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Fix-It and Forget-It Christmas Cookbook [Reading] ➸ Fix-It and Forget-It Christmas Cookbook By Phyllis Pellman Good – You absolutely can make holiday meals with ease and with pleasure says slow cooker champion Phyllis Pellman Good Her latest collection Fix It and Forget It Christmas Cookbook 600 Slow Cooker Holiday R You absolutely can make holiday meals Forget-It Christmas Kindle × with ease and with pleasure says slow cooker champion Phyllis Pellman Good Her latest collection Fix It and Forget It Christmas Cookbook Slow Cooker Holiday Recipes will fill your head with menu ideas give you gentle guidance with each recipe and deliver dishes that your friends and family will love Stop your fretting Put an end to the nightmares Get out your slow cookers Fix-It and Kindle - Good urges These are stand out slow cooker recipes — all from home cooks from across the country These are manageable slow cooker recipes — from cooks who want to feast with their loved ones without being exhausted and frazzled.

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  1. Bridget Bridget says:

    I just got into cooking a couple of years ago Before that I preferred to eat out because I didn't have time or the confidence to make a meal at home Now I have taken a total 180 I would much rather spend time perfecting my own meals and now when we go to a restaurant I'm like I could make this better So what's my secret? I turn to what I call my Cookbooks For Dummies The step by step directions are so easy that anyone can make the perfect meal The Fix It and Forget It Christmas Cookbook has become my bible in the kitchen It contains all the recipes you could ever need for any occasion Appetizers entrees snacks deserts it's all there The Holiday Spinach and Artichoke Dip is amazing One thing I really love about this book is that you can make little changes and have exactly what you want at that moment I made Chicken Tortellini Soup instead of using sausage and it was phenomenal I love this book It would make the perfect present for the holidays

  2. Katie Katie says:

    Some good ideas to make life a bit easier at busy times I bought a copy to keep around and enjoyed thumbing through and choosing a couple recipes I found that would appeal to my family Ingredients are easily available and recipes are not complicated

  3. Meg McGregor Meg McGregor says:

    Now that I am not working that much I wanted to learn how to use the Slow Cooker for than just my usual mealsThis book has 600 recipes for the slow cooker I found about 20 that I thought my husband and I would enjoyMy favorite recipe was for Chicken and Dumplings MMMM I have included the recipe belowINGREDIENTS2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast halves1 and 34 cups chicken broth2 chicken bouillon cubes2 tsp salt1 tsp pepper1 tsp poultry seasoning2 celery ribs cut into 1 inch pieces6 small carrots cut into 1 inch chunksBISCUITS2 cups buttermilk biscuit mix12 cup plus 1 tbsp milk1 tsp parsleyPREPARATION1 Arrange chicken in the slow cooker2 Dissolve bouillon in broth in bowl Stir in salt pepper and poultry seasoning3 Pour over chicken4 Spread celery and carrots over top5 Cover Cook on LOW 6 8 hours or on HIGH 3 3 12 hours or until chicken is tender but not dry6 Combine Biscuit ingredients in a bowl until just moistened Drop by spoonfuls over steaming chicken7 Cover Cook on High 35 minutes Do not remove cover while dumplings are cooking8 Serve immediatelyThe only reason I didn't give this five stars is because there are no pictures of any of the cooked foods I like to know what a dish should look like before I attempt to make it; and after I have made it to compare it with the picture

  4. Hope Hope says:

    This was not particularly Christmas y until the end where there were many good ideas for side dishes hot drinks and desserts Between standard recipes there are many suggestions for stress free holidaysBecause it's a compilation and not done by one author there are often too many recipes to pick from 10 sweet potato recipes over 20 chili recipes 20 pot roast recipes etc The advantage of this is that you could skim through them till you found one that had the same ingredients that you already have in your cupboard Or ingredients that your family will eatAlso since convenience is the key many recipes call for a can of soup or some other prepared ingredient Since we've switched to clean eating I found only a small percentage of these recipes to be usable Still I look forward to trying those

  5. Clinton Senior Clinton Senior says:

    A very good so so and bad cookbook But with 600 recipes they can't all be winners However as our high rating states there is some excellent recipes that we tried and want to try in the future To really know how well this book was received and liked by our group One of our members refuses to buy cookbooks any because of her collection at home She stated that she is thinking of buying it so you know it is a keeper During our club meeting we sampled the sweet and sour chicken wings hot crab dip snack mix cheesy broccoli soup Christmas meatloaf glazed carrots slow cooker rice pudding eggnog gingersnap custard and sipped on Viennese coffee

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    There are no pictures of the food which makes me sad but there are some great recipes Having borrowed this book from the library I now want it for my own shelves

  7. Nikki Nikki says:

    Other than the little snippets of ideas for celebrating Christmas that are scattered through the book this cookbook is not particularly Christmassy The vast majority of the recipes are standard slow cooker favorites of course emphasizing wintry stews etc I was struck by two things first of all Ms Good has uite a business plan; she gets people to send her recipes tests them and then includes them with credit to give her credit in a cookbook At least I'm pretty sure she tests them because of occasional comments Second the mostly women who send her the recipes are heavily of German origin not that surprising since it's one of the largest ethnic groups in the US that hardly considers itself ethnic any and concentrated in the eastern midsection of the country and parts of the south Without actually counting it appeared that Ohio Indiana and Pennsylvania accounted for a great many of the recipes There's a fair amount of canned soup and other convenience foods called for You could probably get many similar recipes in any church cookbook and save some money though I bought this used and it didn't cost much Your mileage may differ

  8. Nancy Coleman Nancy Coleman says:

    Nice cookbook poor formatting for KindleI have about 200 cookbooks and am a freuent slow cooker user This recipe book sounded awesome because who doesn't need time and simplicity for Christmas dinner?Unfortunately the book is very frustrating to use on my Kindle The names of most of the recipes do not appear you cannot bookmark only one page and there are multiple blank pages randomly interspersed I think the cookbook likely rocks in a standard format but if you are buying it to use in a Kindle save yourself the money and angst

  9. Just - The romance reader Just - The romance reader says:

    Some good recipes The thing I don't like much about the Fix it and Forget it series is that there are no photos and there are often nearly duplicates of some recipes with only minor changes and no explanation on what makes one recipe different from the nextI haven't had a chance to make any of the recipes yet but I'm hoping to try Taco Casserole page 125Glazed Carrots page 212Gingerbread Pudding Cake page 242

  10. Julia Julia says:

    Most of the recipes in this book are not at all healthy and don't sound that tasty either I did like all of the recipes on holiday drinks there are probably some ones worth trying in that section There are a few party appetizers and entrees that might be worth a shot as well Still useful as a source of inspiration for Christmas recipes but not a book I'll be buying anytime soon

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