skimmed the rest of the chapter until I got to the next part of the story, where everyone was trying to move forward At that point, I was able to read again, but I didn t fall into the rest of the story like I did the first 80% Yet, even now, I m pissed off If the story made me feel that strongly, does it deserve a higher rating Outsid...

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    OMG, what a fantastic read Wow I m still dumbfounded, even though I finished this book last night.I have to admit I was a little wary when I started the book for two reasons it s not often I get hooked by a YA NA story and the other reason being the author is also my editor So what if I didn t like the book How would I tell her the reason for my 2 star rating Turns out these were all unfounded fears because this book blew my mind.I got immediately sucked into the story and couldn t let go I just couldn t put it down, not even when I started crying, fat, ugly tears and sobs Seriously, I was sobbing The story struck a chord and it tugged at my heartstrings It s such a powerful and emotional journey, that I still haven t been able to get over it.There is a part and I won t say what, otherwise I ll spoil the fun where I had to stop to send a message to the author telling her I was thinking about unfriending her but even then, I couldn t stop reading Even through the tears and the sobs I still managed to smile at the sweetness of the story.I love Kate I haven t loved a teenager heroine in a book since Hopeless by Colleen Hoover I have to say Kate has definitely earned the top spot in my best teenager character chart She s fantastic Funny, sweet, strong and fragile at the same time She s the person I d like to have been when I was eighteen.Dave, Kate s boyfriend, is the perfect jerk, and Lauren managed to depict him perfe...

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The Problem With CrazyThe Problem With Crazy Pdf Author Lauren K McKellar Airdomains.co.uk Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN B00IFH4NI0The Problem With Crazy Is That Crazy, By Itself, Has No Context It Can Be Good Crazy, Bad Crazy Or Crazy Crazy Like It Was When My Ex Boyfriend Sung About Me On The Radio Eighteen Year Old Kate Couldn T Be Excited About Finishing High School And Spending The Summer On Tour With Her Boyfriend S Band Her Dad Showing Up Drunk At Graduation, However, Is Not Exactly Kicking Things Off On The Right Foot And That S Before She Finds Out About His Mystery Illness, Certain To End In Death A Mystery Illness That She Could Inherit Kate Has To Convince Everyone Around Her That Her Father Is Sick, Not Crazy But Who Will Be Harder To Convince Her Friends Or Herself The Problem With Crazy Is A Story About Love And Life About Overcoming Obstacles, Choosing To Trust, And Learning How To Make The Choices That Will Change Your Life Forever.

About the Author: Lauren K. McKellar

Lauren K McKellar is a writer of contemporary romance reads that make you feel This hybrid published USA Today best selling author loves writing books with stunning local settings, heart throb heroes, and leading ladies who overcome great hardships in their lives.In addition to writing, Lauren loves to read, and you can often find her up at all hours of the night with a glass of wine, some choco