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    The cliche of the millenials is they want a trophy for just showing up And why not They have received trophies for that in the past Apparently Dr Joanie Connell has been listening in to my kitchen table rants, because the entire first section of Flying Without A Helicopter is a powerful and complete description of a situation about which I have railed often and loudly, although not nearly as eloquently or astutely as her observations, solid research, and clearly communicated perceptions.This is not a Bash The Millennials book, but a serious attempt to call our attention to a real problem which our entire society must address At first, I thought this book was an academic discussion of the sociological dynamics of recent years which have affected our educational system, changed our parenting, and resulted in problematic attitudes and behaviors in current college students and entry level workers.Then as I moved through the book, I was treated to a good dose of career development counseling the way it ought to always be done The book ends with some excellent coaching for self improvement through a solid set of strategies to develop characteristics that we may have let wither.Dr Connell clearly and convincingly shows us why this topic is important for all of us regardless of age or generational identification, and how we got to the place where her book is not just necessary, ...

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    Simply put, this book is AMAZING I won a copy through a GOODREADS giveaway and was thrilled beyond It is chocked full of pertinent information for young adults entering the workforce, and just as import, a MUST read for parents and employers alike It outlines effective approaches and give detailed examples to prepare a person entering the workforce, with a slant towards first time employees ...

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    Flying Without a Helicopter How to Prepare Young People for Work and Life Joanie B Connell PhD What is a helicopter parent This, I asked my friend who stared back at me in disbelief To think I had raised 3 kids and was on round two with a grandson and I had never heard that term before For those reading this who are as in the dark as I was just a few years ago, a helicopter parent hovers Right They are constantly looking to make sure their child gets attention at least equal to that of their peers, assure they get adequate play time on the field of their chosen sport, and helicopter parents protect their children from discomfort Being a parent and grandparent, I know and you know, we want the best for our offspring, but being a helicopter parent is not the way to prepare young people for work or life I, as a reader of this book have seen a few instances of what the author presents, but I work frequently with kids ages 2 to 12 and have admiration for the next generation of workers in the cue I hope parents and millennials pick up a copy of this book and read it to learn how to live a REAL life as the author explains Joanie Connell, from her own expertise and research, wrote this book for young people and for the parents of young people, because she s concerned that kids are growing up in a make believe world where they aren t given enough opportunities to experience discomfort, responsibility, solve problems, be ...

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    A must read for Millennials, their parents and their bossesIn this important book, author Joanie Connell, Ph.D., explains that the generation of millennials has grown up protected and sheltered, entering the workforce with unrealistic expectations about opportunities unwilling or unable to accept constructive feedback about their work afraid to take risks with an expectation or need to be praised daily or even often without the communication skills necessary to work in teamsDr Connell explains that these attitudes and behaviors are the result of helicopter parents who tend to hover over their children, trying to shield them from negative experiences, setbacks or failures, and make decisions on their behalf The result is a generation of young people who have not developed the skills required for success in life and on the job.Joanie Connell achieves something unique in this book She s able to talk to the parents and managers as well as the millennials themselves Her message is important She states that she wrote the book because she s concerned that the leaders of tomorrow will not be prepared to lead effectively Her book shows the way for all those involved to help young people get ready for REAL Life RESILIENT...

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    Technicially it s 4.5 stars, but i m rounding up to five since .com doesn t allow half stars While i m neither a manager nor a millennial, and I don t have kids, I still found this book insightful regarding myself and how I view coworkers I partic...

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    I got this book from goodreads for an honest review All im saying is I haven t had the time to really finish it but it was good from what I did read.

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Flying Without a Helicopter: How to Prepare Young People for Work and Life Reading Flying Without A Helicopter How To Prepare Young People For Work And Life Author Joanie Connell Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Joanie B Connell, Ph.D, A Talent Management Expert, Asks The Questions That Others Are Too Afraid To Ask And Makes Connections Others Are Too Bogged Down To Notice To Suggest How Parents, Educators, And Managers Can Help Young People Excel In The Workplace Learn How To Produce Healthy, Independent, And Self Reliant Employees Prevent Stress And Burnout Among Twenty Something Employees Help Younger Employees Boost Face To Face Communication Skills.

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  • Flying Without a Helicopter: How to Prepare Young People for Work and Life
  • Joanie Connell
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  • 25 June 2017
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About the Author: Joanie Connell

Joanie B Connell, Ph.D., is a talent management expert and career coach for people across job levels, ages, and industries She works with companies to attract, develop, and retain top talent and she works with individuals to improve their success and happiness in their careers.She has advanced degrees in psychology from UC Berkeley and a bachelor s degree in engineering from Harvard As a profes