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Have A Nice Trip Have A Nice Trip Author Tammy L Witzens Jobs In Kingston.co.uk Have A Nice Trip The First Book Of The Power Continuum Series, Containing Two Outrageous Stories Mother Fucking Flowers Part One Belle Bruisewort, Who Prefers To Be Called Daisy, Is Expecting Just Another Day At The Office When Her Boss, The Legendary Miyamoto Musashi, Gives Her An Unusual Task Daisy Must Travel The Multiverse In This Fantastical, Time Bending, Dimension Shifting, Space Consuming, Quantum Happening Adventure To Carry Out Her Mission To Kill Hitler I Am Not A Magician Part Two An Unknown Number Of Loop Sets Earlier There Is An Art To Snake Wrestling To Which Most Are Not Privy Sobek Vakkh, Despite His Every Effort Against It, Becomes A Person Of Interest Across The Multiverse He Must Team Up Once Again With His Twice Over Captor, Seka, To Figure Out Why In This Time Twisted, Helical Adventure, The Duo Encounter A Barrage Of Strange Experience Loops Revealing That Seka Has A Few Secrets Of Her Own.

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    Most of the time when I read sci fi books it s hit or miss I could never identify what feature the ones that were a miss were actually missing until I read this one Most sci fi books take themselves very seriously There s usually a lot of action, drama, some romance, and a lot of high tech futuristic stuff going on Have a Nice Trip has all that but it adds an element of sarcasm and fun that made this book fun to read That humour was what I was missing from other sci fi books It took it from a different level of fantasy book to something that didn t require that I suspended belief in physics just to get through a scene It didn t matter that Tesla reactors were fuelling ships and planets and allowed you to shift through time and space you were often too busy laughing at the scene to care that it was practically impossible for this to happen That being said, I have to admit that I loved the first part of the book The mini story about Daisy had me laughing and cheering in equal measures I found Daisy and her detached personality quite suitable to the situations and job she faced, which made the character real for me ...

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    I won this book and was asked to give an honest review This is not my usual type of book That being the case, I paid close attention to what I was reading This is the first book in a new sci fi series The book has two separate stories revolving around the same multi verse The first story revolves around a character named Daisy The author states that this is a fantastical adventure It is, but I also found it confusing I knew what the character was trying to do, but I got lost along the way with her.The second story was just as fantastical Our hero, Bek, has a thing for the circusand gambling He s also a person of interest to The Academy Seka goes to collect him and take him with her From there, they are off on many time twisted a...