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  1. Jason Jason says:

    3 StarsI loved the Descent book one in this series by Jeff Long and have put off reading this book for uite a long time It is a fun and easy page turner that does not live up to the first book This book does not have the tension the scary moments and it lacks the magic of discovery that The Descent had in spades It does a nice job at moving the story 10 years further on and creates some very plausible outcomes of Humans versus Hadal'sThe story telling and the interview chapters with the Angel make this book better Several characters make a welcoming return to this book Highlights include further depth to the story about historical Satan Some good underground action scenes A great plot line A story of apt lengthI enjoyed this book I did not love it It is worth a read to fans of the spelunking genre

  2. Kevin Kevin says:

    The Descent was a modern Jules Verne for adults Its seuel however is a supernatural fantasy through and through The antagonist is an immortal fallen angel yearning to escape his underworld prison Prominent roles are played by souls that linger and speak to the living Make no mistake Deeper is a different animal than its predecessorIf you're still interested then know that Ali and Ike apart not together reprise their roles as heroes of the story You'll travel through the dark interior You'll discover the remains of another amazing pre historic city You'll encounter the remaining hadals and some human monsters tooDeeper follows two main storylines One is the mission to rescue a group of children who were stolen from above The other is a battle of wills between the devil seriously no joke and the human companions it manipulates There's a sub plot of escalating military tensions between China and the US but it adds little to the storyDeeper will re immerse you in the environment of The Descent and reunite you with two beloved characters On the other hand the metaphysical fabric of the world is uite a departure and the story isn't eual to that of the first book Depending on your tastes you'll love this book like it moderately or better spend your time with a different tomePS I gave four stars to The Descent Anyone looking for a thrilling adventure with a side helping of horror will enjoy it

  3. Jim Jim says:

    With Halloween approaching I felt in the mood for a good scary novel And this book by Jeff Long fit the bill Some years ago I read Long's The Descent about the discovery of an extensive tunnel system under the world inhabited by humanoid creatures who have been preying on humanity for millennia These hadals are considered as providing the basis of our stories of demons or devils In the end sorry this is a spoiler for The Descent a bioweapon was released to exterminate the hadals InDeeper the story picks up ten years later by the way this book was published in 2007 People have been exploring the tunnels and also mining and colonizing in them all confident in the belief that the hadals are gone But are they? When a raid by the creatures onto the surface leads to the killing of adults and the kidnapping of children humanity realizes that at least some of their age old enemies have survived The military sends in a teamand the war is on again This time the human race faces an even greater evil than before This seuel is not uite as good as the first book no surprise but it certainly had its scary moments The big surprise for me is that no film has been made based on these books by Jeff Long

  4. Tina Tina says:

    'Deeper' holds a difficult position as the seuel to one of the decade's most shocking and imaginative horror novels it creates very high expectations in its readers It is hard for such a book to fulfil them and disgruntled disappointed fans are almost givenIn my opinion 'Deeper' is a logical continuation of the original material While it is true that Long abandons the scientific concepts introduced in 'The Descent' in favour of the religious and even supernatural I have to admit that again in my opinion this development seems neither forced nor farfetched There was always something religious to the deep even besides the associations with biblical hell; for much of book one Ike seemed like a lost son caught between two worlds unsure of where he belonged Much of his solitary time was spent turned inward in reflection The deep had a grip on him that was far beyond the Stockholm Syndrome For him to return to the dark to seek out what was haunting him and if necessary to rid himself and his loved ones of it seems inevitable With everything that is different in 'Deeper' it also manages what many other seuels can't it stays true to the characters its predecessor brought to life and once again creates the same dread horror and oftentimes disgust we have already come to love Yes we have seenread about mutilations before nevertheless Long never ceases to finds new disturbing angles to human suffering Whether you loved 'The Descent' or not I'd advise to approach this piece of work as a book of its own right Give it some room to breathe and unfold its own tale and you will likely meet with a novel that holds up on its own and is than just a run of the mill seuel Give it a chance step into the dark once let it enfold you and join us in prayer for the advent of the long awaited conclusion to this trilogy

