Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 1 PDF/EPUB

Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 1 ❴EPUB❵ ✺ Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 1 Author Michael A. Stackpole – Collects Star Wars X Wing Rogue Leader #1 3 Star Wars X Wing Rogue Suadron #1 8 Star Wars X Wing Rogue Suadron Handbook The greatest starfighters of the Rebel Alliance become the defenders of a New Re Collects Star Omnibus: X-Wing ePUB ¹ Wars X Wing Rogue Leader Star Wars X Wing Rogue Suadron Star Wars X Wing Rogue Suadron Handbook The greatest starfighters of the Rebel Alliance become the defenders of a New Republic in this collection of stories featuring Wedge Antilles hero of the Battle of Endor and his team of ace pilots known throughout the galaxy as Rogue Suadron Meet the Rogues for the first time and learn the fate of the galaxy immediately after the events of Return of the Jedi as the Rebellion's best Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron PDF/EPUB ² pilots battle remnants of the Star Wars ePUB ´ Empire wherever its ugly agenda of fear and domination appears.

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  1. Sesana Sesana says:

    After getting burned five or six times I pay little attention to what's going on in the Star Wars Extended Universe Except when it comes to X Wings Yes my favorite Star Wars character in the entirety of the canon is Wedge Antilles And yet I'd never gotten around to reading the X Wing comics This was very very bad of me and I'm trying to fix it nowThe Omnibus collects three of the X Wing miniseries plus a character guide to the series They're all set very very shortly after the events of Return of the Jedi immediatly after The Truce at Bakura It might help to have read that book beforehand but I never have and I did just fine Everything that's really important namely that the war isn't over because the Emperor is dead is covered on the page These are for the most part totally different Rogues than are seen in the comics Wedge Hobbie Wes and Tycho are all here of course but otherwise totally new characters to me Not a bad thingThe first of the minis Rogue Leader is by Haden Blackman It's just ok Basically without substance Luckily it's short The next two are great improvements Both The Rebel Opposition and The Phantom Affair are co written by Michael A Stackpole who would go on to write the Rogue Suadron books The Rebel Opposition is co written by Mike Baron and is the lesser of the two The plot doesn't really do anything for me and it's honestly a bit shallow The Phantom Affair co written by Darko Macan on the other hand is like the Rogue books I've read It's got the action and characters that I'm used to reading about in an X Wing book The art Well Rogue Leader's art is serviceable but not terribly good The Rebel Opposition's art is frankly pretty terrible Tycho looks oddly like Luke Skywalker and Winter who is supposed to look like Leia doesn't However it had at least one fantastic cover by Dave Dorman That beautiful iconic painting of Wedge on a backdrop of X Wings? My favorite piece of Star Wars art? This is where it came from The Phantom Affair finally has decent art If I were rating these minis seperately Rogue Leader would be a 3 I'm grading a curve because it's Rogues The Rebel Opposition a 35 and The Phantom Affair a solid 4 I'm upgrading the whole collection to a 4 because it's Rogues and I'm biasedOh and that Rogue Suadon Handbook at the end? If you're reading the Rogue comics for the first time then for the love of God don't read it It was published way after the minis collected here and has spoilers for future comics I have no idea what it's doing here but it was a bad bad bad idea to include it It should have been put at the end of the last omnibus instead

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    The first story ends with the text We've have a fleet to protect and a galaxy to inspire I wonder if the whole Omnibus series has been compiled with that uality of editing It kind of ruined the ending for meI stopped reading after that first story Why should I put the effort into reading this book when it's obvious the people at Darkhorse didn't?My copy didn't contain any of the original covers or even any information about the stories The idea behind this omnibus series is nice collect a bunch of comics that would otherwise never be collected and re printed But the uality is what you would expect from that a collection of comics that don't deserve to be reprinted

  3. Josh Josh says:

    Pretty meh and could use some better editing

  4. Caolainn Caolainn says:

    This isn’t the book I read but I can’t seem to find the actual one 🤔

  5. Jaime K Jaime K says:

    I have this on the Dark Horse app which doesn't have the page numbers in it so I'll be going off the app # if cite anythingI loved that there was a diagram of an X Wing from the start Rogue LeaderThe cover art is amazing Actually all the art is breathtaking The details and colours and clarity though I don't know if that's the app or the art draw me in with their accuracy and vibrancy The purple lightning around the TIEs was pretty cool too It's because it's done by Michael Atiyeh I keep an eye out for his name as I find his work spectacularHere we get snippets on Nien Nunb Tycho Celchu yay Wes Janson Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker The five head to Corellia for a bit of RR but also to begin tracking down Imperials who will fight to the endNien is captured but almost always called Ten here which confuses me by Weir an Imperial leader who I feel will come back into play despite his being in a Sullust prisonI liked how the writer and artists showed that Imperial grounds are lush with machinery a contrast to the natural bases the Rebels choose Imps are proper and high tech with money; Rebels are not Imps rule with an iron fist hah literally drones and fear; Rebels fight back with heartThe Rebel OppositionThis was written by Michael A Stackpole yay and the art is uite realistic Tycho and Wes are shot down on a mission and Wedge others Force sensitive Sullustan named Dllr among them go after them I'm very surprised how uick Wedge is to trust Elscol and Groznik especially after Elscol had a blaster pointed at him I guess it's because she's good looking ;Groznik is a Wookiee with a Blood Debt which made me chuckle to Elscol One of the panels had his Wookiee toes showing I don't recall Wooks having human like toes but I haven't seen much art with themOne of my issues with the art is that Tycho looks like Luke too oftenAn issue with the story is that the stormtrooper suits can move on their own It's just weirdIt made me suee when Winter showed up and she doesn't look like Leia at all Either people in the story are dumb or the art just isn't up to par with her Winter explains Tycho's story but I can see why an outsidernon reader would maybe be suspicious of him The real traitor though is known to the reader and the characters will soon realize it tooThe Phantom AffairThis was also written by Stackpole Wedge et al are on Mrlsst where he sees Mirax Terrik Their former nicknames Myra and Veggies were hilarious I enjoyed seeing them reminiscingThere's an Anti Endor Association AEA that insists Endor didn't happen RightWedge's parents are named as Jagged and Zene I don't recall those names from the novelsI really loved the space scene on page 200 probably 201 in the regular comic The angle was a bit different and made the ship seem to pop off the page The page of the hoverbed rising up the tree to the underground of Mrlsst was also great imageryThe ending was beautiful even with the odd Ghost JediX Wing Rogue Suadron HandbookThis knocks it from a 5 star to a 45 star of a 4 star It's a guide to characters vessels and situations throughout the entire X Wing series It's an obvious testament to the fact that the comics differ from the novels Isard tried seducing Soontir It may have happened in the novels but I don't recall it Moff Leonia Tavira is a TEEN who took advantage of her husband's suicide That's just weirdI enjoyed the image of the Reconnaissance X Wing

