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Iain Rob Wright 4 Horror Novel Collection. The Complete Damienverse Series Iain Rob Wright 4 Horror Novel Collection The Complete Damienverse Series PDF Epub Author Iain Rob Wright Capitalsoftworks.co.uk All 4 Bestselling Horror Novels Of The Damienverse Series By Iain Rob Wright Book 1 ASBO YOUR FEAR IS THEIR ENTERTAINMENT Andrew S Life Is One Of Bored Contentedness A Teenage Daughter, A Faithful Wife, And A Middle Class Job He Even Has A Mercedes His Life Is Without Drama, And The Comfort Of Middle Age Is Setting In That All Changes When He Refuses To Buy A Pack Of Cigarettes For The Local Gang Of Youths Led By The Emotionally Unstable, And Sadistic, Frankie, The Gang Target Andrew And His Family In An Escalating Campaign Of Terror And Violence That Threatens Their Very Lives It Isn T Long Before Andrew Starts To Wish That He D Just Brought Those Damn Cigarettes Book 2 THE FINAL WINTER THE SNOW IS JUST THE START On The Night It Begins Snowing In Every Country Of The World, An Ordinary Group Of People Gather At A Rundown English Pub At First They Assume The Weather Is Just A Random Occurrence And Nothing To Worry About But As The Night Goes On, Weirder Things Happen, And They Start To Realise That Something Far Sinister Is At Hand Something That None Of Them Could Ever Have Imagined Book 3 THE HOUSEMATES TEN DAYS, TWELVE COMPETITORS, TWO MILLION POUNDS IN CASH What At First Appears To Be A Wonderful Opportunity For Damien Banks Turns Out To Be The Worst Nightmare He Can Imagine Trapped Inside A House With Eleven Strangers, And A Booming Voice Known Only As The Landlord Controlling His Every Move, Damien Will Be Forced To Compete Not Only For The Money, But For His Life LET THE GAMES BEGIN Book 4 SAVAGE SOMETIMES BEING ALONE IS BETTER The World Has Crumbled And The Dead Walk The Earth, But All Is Not Lost, Yet A Group Of Survivors Seek Salvation At An Abandoned Pier Where The Dead Can T Get Them But The Dead Are Not The Only Threat The People On The Pier Are Not The Only Group Of Survivors There Are Others Out There Bigger, Nastier Groups And One Just Turned Up Right On The Doorstep The World May Have Changed, But People Haven T PRAISE FOR THE AUTHOR Iain Rob Wright Scares The Hell Out Of Me J A Konrath Cuddle Up To This Novel And It Might Rip Your Throat Out A Fun, Thrilling Read David T Wilbanks Co Author Of Dead Earth The Vengeance Road One Of The BEST Horror Books I Have Read In YEARS Eric S Brown, Author Of Last Stand In A Dead Land Wright Has Achieved A Hell Of A Lot With This Novel, Pulling Together An Enjoyable And Quite Light Hearted Apocalyptic Romp DREADLOCKSMILE I Found Myself Identifying With And Rooting For Some Of The Characters While Being Disgusted By Others I D Definitely Look Up Iain Rob Wright S Other Works Iain Rob Wright Brings True Excitement To The Horror Genre, With Wholly Original Stories And Characters To Route For Ryan C Thomas, Author Of Hissers, Rating S Game, And Origin Of Pain

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    SavageAnna from Ravage has escaped with Rene and they are now safe on a pier Their journey from there to here is never fully explained which is a shame as they have both clearly become changed characters and also have a bond between them.Garfield, is the new enigmatic wanderer who forages for supplies but has found his salvation in Poppy a child with an awful past.Throw in a few other misfit characters that I wondered how they survived the first few days of the apocalypse let alone a few weeks months and you have the new community Not forgetting the poor fish man who comes late to the party and is a very sad moment all around.On the horizon is the Kirkland ship with Samuel from Sam as captain and Damian Roman Final Winter Housemates as the reinvented good vs bad character, but he still holds a great love for Harry Final Winter.A bit repetitive and the PoVs were a bit off occasionally in my opinion Damien seemed to swing between personas with no real moral compass which was really irritating as though he found himself in Housemates.Not one of my favourite IRW books which is a real shame as he is tying up all the loose ends of his characters, even the Seasick novel only makes a very brief, albeit, clever ap...

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