  5. Julia Julia says:

    I didn't love this book they way I loved it's preuel The Descent The first book was of an adventureexploration story going down into the earth and discovering the Hadal's civilization This one delved into the identity of satan or the being trapped in the earth He apparently has supernatural powers but is unable to leave his prison So he lures travelers and pilgrims to his lair where he either tortures and kills them or takes them on as a temporary discipleThe story criss crossed between the evil down below and a hunt for some children that were abducted and taken into the earth While the beginning of the book was interesting towards the end it became metaphysical and about the torture inflicted upon the people The underworld which was so believable in the first book became and unbelievable to me So I felt a little let down by this one

  6. Sirvinya Sirvinya says:

    I read the first book The Descent right at the end of last year so when I found there was a seuel I had to read it straight away I found Descent gripped me all the way through so I was hoping the same would be true for this oneImmediately this lacked the edge of your seat suspense and horror that the previous book did The bulk of this takes place 10 years after the end of The Descent The underworld is available for exploitation but only nervous nibbles are taking placeview spoilerThere seem to be 3 main storylines that are tenuously linked Rebecca's search for the children Ali's search for the children then Maggie The developing war hide spoiler

  7. Traci Traci says:

    I've waited a long time for this book and I wasn't disappointed It's not often that a seuel is better than the original but Jeff Long's seuel to The Descent is better and terrifying than the first

  8. Phair Phair says:

    I really enjoyed The Descent but this follow up was just plain nasty Too much religious babble Also had too much blood gore angst torture gore evil greed and gore with no real pay off Seems like a set up for yet another round below ground Sadly disappointing

  9. Melinda Melinda says:

    Do not read while pregnanthormonally challenged

  10. Paige Ellen Stone Paige Ellen Stone says:

    Jeff Long is a paradox to me I first read his work when I read his superb novel The Descent I found I could not finish his next book Year Zero It was just too dull Deeper is the seuel to The Descent Or seuels There are so many story lines occurring throughout the pages of this book that it is hard to stay with it I stayed till the end in part due to my own personal obsession with good stories about what is beneath the earth deeper than the deepest caves I was hoping that Mr Long would continue the excellent tale he had told in his first book All the way to the end I held onto the hope that it was going to come together It just never does And it certainly doesn't beg for another seuel I think Mr Long's imagination wrote a check his talent couldn't cash I can't say I'll be reading any of his work There is just too much other good stuff out there to read

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Deeper ❮Ebook❯ ➥ Deeper ➦ Author Jeff Long – Hell exists It is a real geological historical place beneath our very feet And it is inhabited savagelyIn an intense and imaginative tour de force New York Times bestselling author Jeff Long takes rea Hell exists It is a real geological historical place beneath our very feet And it is inhabited savagelyIn an intense and imaginative tour de force New York Times bestselling author Jeff Long takes readers into the depths of the earth where a primordial intelligence waits in the darknessA decade has passed since doomed explorers unveiled a nightmare of tunnels and rivers honeycombing the earth's depths After millennia of suffering terror and predation humanity's armies descended to destroy the ancient hordes Deep beneath the Pacific Ocean a doomed science expedition killed the subterraneans' fabled leader and suddenly it seemed that evil was dead and all was right with the world againNow Deeper arrives to explode that complacency and plunge us back into the sunless abyss Hell boils up through America's subways and basements to take its revenge and steal our children Against the backdrop of a looming war with China a crusade of volunteers races to find the vestiges of a lost race But a lone explorer the linguist Ali von Schade learns that a far greater menace lies in the unexplored heart of the planet The real Satan can't be killed and he has been waiting since the beginning of time to gain his freedom Man and his pitiless enemies are mere pawns in the greatest escape ever devisedMesmerizing and concussive this darkly brilliant work of imagination galvanizes Jeff Long's reputation as a prodigious talent At once a love story the ultimate thriller and an extreme adventure Deeper will leave you breathless.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 461 pages
  • Deeper
  • Jeff Long
  • English
  • 12 June 2016
  • 9781416516880

About the Author: Jeff Long

Long is a veteran climber and traveler in the Himalayas rock climbing often manifests in his writing He has also worked as a stonemason journalist historian screenwriter and elections supervisor for Bosnia's first democratic electionMany of his stories include plot elements that rely heavily on religious history or popular perceptions of religious events.