  6. Christopher Christopher says:

    I feel like there are going to be a lot of 3 star ratings in all of the Omnibus titles They're fun Star Wars books if that sort of thing appeals but the ones I have read thus far aren't anything to write home about They aren't even canon any so reading these doesn't even catch you up with the lore before the onslaught of upcoming movies and other media Disney is putting out But they are good and fun and omg omnibus editions are the best way to read comicsThis isn't really a review but I do want to point out something since this is Vol 1 in case you are new to reading Star Wars stuff A lot of the comics won't deal with the main characters from the movies so be sure to read the descriptions to figure out who is actually in the book you're about to pick up

  7. Jordan Anderson Jordan Anderson says:

    X Wing Rogue Suadron is supposed to be about the Rebel Alliance’s badass group of pilots Too bad you won’t get that hereOk maybe that’s a bit sarcastic since this volume does include stories about Wedge Tycho Jansen and a few others who populate the ranks of Rogue Suadron However the stories included here in X Wing Rogue Suadron don’t really tell any great tales or show how amazing this group is So they can shoot down tie fighters? Han and Lando and about 20 other pilots did that multiple timesInstead you get 3 half assed weak ass and still ridiculously long bits and pieces of stories that don’t even make sense I’ll give Blackman’s story a little bit of credit since it was the most fun and most recognizable Star Wars themed story in the collection but Stackpole’s 2 arcs were just ridiculous Combine that with horrible 1980’s Marvel illustrations and this collection was hugely disappointing

  8. Kevin Kevin says:

    Rogue Suadron is the elite dogfighting force in the Rebel Alliance The best of the best Basically the Top Gun trained crew After the defeat of the Galactic Empire with the destruction of the second Death Star things don't slow down for them The Empire is still very much alive just segmented And Rogue Suadron is trying to ferret them out and defeat them so the Empire can never rise again This collected volume contains 13 issues of the comic as published by Dark Horse Comics That's 280 pages plus another 20 pages with profiles of characters and vehicles featured in the volume And it's pretty decent stuff if you enjoy that 80s comic sensibility The art feels like any other that would come from comics of the day such as Larry Hama's GI Joe or whatnot and the dialogue falls in line pretty well I felt like this could've been any comic I read as a kid nothing that distinguishes itself like comics do in this day and age And perhaps that is part of the problem I've become so spoiled by the bredth of creativity in comics that this sort of thing really reuires me letting go and delving into my childhood to truly enjoy It's possible just not easy But given the recent change in possession of Star Wars comics from Dark Horse to Marvel it's nice to go back and read some classics Give it a go

  9. Bradley Bradley says:

    I read the X Wing series of 9 books years ago but never read the comics Spotting this in a library I thought it was a good opportunity to see what I was missing out on Turns out I was missing uite a bit While the book series starts 2 and a half years after Endor this starts just after the big battle The first story was written in 2005 but the other two in the mid 90slast two Michael A Stackpole stories The first story isn't up to the standard of the last two but its still all great fun just like the original book series There are some amusing errors like the 2nd story everyone's lasers are red including Tie Fighters but in the 3rd everyone's lasers are green including blasters Interdicators referred to as Dreadnaughts and a Z 95 Headhunter that looks strangely like an X Wing And for whatever reason Tycho Celchu looks strangely like Luke Skywalker at times which leads to some confusion in the first story who's flying that Tie Fighter? lol Anyway very entertaining and fun in the Star Wars tradition unlike many other modern products churned out with the Star Wars name on it

  10. Stephen Theaker Stephen Theaker says:

    The first two stories here Rogue Leader and The Rebel Opposition are a bit average It was a bit of a struggle to get through them The third though The Phantom Affair is a huge improvement in every regard plot script art lettering the works All those things combine to leave it looking like a French album than a mid nineties Dark Horse comic One of the things for which I was most grateful in the third story was that distinguishing between the human members of the team finally became possible both in their dialogue and in their looksIf I was reviewing The Phantom Affair alone I would have given it four stars while Rogue Leader and The Rebel Opposition would have got twoA curse on whoever decided to include the Rogue Suadron Handbook at the back of this volume If it had contained spoilers for this book that would have been bad enough but it's full of spoilers for future volumes too eg including an ally from this book in the villains section So watch out for that or rather don't watch out for it keep your eyes averted

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