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Manos Story (Little Squirrels #2) ➥ [Epub] ➟ Manos Story (Little Squirrels #2) By Michael Murphy ➯ – Seuel to Little Suirrels Can Climb Tall Trees Mano and Jake friends since childhood are each the brother that the other never had hermanos It doesn’t matter that Mano is gay and Jake is straight The Seuel to Little Suirrels Can Climb Tall Trees Mano and Jake friends since childhood are each the brother that the other never had hermanos It doesn’t matter that Mano is gay and Jake is straight They have each other's backs When he grows weary of being used as a pawn by his parents as their marriage collapses Mano moves in with Jake’s family Jake and Mano both need a chance to start over so they move to Hawaii and work for Jake’s uncle Mano working as a lifeguard In his free time Mano explores his sexuality and finds he has no shortage of men in his bed But after watching his parents' relationship disintegrate Mano guards his heart and keeps it strictly sexual Determined to become self sufficient Mano returns to college while still working full time When he meets the man of his dreams he’s too scared and unsure of himself to pursue him For years he went out of his way to avoid getting close to a man so now when he wants to he doesn’t know how With the encouragement of Jake and others Mano searches for the courage to go after what he’s always really wanted.

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  1. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    While this seuel to ‘Little Suirrels Can Climb Tall Trees’ has some of the same humor and it’s also about a man who finds his way in the world after being than a little lost the feel of it is very different This time it is the narrator who needs to learn about his own worth and as Mano tells his story a lot of his insecurities and fears are right out there He is good friends with Kyle from book one and it was great to see how much Kyle has grown—to the point where he is now able to help Mano do the sameMano has been through emotional hell and he wants a place to start over Hawaii is exactly what he needs a major break from Washington DC where he grew up with a new set of friends except for his closest buddy Jake and a new outlook on life and what he really wants to do with it Some of his initial attempts to find the love he so desperately wants are less than successful but Mano’s irrepressible spirit helps him recover and try again I loved watching him gradually gain confidence in his personal life but when his professional assurance grows it all comes together The strength of this novel for me lies in the emotions Mano experiences and how he shares them all good and bad as he explores the options that come his way Having front row seats to everything he feels was tough since he got hurt uite a bit but then it was also good since Mano does eventually figure out how to get what he so desperately wants a loving relationship with a man he trusts Their romance is slow and that makes the eventual physical encounters all the hotterIf you like romances between very real men who have very real issues if the emotional side is as interesting for you to learn about as the physical aspect of a relationship and if you’re looking for a read that is as intense and funny as it is hot and fulfilling then you will probably like this novel I loved it just as much as the first book in this series and recommend you read them both t get the full picture of these wonderful charactersNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  2. Morgan Skye Morgan Skye says:

    We met Mano in Little Suirrels Can Climb Tall Trees and I was psyched he got his own book He was so funny and interesting in that book that I was sure this would be a really light hearted sensual fun story It has those elements but that’s not all there is to the book It’s not a typical mm romance in a lot of waysWe don’t meet Mano’s love interest until 57% of the way into the story The first entire half is Mano learning about his sexuality and getting a new “lease on life” after leaving his Washington DC life behindAfter spending the first half of the book being worried about never finding love pretty much as soon as he meets Jordan they are a couple and moving things to permanency The rest of the book is wrapping up their relationship issues and Mano finishing schoolSo this truly is Mano’s story far than his and Jordan’s There is a fair amount of Mano’s and Jordan’s story to be sure but it doesn’t happen til later and while we wait Mano is NOT celibateFor some having on page sex with someone other than the MC can be disconcerting though these interactions shaped Mano into who he is todayI didn’t think this story was as tightly written as the first book and seemed to take tangents Mano’s character was not what I was expecting and I had some preconceived notions to set aside but even allowing for that I didn’t connect with him as much as I had Kyle and Joseph from book one I did enjoy that we get to see a fair amount of Kyle and Joseph though – they are still so cute together Overall I was a bit disappointed with this book because I had high expectations for it It wasn’t a bad book – don’t get me wrong – it just wasn’t what I was expecting and didn’t resonate with me as much as book one

  3. CB CB says:

    Another very enjoyable and entertaining story in the Little Suirrels series A little slower to start you really get to know Mano in this story but again no big angst or drama or mystery to work through just a pleasant read and great way to pass an afternoonI don't think you have to read the first book before this one but I highly recommend it as the MC's from the first book appear uite a bit in this book and they bring their own uniue personalities here too

  4. Marbea Logan Marbea Logan says:

    Although I thought Mano's past was gonna be unbelievably tragic and full of grief I still loved how much he grew into a well adjusted educated husband and man Everybody is married and has their happily ever after Great seuel Michael

  5. Simone Simone says:

    35 stars

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